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Vindication of timeless Greek Super Scientists and crash of perversions hebrew-judaic mason sub-scientinsts.FINAL SHOOT AND THE END OF EINSTEIN'S FRAUDS,AND "BIG BANG"lunatic theories

Vindication of timeless Greek Super Scientists and crash of perversions hebrew-judaic mason sub-scientinsts.
Following the discovery of CERN for the light speeds in excess speeds finer particles such as neutrinos (, thus refuting a useless and deceptive both theories Einstein, namely the General Theory of Relativity and Special Theory of Relativity, because both are based on deliberate deceit that the speed of light is supposedly the speed limit in the universe. This is the first. Secondly, the Greek Super Scientist Tsolkas ( thousand years after ancient Greeks astrophysicists and nuclear physicists rediscovers being deceitful lies the theory that the BIG BANG theory of the explosion of a concentrated mass of unknown cause condensation, Tsolkas proves that everything came from the slow condensation of ether as they write and the texts of G.H.REES in the text of G.H.REES and in the introduction to the text of the "Tripartite Ancient Greek Martial Arts." (Http://
And while real timeless Greek super-scientists and Nanopoulos Tsolkas duplicate the feats of the ancient Greek Greek astrophysicists and nuclear physicists, on the existence faster than the speed of light, on the existence of variable speed of light (or "light barrier" analogue of frequency or density of ether) and on the creation of the universe by the slow condensation of ether and not the scam to the Great eruption of BIG BANG, and when that happens, the Greeks fucking Masons scholars Greek-HebrewJudaic universities and Greeks fucking psedo-academics Masons of Greek science, silence themselves intelligently and intentionally and undermine these two real Greek Super scientists,by razz these two scientists in any way undermining the work of these two super-scientists, through to ensure that democratic scientific vagrancy these subscientist professors of Greek universities envious of these two real Greek Super Scientists because in front of these two Giants, Greek professors of universities physics and nuclear physics and Astrophysics are Dwarfs with underdeveloped intellect and Dwarfs with certain invalid intellect in order some of the Masonic and Jewish lies of modern Jewish pseudoscientific false Astrophysics, and false nuclear physics and cosmology of Chinese Jews and the Saxons.
Note: The G.H.Rees rejects completely the theory of Big Bang BIG BANG because it not answer to the purpose for which created this theory. This theory was created ostensibly to answer the question of how the universe began, namely that it was created. But this theory does not start from beggining, but starting from the middle, that does not give explanations before the BIG BANG that compact the mass and exploded, so this theory does not explain the creation of the universe.
In the false theory of BIG BANG we should imagine a huge press machine and who made the press machine? and then this thing we should be observed at least twice to be periodicity, nor the one time he saw the one who took this theory. So the owners of intellectual hebrew-judaic-saxon go bye a drink of coffee to yourself to wake up.
It explodes after it recompress or explodes perpetually ... what you're saying now ... Ancient Greeks used to say more ... namely: that it breathes from the time it was created and is perpetual relative shrinkage and the relative expansion.
At the theory of big explosion we ask: Apology, we are products of explosion? ; ; … and then why everything are thirteen into the universe? Why the products that explode from the bomb did agree that they are per thirteen? the sun and the twelve planets? did they these agreement from each other? Everything in the all universe are a sun and twelve planets around (in elliptic orbits - harmonious). While a in Super-sun as [Seirios] has twelve planetary (solar) systems around him.
So these stones agreed together to play pool at thirteen??? Please gentlemen of pseudo-intellectuals ... These are not rational things. They agreed and antimatter that contains the opposite corner and opposite the sun absorption, ie black hole and those with thirteen (;;;) namely anti-sun and midnight black planets??? If you put down the math you see that this theory is reset by theory of probability.
What chance that it colluded stones together and be all thirteen up, after a giant explosion BIG BANG;
Karageorgiou John
Representative G.H.R.EES
And while the day of charge of Galactic of federation and our reconnection with Galactic Community of 60billion. lived planets it approaches, at the same time the days of lunar hebrew-judaic-saxon false lunatic cosmological theories they appear to be days measured.
Here are the crippled and mentally programmed lunar perversions Albert Einstein (Ashkenazi Jew-Germany, probably pseudo-askanian Khazars, Mongols, like the Rothschilds) who, while he built the 2 theories, relativity (theft and perversion of the theory of relativity Ancient Greeks he solved with the equations of the Greek perfect, but good-naive mathematical Karatheodoris) with initial fraudulent purpose is to exclude the Jew and the existence of unusable (dodecaedric) ether, the quintessence of Ancient Greek, This came later in his statements in 1920,an incredible 180 degrees and in purpose mental crazy theory turn he admitted the necessity of the ether (!!!), even saying that "space without ether is unthinkable," .. subsequently withdrawn on his super schizophrenic lunar thoughts.
(Tempest that Rabbi skull), and essentially admitting that the cosmological theories were false and incomplete, has spent the last years of his life trying to unify the wretched forces of nature ... Natural unsuccessfully .. because when you start with shaky foundations and fraudulent you never build a house. While the forces of nature had long been consolidated by Ancient Greeks super-scientists and restored today by the G.H.Rees and the divine super-scientists and mathematicians.
The Jewish lunar mission, however, succeeded to make an incredible natural Contemporary intellectual schizophrenic bordel with 100 different pseudo-cosmological theories that are impossible to standardize, while all the srined fucking hebrew-judaic masons of the academic establishment and especially shit-new-greeks-pseydogreeks pseudo-scientists, regard him as a saint and model them! (lough with tears!!) ...
Watch and enjoy:

Einstein Relativity theory declares aether necessary!
One thing though was right mentally crippled and sustainer of the ancient Greek manuscripts rabbi sustainer Einstein:
"Deus sive Natura", namely: The "God" Super-Mind is Nature itself, Universal body. With the entrants who accept mentor Spinoza (God = universe) and not the sustainer Einstein.
We should note here that Baruch Spinoza, Baruch, although the genus of the current chief rabbi Baruch U.S. (King of the Jews), must also be fair to highlight the fact that he had some rational slopes. Of course all these were the Middle Ages from a 'free cool machoman for nothing' because they had care and had kept hidden the ancient Greek writings (and the Greeks of Byzantium suffered were killed and persecuted) and the other again but distorted textbooks, the mix of their own fantasies and chonane and metaphysical means, and all custom Sin – Zion -Sina-China.
As do older Rabbi Saul or ... Paul, who in a special mission by order of the 72 Sanchendrin went quite prepared and quite well-read on the banner or "Unknown God" in Athens But nevertheless the perfidy and perversion uncovered by the Sages of Athens, and he mind-crashed at the door.
Also see:
Condemns the pseydorepresentation of Pan by Yahweh-Sabaoth Paul and ...
god bless you ........ and good minds!
True Cosmogony and Astrophysics FROM ANDROMEDIAN
Dimitri Nanopoulos
Communicate the following snippet of GHREES in Astrophysical main Nanopoulos and astrophysicists Greece
The Greeks eternal, present everywhere, exposing the fraud of hebrew-judaic-Saxonic Astrophysics and Nuclear Physics

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