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PARAMILITARY CORPS G.H.REES – GROUP OF HELLENIC REESTABLISHMENT – DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC RELATIONS – to the traitors Greekhebrews of the archirabinea Athens, of ‘’C.I.C.G.’’ or Central Israeli Council of Greece, and of the hyperlodges ‘’AOA’’ and ‘’OTO’’ London as traitors of the English nation – state, and to the traitors Greekhebrews and masons commanders and generals of the Greek secret service ‘’KYP/EYP’’, of the Greek police, of the Greekhebrew government of ‘’PASOK’’ and of the Greekhebrew parliament of the 300 traitors.

Volos Magnesia 3.11.2010

Subject: International terrorism – Hebrew mock – provocateur operation with minorflares against foreign embassies, foreign governments and foreign services, in order to give the international blame to G.H.REES about terrorism, and for other disgraceful purposes.

Diachronic and international criminals, of world and local wars, and criminals against humanity, Mongolian Hebrew and Masons of the Chinese global ‘’Kingdom of Jehovah’’,

Panicked from the information that G.H.REES gave the Internet, that G.H.REES has delivered plans of manufacturing weapons of concentrated energy “NETRINO NASER” at nationalistic organizations of foreign countries outside Greece, and rightly suspected that G.H.REES has delivered to these nationalistic organizations the technology of manufacturing mortars of hyper explosive materials from salts of silver – mercury and other metals, for that you ordered the organizations of the idiotic left Trotskyites of Greece which you have founded in order to carry out provocation of terrorism (17N, Pyrhnes ths fwtias and all the others, supported by your Hebrew agent Levi or Alavanos of the party ‘’Synaspismos’’), to operate a pseudo – terrorist operation – mock with envelopes including inflammatory mechanisms for childish minorflares.

Commanded and coordinated with you, the Hebrew rags like ‘’TA NEA’’, and the Masonic rag of the solid ‘’Athenian press’’, magnified the childish inflammations into ‘’terroristic explosions’’, in order to create the appropriate tone of artificial unreal terrorism, with the below multiple devious treasonous intentions:

1) Social isolation and moral blame against G.H.REES as alleged ‘’International terrorist organization’’ which threats unjustly the life of good honest members of the Greek Government and the foreign Governments.

2) Set a price for the members of G.H.REES with large money amounts, as supposedly to be the ‘’most dangerous international terrorists’’, and so the Greek traitors efialtes to betray at the Greekhebrew ‘’EL.AS.’’(Police) the names of members of G.H.REES that they know.

3) Enactment and taking specially unconstitutional safeguards from ‘’EL.AS.’’ against Greek nationalists, with judicatory incontrollable long interlocutory imprisonments, with judicatory incontrollable daily and nightly police raids in houses of Greeks, and with judicatory incontrollable attachments of archive material and documents of the Greeks from the police.

4) Discouragement of the rebelled civilians which are ready to lynch all the politicians of Greece, with the threat that: ‘’whosoever insurgents against the politicians will be marked and arrested as terrorist’’.

5) Discouragement of the lower-grade rebelled Greek police officers that are ready to put bullets in the skulls of all the politicians of Greece of all the parties, with the discouraging threat about blame of terrorism against them.

6) Discouragement of the lower-grade rebelled military officers that are ready to kill at “Goudi” all the politicians and all the generals – admirals - commanders because they in treasonous connivance financially destroyed Greece and took apart the Greek armed forces, so that the Greeks to be slaughtered from the armies of axis ‘’B.A.S.T.R’’ (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania) and ‘’R.I.C.’’ (Russia – Islam – China)

7) Coiling of the Greeks around the government of ‘’PASOK’’ as supposedly to be a ‘’government that protects successfully from the terrorists’’, so that the government, after the elections crash at 7.11.2010, to be able to stay alive and with out to break down from within until 12.12.2010 as the day of the determined conduction of national elections.

8) Coiling of the Greeks around the government of ‘’PASOK’’ as supposedly to be a ‘’government of rescue from terrorism’’, in order to be decreased the percentage of the election crash of ‘’PASOK’’ at the elections of the 7.11.2010.

For these as we are informed from members of G.H.REES that are at the top groups of the parties, all the public statements of the parties about ‘’terroristic attacks’’ with minorflares at 1st and 2nd of November 2010 had been edited already two days before, that is from the 30.10.2010, with pre agreement between the parties staff.

This is self-evident for the reader of the present, because while without exception all the ridiculous minorflares of the Hebrew terroristic mock in Greece, where sent only to foreign embassies in Athens, only to foreign prime ministers (Merkel – Sarkozy – Berlusconi), and to foreign offices (only headquarters of Europolice in Holland – and European court at Brussels), and whereas none of the minorflares where sent to ‘’Greek’’ politicians and Greek offices, the 300 traitors Greekhebrews and Masons and Turkalbanians of the Greek parliament, did...serious...historical statements, like the one of the traitor Hebrewskopjan Fillipos Petsalnikos leader of the parliament who loosely stated to the mass media that: ‘’With that kind of abject actions the court is not terrorized, neither are the representatives, nor the parliament. The democracy is not terrorized neither the national parliament. Democracy is as mighty in our country (after the Hebrew provoking minorflares towards the foreign embassies and offices). We march all together (which means, do not lynch as until 12.12.2010 the day of the national elections) in order for the country to get out of this difficult condition (which condition we deceptively have provoked with misappropriations of total debt 1,1 trillion euro and external debt 400 billion euro so that Greece to have no police and no armed forces and to be slaughtered from the armies of ‘’B.A.S.T.R.’’ and ‘’R.I.C.’’ and from the 450.000 armed Albanians of Greece, and so we forestall to go outside the country with the rest of the stolen before you lynch us)’’.

These are the prefab before the minorflares statements of the rest leaders – hounds of the political parties of Greece, which we present:

1) Statements of G. Petalotis representative of ‘’PASOK’’:
‘’I condemn the action of the criminals that attempt to terrify vainly and disturb the social peace (in Greece)’’.

2) Karatzaferis of ‘’LA.O.S.’’:
‘’Past every doubt some are interfering with the terrorists in order to destabilize and to detune the effort of the country. Caution. Caution. Caution.’’.

3) Synaspismos: ‘’The serial of the explosive devices is aimed at creating a tone of disorientation and intimidation of the society.’’.

4) KKE: ‘’KKE is calling the people to be cautious and distrustful with what are transmitted from the mass media, to be alert and judge what is happening according to who is taking advantage, whom are suiting the provoking actions and the tone of terror and fear that some are creating’’.

This statement of ‘’KKE’’ is very close to the truth, but the Hebrew Mailis – Ismailis of ‘’KKE’’ assiduously is concealing the Hebrew ‘’C.I.C.G.’’ and the archirabineia of Athens as the designers of the provocation with outside commands.

5) Papandreou of ‘’PA.SO.K.’’: ‘’Our democracy is not terrorized. (From minorflares). We condemn flatly and we stand severe and inexorable to everyone who is attempting vainly to disturb with terroristic actions (from minorflares) the social peace and to damage the profile of the country internationally in a very difficult period. For the government, the security of the civilian (and the steal from us of 400 billion euro from the civilian) is right of the civilian, in his life, in his job, and in his every day life. The government and the public services will continue the systematic, organized effort, which has given specific results the last year. Our arm is the operational alertness and the reflexes of the Greek police and the squad ‘’DIAS’’, who create into extremely difficult conditions, a surrounding of security and safety for the civilian. Our shield, the strong persuasion of the whole Greek society so that no one can terrorize our democracy (with minorflares). Our democracy can not be terrorized (from minorflares), and those who conspire against it will find us all together, against them’’.

All the above ridiculous pseudo-patriotic and democratic statements about supposed ‘’solidity of the Greek democracy’’ etc, which where composed in connivance between the Hebrew leaders of the parties: Papandreou – Mailis – Alavanos, and the Turkalbanian Karatzaferis of ‘’LA.O.S.’’, two days before the envelopes of the inflammatory mechanisms where mailed to the embassies , its out of reality democratic fallacies , because these envelopes where mailed only to foreign embassies in Athens (Russian – Swiss – Chile – Bulgarian – German – Belgium – Holland – Mexican) only to foreign prime ministers (Sarkozi – Merkel), and only to foreign services (Headquarters of ‘’Europolice’’ Holland – European court Brussels ).

The above are proving that the entire above mentioned Hebrew fictitious terroristic ridiculous provoking operation ‘’mock’’, was executed with the 8 mentioned parallel dissembling tendentiousness, and with 2 accessional dissembling tendentiousness:

9) To be given at the headquarters of ‘’EURO-POLICE’’ in Holland, the cause to send to Greece men of ‘’EURO-POLICE’’ who will turn Greece into state of police terrorism with the excuse that: ‘’Euro-police is investigating for the members of the terrorist groups like (supposedly) G.H.RESS and ‘’Pyrhnes ths fwtias’’ (Cells of Fires). In that context, and before the manifestation of the terrorist ‘’mock’’ attacks yesterday and the day before that at the foreign embassies in Athens, it has already been an agreement between the Greek government and Brussels about the arrival of three brigades of heavily armed ‘’EKAM’’ of police forces of suppression in Greece, in order to maltreat and silence through violence the Greek civilians against every protest against the system and against the treasonous Greek governments.

10) To be given at the headquarters of ‘’European court’’ at Brussels, the cause to request the extradition and trial of member of G.H.REES and of the ‘’Pyrhnes ths fwtias’’ with unified charges about actions of terrorism supposedly perpetrated from the Hellenic G.H.REES and actually perpetrated from the Hebrew produced ‘’Pyrhnes ths fwtias’’ (Cells of Fire).

The above deceptive tendentiousness against G.H.REES are confirmed from the ‘’prefab’’ comments of the sector head of “New Democracy” Arch-Mason Nikos Dendias about the pseudo – terroristic Hebrew minorflares:

“They must finally operate the mechanisms of the state for the cessation of the morbid phenomenon of terrorism. We condemn, directly and explicitly, the terroristic attacks with ‘’packages – bombs’’ (minorflares), because they afflict our country and the interests of Greek people. It is time finally after the last circumstances, the government and the state mechanisms to function to the direction of the total cessation of the morbid phenomenon that exposes Greece internationally, and also the reestablishment of safety".

In the same tone of "prefab" statements, the Hebrew whore Ntora – Bakogianni Benizelou – Ben Salom, stated through written announcement:

"The condemnation of every attempt and criminal act that puts in danger the life of the civilians (with minorflares), the public safety, and can harm the validity and the international image of the country (with minorflares) must be absolute and strict. At these actions fits one answer: No tolerance at crime."

Because the provoking minorflames to the foreign embassies and offices where sent by the anarchist group ‘’Pyrhnes ths fwtias’’ (Cells of Fires) which was founded by Trotskyites samerace to Bakogianni - Ben Salom, Hebrews of Athens, consequently the whore Bakogianni – Mitsotaki – Ben Salom means:

‘’No tolerance at the crime of the exposure from G.H.RESS of our crimes against the Greeks, and at the crime of the exposure from G.H.REES of the articles of the constitution and the articles of the penal code that according to which must be executed against us death penalties for ‘’high treason’’ and ‘’treason against the country’’. (Articles of penalty code 134 - 151 with death penalties against the traitors. Article of constitution 120/2,4 etc, with orders of execution against the traitors politicians from the Greek civilians)’’.

We note that this is the second time that the Hebrew and the Masonic gangs of Athens, are attempting to trap and equate falsely G.H.REES with the Hebrew produced ‘’Pyrhnes ths fwtias’’. The first time the Hebrew student Errikos Rallis or Raul, son of lawyer member of ‘’LA.O.S.’’ (!!!) as member of ‘’Pyrhnes ths fwtias’’ (see links: and
who finally was set free and evaded every law consequence, as blog ‘’Hellen and Chaos’’ had predicted: and showily passed by Volos, in order for Volos to be proofed as a hideaway of terrorists. Close behind, ‘’EL.AS.’’ supposedly was searching the 60 years old founder of ‘’Pyrhnes ths fwtias’’ at Nea Ionia Volos, where the house of the messages server of G.H.REES Karageorgiou Yiannis is located.

( Blog note: Here are mentioning again about the arrest of the Greekhebrew Errikos Rallis – Raul at Nea Ionia Volos, but the father of Erikos Rallis, Vasileios, is not residing at Nea Ionia Volos, but resides at Athens where he was a candidate member of parliament of the right-wing cryptozionist LA.O.S. (!!!) at A’ Athens. Errikos Rallis even though he is a student at Thessaloniki, passed by Nea Ionia Volos in purpose where the house of the messages server of G.H.REES Karageorgiou Yannis is located, so he can be arrested there with Hebrewmasonic theater from the antiterrorist squad.)

Finally it was proved from the uncontrolled mass media (‘’Tachydromos’’ of Volos, and newspaper ‘’Thessalia’’ of Volos) that the whole operation was a bluff of the masons generals of ‘’KYP/EYP’’(Secret Service) and ‘’EL.AS’’(Police) against G.H.REES, because a few days earlier ‘’EL.AS’’ had done an investigation in the house of the 60 years old Hebrew terrorist in Athens with the presence of him (!!!)

We are closing, by tripling our threats about the imposition of death penalties through weaponry of concentrated energy ‘’NETRINO - NASER’’, and through mortars with fillings salts of silver – mercury and...original Russian red mercury from the contraband, against the Hebrew – Turks – Turkalbanians – Philosophical Masons – and Theosophical Masons of the ‘’Epsilon – 666 – Metatron’’ of ‘’LA.O.S.’’, all the traitorous authorities of Greece, in case until 12 December of 2010 they do not have expelled from Greece all the Chinese, and the Albanians – Skopjans – Bulgarians – Turks – Romanians of the ‘’B.A.S.T.R.’’ axis, if they do not have expelled the occupational “Troika” (IMF Memorial) and the occupational ‘’IMF’’ from Greece, if they do not have implement the economical policy of Spiros Markezinis economical advisor and hyper-minister of economics of the governments of the field marshal Alexandros Papagos and of the martial serviceman Georgios Papadopoulos, in order to reconstruct Greece (see link:, and if the armed forces have not been reorganized.

Acting...humanitarianly, we provide to the mentioned treasonous Greekhebrew and Greek Masonic crooks, one last favor:
To chose the weapon which we will use in order to send their cursed filthy criminal unhonest souls in hell, that is to say to their archangels Asmontai and Metatron, and to their tale – quale god, archsatan – archdiabolo – archcriminal space Chinese of Moon, SIN – SION – SINA – SENTAI – TZED – TZEID – TZIOUD – JUDA or whatever is named the pseudogod of the ‘’Kingdom of Jehovah’’ of China._

Paramilitary corps ‘’G.H.REES’’
Through the member of the
Department of public relations
of the P/C – G.H.REES
Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis
Address: Elpidos 12, Nea Ionia, Volos – Hellas D.424419 – T.A. Volos

Postscript 1:
We inform the Greeks that from the 1st of November of 2010 all the men of the political section of G.H.REES have been integrated to the paramilitary section of G.H.REES thereupon the vice - Prytaneum of the political section of G.H.REES to be abolished. For this reason, from now on G.H.REES will be referred only by the name: PARAMILITARY CORPS ‘’G.H.REES’’.
In what concerns the representation of this paramilitary corps, we inform that it will have as department of social relations three persons of the ex readership G.H.REES Volos including Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis, ex delivery messenger of G.H.REES. We also inform the readers that to the 1.500 men of the paramilitary corps of G.H.REES are added 750 from the reserves of G.H.REES. All the above are carrying armory of concentrated directed-energy “NETRINO – NASER”, and are considered from the anti-Prytaneum of the paramilitary corps of G.H.REES as redundant to cover the needs of the death penalties against the Greekhebrews and the Greek Masons treasonous politicians and the other Greek Masons and Hebrews of Greece.

Postscript 2:
As the news paper ‘’Adesmephtos typos’’ writes (3.11.2010, page 20 – 29 and link:, the false provoking story with the ... minorflames starts at Monday morning ( 1.11.2010 ) 11:47: ‘’Explosion (blog note: phoney explosion, it was an inflammation ) Mexico embassy: Explosion of handmade explosive mechanism in the hands of an employee of a courier company at 11:47 p.m. Monday at Astydamantos 71 street, Pagrati. The parcel had addressee the Mexican embassy in Greece. The mechanism was of small potency and the employee was transferred at the hospital with injuries on the hand (blog note: phoney injuries, they where superficial burns )’’ Below it writes the second episode of the Hebrewmasonic theater: ‘’Minorflares in embassies and foreign offices’’: ‘’12:30 (That means about 45 minutes after the inflammation in the office of the courier) controlled explosion embassy of Belgium: About 12:30 at the noon of Monday were arrested Panagiotis Argyrou, aged 22, an Gerasimos Tsakalos, aged 24, and in their possession was found a parcel with 2 handmade explosive mechanisms which had as addressees the embassy of Belgium in Greece, and the president of the French republic, and were disposed with controlled explosion’’. And now we ask: How is it possible only 45 minutes after the self inflammation of the inflammatory mechanism in the hand of the courier employee at Astydamantos 71 street at Pagrati Athens, only 45 minutes later they invaded in the house of the two (Argyros and Tsakalakos) with no evidences, because it is impossible a police investigation to have been conducted. It is obvious that the ‘’uninitiated’’ at provocateur department of police did not had any haunt. But simply the inflammation that took place in the office of the courier gave the ignition to the Masons generals of ‘’EL.AS’’(Police HQ) to give the order of arrest of these two specific pawns – executors, because these Masons ( and the collusive Greekhebrew leaderships of the parties of the parliament) knew from before who were the executors and what they was about to do. These 45 minutes was just the time that was needed for the car to go straight from ‘’GA.DA’’ (Police HQ Building) and arrest these two lunatics, with no previous investigation. (How did they knew where they were and what they were doing these two in order to arrest them only in 45 minutes? ) After followed all the other explosions – self inflammations. All the rest they were ‘’found’’ after, which means that they were transmitted ‘’from above’’, from the initiated in the provocateur – mock operation, Masons generals of ‘’EL.AS.’’ who knew everything and had pre design the whole operation from the very beginning. So the vital question that must bother the intelligent Greeks is how is it possible only 45 minutes after the random inflammation in the office of the courier at Astydamantos 71 street at Pagrati, which parcel was about to go but never went at the Mexican embassy, only 45 minutes later police invaded in the house of the two. It is obvious that even though the above Masonry knew they did not attempted to arrest the two before the inflammation happened, because the inflammations had to happen in order for the provocateur – chaos to function, and because they had to arrest them in time in order to avoid any unwanted for them damage and lateral damages ( e.g. to be burned an ambassador or foreign leader of a state ). And so they began the staged bogus hunt, in order to ‘’find’’ all the parcels ( 10 inflammatory envelopes ), staged because they knew where they parcels were and where they were going, at which courier offices they where and for which addresses were destined. So, we come to the conclusion that the initiated at the provocateur scheme Masons generals of ‘’EL.AS.’’ even though they knew everything, they did not stopped this chaos, because it had to be produced this chaos against Greece internationally, so it can be excused the need of arrival of three brigades of superior armament murderous ‘’EKAM’’ (2 from Germany and 1 from Belgium) in Greece, and of the arrival echelon of ‘’Europolice’’ from Holland in Greece for placement of importee police terrorism in Greece. (blog note: So that the foreign trained and heavily armed ‘’EKAM’’ to have no compunction and beat to death or murder Greeks that might rebel and that will move and protest and rebel against all the traitors thieves – defalcators and against all the traitors of Greece and traitors of the Greek national security Greekhebrews and Masons traitors politicians of the parties of the Greek parliament). That means that all this chaos of lust for terror that was created from the Hebrew organization ‘’Pyrhnes ths fwtias’’ (Cells of Fires) was done with purpose to not protest neither the Greek police officers nor the Greek civilians for the arrival of these three brigades ‘’EKAM’’ in Greece, and to be created police terroristic conditions of Hebrew dictatorship , with ulterior purpose to be paralyzed totally the reaction and the defense of the Greece against the occupational Troika of Athens, against the occupational Italian division at the 3rd Army corps, and to paralyze every rebellion and reaction of the Greek civilians, the Greek police officers, and the Greek army against the treasonous government of ‘’PASOK’’ that aims at the total break – up of the Greek police and of the Greek Armed forces with purpose their defeat from the armies of ‘’B.A.S.T.R.’’ and other disordered insurgents alleged ‘’economical immigrants’’ of the Albanian ‘’UCK’’ and ‘’UCC’’ of Greece at the rear.

Postscript 3:
After the proof of the collusion of the Greek Masons generals of ‘’EL.AS.’’ and of the ‘’KYP/EYP’’ with the Hebrew leaders of the terrorist organization ‘’Pyrhnes ths fwtias’’ and with the Greekhebrew politicians of the goverment of ‘’PASOK’’ and the rest treasonous Greekhebrew parties of the parliament, and with the Hebrew ‘’C.I.C.’’ of Athens: Central Israeli Council of Greece, and with the Hebrew archirabinea of Athens, and with foreign police offices of European countries as offices subjected at their Hebrewsaxon governments, we call the lower-grade non Masons Greek police officers and Military officers to enforce right away death penalties against the generals of ‘’EL.AS.’’ and of the ‘’KYP/EYP’’ and against the Greekhebrew politicians of all the traitorous parties of the parliament for high treason and betrayal against the country according to the articles of the penal code 134-151, and according to the article of the constitution 120/2,4 etc.. The lower-grade Greek police officers must know that it was proofed outright that the generals of ‘’EL.AS.’’ and of ‘’KYP/EYP’’ knew days earlier the culprits of the operation of these inflammatory mechanisms towards foreign embassies, foreign prime ministers and foreign offices, notified from their playmates Hebrew leaders of the terroristic organization ‘’Pyrhnes ths fwtias’’ and notified from the Greekhebrew politicians Papandreou and the rest, with purpose the invasion of foreign police brigades in Greece for the enforcement:

1st: European – Hebrew police dictatorship in Greece with abrogation and abolition of all the articles of the Greek constitution about ‘’Human rights’’ and

2nd: For the dismissal of the Greek policemen to whom the Greekhebrew politicians of the treasonous parliament do not have any trust. If the foreign brigades of heavily armed ‘’EKAM’’ and the police echelons of foreign police offices come to Greece, the Greece policemen will be dismissed searching for a job like beggars at the Greek pavements, because they did not had the providence to obey and implement the directives of the G.H.REES, that is to say to impose the death penalties that the constitution commands from now against their traitors Masons generals of ‘’EL.AS.’’ and of the ‘KYP/EYP’’ and against the Greekhebrew and Masons traitors politicians of the Greekhebrew Parliament.

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