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ATHENS 22.10.2010


Gentlemen of the governments of Russia – " U.S.A. " – " E.U. ",

We arbitrarily name your last geopolitics and geostrategic consonance as Russian – Atlantic pact " R.A.T.I.O. ", namely " Russian – Atlantic – Treaty of international organization ", and your military alliance of Moscow - Washington, D.C. – Brussels against China and North Korea, as alliance caused from the awakening to you texts of G.H.REES and of the blog " Ellhnandchaos " ( ) about the intentions and plans of China for the violent break-up of your states and for the establishment of planetary Chinese dictatorship.

We congratulate you for your decisions which lead at the informal yet establishment of " R.A.T.I.O. ", but we are not satisfied from the slow rates and some contradictory – equivocal decisions with which you act and which create at us suspicions that contingently the offing establishment of " R.A.T.I.O. " is a systematic geostrategic and geopolitics bluff with which you are attempting, to paralyze the departments of geopolitics and geostrategic of G.H.REES, and to anaesthetize and to paralyze the reactions of the readers of the internet against the above oncoming planetary Chinese dictatorship or " Kingship of Jehovah " and the genocide of humans of White – Black – and Mongolian race from the armies of the axles " B.A.S.T.R. " ( Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania ), of " R.I.C. " ( Russia – Islam – China ), of " C.J.T.H.S.M. " ( China – Japan – Tibet – Hebrew – Saxons – Mongols ) and finally of " C.K. " (China – Korea ).

For these, through your embassies, we give you time until the 31.10.2010 in order to approach us through our representatives and give us guarantees that with our constant observation and participation you will systemize straightway the beneath actions with the maximum possible rates:

1: You will establish within the countries of " R.A.T.I.O. " and within underdeveloped countries of Asia and Africa, industries with potency of production which will balance and substitute fully all the industrial products the exported from china to all the other states of the planet.

2: You will cease any trade or other transaction of the countries of " R.A.T.I.O. " with China and with the axis " TU.S.I.PA.C. " ( Turkey – Syria – Iran – Pakistan – China ) and especially with Turkey, and especially you will forbid at your defence industries to export weapons or military technology to China, to Turkey and to the novel axis " TU.S.I.PA.C. ", except if there are guarantees that some country of the axis " TU.S.I.PA.C. " is disengaged from the axis " TU.S.I.PA.C " and from the dependence of China against the West.

3: You will abort definitively and irrevocably the planed from " NATO " and from the " E.U. " military attack of the axis " B.A.S.T.R. " against Greece, and you will obligate the countries of " B.A.S.T.R. " to withdraw and cancel constitutions – books – geographical names – geographical claims – and rights of armed interference pro their minorities in Greece, against Greece.

4: You will abort definitively and irrevocably the collusive planed from the hyperlodge " Hong " of China and from the hyperlodges " A.O.A. " and " O.T.O. " of London, military attack of " NATO " against " R.I.C. ", and the military counter – attack of " R.I.C. " for the genocide of the white nations India – Europe – " U.S.A. " in the third world war or " Armageddon " planed from " Hong " of China.

5: You will abort definitively and irrevocably the break-up of the Greek state into small states which either would remain independent, or would annexationed in neighboring countries, according to the plans of " Hong " of China and of " A.O.A. " and " O.T.O. " of London, through the traitorous Greek electoral bill " Kallikratis ".

6: You will abort definitively and irrevocably the planed financial bankruptcy of Greece and the planed financial abjection of the Greeks which caused deviously the " U.S.A. " and the " E.U. ", and with financial and administrational measures which will announce, you will establish universities and industries with 51% Greek ownership and proportional 51% original Greek field of economy, for the maximum possible autonomy of feedstock, food, and the other essential products in Greece.

7: You will avulse lands from the criminal genocidal Turkey which genocided the Armenians, and you will avulse lands from the Northern Iran, and you will annexate them at Armenia, so that Armenia will obtain three sea exits: at Black sea, at Caspian sea, and at the Persian gulf with length of shores of 500 kilometers for each sea exit, namely for total shores length of 1500 kilometers of the three sea exits of Armenia.

8: You will expulse the Albanians from Kosovo where the Albanians genocided the Serbians, and you will bring the lands of Kosovo at the domination of Serbia.

9: You will expulse the Albanians from Tetovo, and you will bring the domination of Tetovo at Greece, as land of the ancient Greek Macedonia.

10: You will expulse the Albanians from Northern Epirus and you will bring the domination of Northern Epirus at Greece as land of the ancient Greek Epirus.

11: You will expulse the Bulgarians from the eastern Skopje and you will bring their domination at Greece, as lands of the ancient Greek Macedonia.

12: You will expulse the Turks and the Bulgarians from eastern Romulia where the Bulgarians genocided the Greeks and you will bring its domination at Greece as land of the ancient Greek Thrace.

13: You will expulse the Turks from the eastern Thrace and from the western Turkey where the Turks genocided the Greeks, and you will bring their domination at Greece, as lands of the ancient and Byzantine Thrace and the ancient Greek Ionia (Yunnan) of Asia Minor.

14: You will avulse lands from Iraq and from Turkey, and you will establish the state of the Kurds who were genocided and continue to be genocided by the Turks.

15: You will establish the state of " New Atlantis " for the survivors remaining Atlanteans of the plunged Atlantis, today’ s " Berbers " of the northern – western Africa, sparse at the state of Nigera , at Nigeria, Algeria, Canary islands, Azores islands, Egypt, Libya, state of Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, as new state recognized from the " United Nations " ( O.N.U. ) set from the parallels of 20 degrees till 30 degrees, and from the meridian of 0 degrees till the shores of the Atlantic ocean.

The state " New Atlantis " you will establish it by avulsing lands as following:

A: From the western Algeria
B: From the northwestern Mali
C: From the northern Mauritania
D: From the whole western Sahara
E: From the Canary Islands of Portugal
F: From the Azores Islands of Portugal
G: From the Balearic Islands of Spain which committed crimes of genocide against humanity by genociding the Atlanteans " Guanches " at the Canary Islands.

The alphabet of the Atlantean " Guanche – Berbers " is half ancient Greek, and their language is in consonance with the ancient Sanskrit, namely with the Greek language of the ancient Dravidians of India.

The same white Atlanteans " Guanche – Berbers " have define the flag of their informal state as three horizontal zones:

cyan – green – yellow

upon of which have put upright the ancient Greek Andromedian symbol of the two end-for-end " Epsilon " ]+[ as it is brought by the black race ancient tribe of the Dogon at their ceremonies on top of their head.

The members of the black race Dogon of the state of Mali of Africa where there also live and white Atlanteans " Berbers ", state that this symbol has been given to them by the interstellar Hellenes that came from the solar system of Sirius or Cynus or Canis ( dog ).

The religion of the Atlantean " Guanche – Berbers " has as supreme Gods the mythological God Titan Atlas and Zeus or Dioses of the Egyptian royal pro – dynasty, because of the possession of the north Africa from the Atlanteans of the Atlantis of the Atlantic ocean.

See books of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato " Kritias 108 " and " Timaios 24 ".

See ancient historians: Greek Diodoro, African Arnovio, and Romans Plinio and Marcello, who name the Atlanteans of the Canary islands as " Canarius " that means in Greek " Cynarius " because of their worship to the Hypersun – Hyperion – Sirius or in ancient Greek " Cyna " – " Canis " – " Dog ", who today they bring the symbol, namely the two end-for-end " Epsilon " ]+[ upon their informal flag, which chromatically simulate with the flag of the state of Gabon of Africa.

( ]+[ = end-for-end “Epsilon” = Also the middle emblem – Apollonian Mid-Sun - of the Andromedian G.H.REES - cosmic hyper-humanoid organism)

The same as above historians write that the very ancient homeland of the Atlanteans or " Canarians " or " Cynarians " or " Berbers " of the north-western and central Africa, was the plunged maximal island continent Atlantis, situated westerly of the Pillars of Hercules and westerly of the mountains Atlas and Anti-Atlas ( of Morocco ) at the homonym Atlantic ocean.

The planetary masonic hyperlodge " Hong " of China, through the Mongolian " Zen " of Tibet, has ordered the Hebrewsaxonic namely Mongolian masonic hyperlodges of the west " A.O.A. " and " O.T.O. " of London, to equate deceptively under the symbol of the two end-for-end " Epsilon " all the people which have folk traditions and ancient written history about the coming of the white Hellenes originated from the constellation of Andromeda through Sirius at the planet Earth, with the intention the impartment of ecology sciences to the native Sirian black Race, namely to equate the Hindu, the Greeks, the Dogon of Africa, and the remaining white Atlanteans " Berbers ".

Purpose: These four nations to be incriminated collectively and falsely for the war crimes and for the crimes against humanity which have been ordered to commit the Greekhebrew and the Greek Nazi Theosophists Masons " Epsilon – 666 " of the " Xrysh Aygh " (Golden Dawn – Golden Morgenröte) , of the " Nea Acropoli " (New Acropolis) and of the political party " LA.O.S. " (People’s Orthodox Alarm) of Greece, with flag the two end-for-end " Epsilon " of the Andromedian and of the Sirian Hellenes, against the states of the axis " R.I.C. " at the third world war or " Armageddon " of 2010, so that the Hindu, the Greeks, the other white Andromedian nations of the planet, the white Atlanteans " Berbers ", and the black Dogon of Mali, to be genocided as bringers of the Antichinese – Antidragonian – Andromedian – Sirian symbol of the two end-for-end " Epsilon ".

This project of the devious equation of the Hindu – Greeks – white Atlanteans " Berbers " – and of the black Dogon of Mali, under the symbol of the double end-for-end " Epsilon " and under the hypodermic microtransmitter of the radiosignal " barcode 666 ", so that the above mentioned people and the other white people of " US.E.J. " ( U.S.A. – Europe – Japan ) to be genocided from the armies of the axis " R.I.C. ", exactly this project has ordered the Nazi part of " A.O.A. " of London, namely the " Xrysh Aygh " of London ( Golden Dawn ), to the " Xrysh Aygh " of Greece, to the " Epsilon – 666 " of the political party " LA.O.S. " of Greece, and to the newly found " Vasiliko Komma " ( Royal Party ) of Greece of the Hebrewsaxon fallen Kings and princes of Greece Holstein Glucksburg.

In the frame of this order of machination of the fake complicity of the Dogon and of the Greeks, the " Epsilon – 666 " Theosophists Masons of Greece brought in 1994 at the Mystra of Peloponnesus the elders senators of Dogon of the state of Mali of Africa, in order to be proved virtually and falsely that allegedly the leaders of the Dogon assent and will be accomplices of the crimes which will perpetrate the " Epsilon – 666 " of " LA.O.S. " of Greece and the adherents of " Xrysh Aygh " of Greece as chiefs of the armies of " NATO " of " US.E.J. " against the people of the axis " R.I.C. ", through allegedly the pass of the " baton ", namely the Andromedian and Sirian symbol of the two end-for-end " Epsilon ", from the Dogon of Mali and the Atlanteans " Berbers " to the " Epsilon – 666 " of " LA.O.S. " of Greece.

In the same frames of this devious order of the Hebrewsaxon " Xrysh Aygh " ( Goden Dawn ) of London, the Nazi " Xrysh Augh " of Greece through the Nazi webpage of the " Xrysh Aygh " " ", and the pseudonazi provoking webpage " " of the Greekhebrew secret service of " KYP/EYP " of Greece, they put at the internet false texts with which they attempt to slander and equate the black Dogon of Mali and the white Atlanteans " Berbers " carriers of the Andromedian – Sirian symbol of the two end-for-end " Epsilon ", with the false ethnological " information " that allegedly the black Dogon and the white Atlanteans " Berbers " or " Guanche " of Canary Islands are matriarchal people, namely people carriers of the " Antichrist feminism 666 " of the " Epsilon – 666 " of Greece.

The above information is self proved false because the secondary religion of the Atlantean " Berbers " and of the Dogon of Mali is Islamism and Christianity, which are patriarchal and not matriarchal.

The actual ethnological data of the white Atlanteans " Berbers " is that because they live and move constantly for finding of food and water and feedstock in the Sahara desert, it is obligatory for them the absolute and tough patriarchy as a way of life, because there the men is demanding to be tough warriors, hunters, and guards of their nomadic races, sparse in the lethal dangerous and inhospitable desert Sahara.

The national pseudoscience Sinic – Chinese and Zionist – Mongolian Hebrew system of the Chinese " Hong " and of the Hebrewsaxon Mongolian " A.O.A. " and " O.T.O. " of London, silences deviously and totally the anthropological consonance of the white " Berbers " of Africa and the " Guanche " of the Canary Islands with the Atlanteans of Atlantis.

The reason of this ethnological and anthropological fraud is self evident, because if " Hong " of China and the inferion " A.O.A. " and " O.T.O. " of London let to circulate in the universities of the Planet the truth about the origins of the " Berbers " of northwestern Africa and of the " Guanche " of the Canary islands from the ancient plunged Atlantis, then it would happen the following catastrophic for the scheme of " Hong " of China, namely for the genocide of men of white – black – whiteyellow – and blackyellow races from the axles " B.A.S.T.R. ", " R.I.C. ", " C.J.T.H.S.M. " and " C.K. " China – North Korea at the third world war or " Armageddon " of 2012:

1st: It would be impossible to appear falsely today the whiteyellow Mongolians of outer Mongolia of the former " USSR ", and their same race Mongolians of the inner Mongolia of North China, as allegedly original white " Attilas – Atlas ", with allegedly " Altaic – Atlantean " language – ethos – and customs, because the maximum part of the whiteyellow Mongolians comes from genocides of male Greek – Ionian – Yunnan and from the rape of the female Greek – Ionian – Yunnan of China from Chinese at the ancient Ionia of the Far East, namely today’s China where the Southern China is still named Yunnan = Ionia = Hellas.

The above ethnological and historical and anthropological lie – fraud would be disclosed immediately because the Pelasgian same language and white same race and the religions of the white Atlanteans " Berbers of Africa ", of the white Dravidians of India, and of the white " Guanche " of Canary Islands, have no relation with the Mongolian language – race – religion – customs of the Mongolians of Turkey – Mongolia and the other whiteyellow Mongolic countries, as Japan etc..

2nd: If the above lie would be disclosed, it would be impossible for the Mongols: Of Mongolia – Tibet – Japan etc., to appear allegedly as the " steam engines " and as provocateur causes of military collisions of the white nations of the West with China. That is to say it would be impossible today the whiteyellow Mongols of Mongolia, of Tibet, and Japan, pretending allegedly the allies of the white nations, to have as provocateurs make an alliance virtually militarily with the allied axles " US.E.J. " and " T.I.M. ", in order to drag militarily the white India, the white Europe, and the white " U.S.A. " against the axis " R.I.C. " and especially against China, and so counterattacking the " R.I.C. " and especially the Chinese army of 200.00.000 men, to genocide all the white nations of the planet.

We write this because indeed today the allegedly Atlantean Mongolia of former " USSR " , the Tibetan allegedly Atlantean Mongolian hieratic authority exiled in India, and the allegedly Atlantean Mongolian Japan, call the white armies of " NATO " and " SEATO " of the Pacific Ocean to attack against China in order to liberate the inner Mongolia and Tibet from China, and in order to protect Japan from China etc., in order to ignite the third world war and the genocide of the 2/3rds of the planet from " R.I.C. " and from the Chinese – Korean army.

3rd: If it was disclosed the origins of the white " Berbers " of Africa and of the white " Guanche " of Canary Islands from the plunged Atlantis, it would disclosed right away at the international Philosophy ( of the ass ) and Theosophy ( of the ass ) Masonic lodges of the west and of the planet, that the leaders of the negative ▼, namely of the Nazi part of " A.O.A. " or " Ordo Adeptis Atlantis " or " Xrysh Aygh " ( Golden Dawn ) of London, are not white Atlanteans like the " Berbers ", but they are Pseudoatlanteans whiteyellow Mongols Hebrew Magicians and Mongols Saxon Lords, who pretend falsely the white Atlanteans, so that through the subjected to the national (gentile) white " Negative Grand Easts " or Theosophical " M.T.M. "’s like the " Theosophical Society of Greece" and the " Theosophical Societies " of other white nations, to drag the armies of the western white states – of " US.E.J. " – " NATO " – " SEATO ", against the armies of " R.I.C. " and " C.K. " China – Korea, and for the counterattacking " R.I.C. " and especially China, to genocide all the white and black nations – states of the planet, and the idiots suicidal Hebrewsaxons Mongols leaders of " A.O.A. " of London, of " O.T.O. " of London, and all the Mongolian Hebrew Rabbinians and national Masonries of all the states.

For these we demand from you the members of the governments of Russia – " U.S.A. " – and " E.U. ", the break-up of the Masonic hyperlodges " A.O.A. " and " O.T.O. " of London, and of their inferior national (gentile) Philosophical and Theosophical lodges " M.T.M. "’s which function at your countries. Same wise we demand the break-up of all the peripheral Nazi organizations of the " Xrysh Aygh " ( Golden Dawn ) and others as " Nea Akropolis " (New Acropolis) and the close down of all the Nazi websites of your countries like the " " of Greece and the " " of Greece.

16: The remaining lands of Turkey, after the avulsion of territories for their annexing to Armenians and Greece and for the establishment of the Kurdish state with avulsion of territories and from Iraq, you will deliver to the domination of France – Germany – Italy as following:

A) The area of ancient Phrygia of Asia Minor, as ancient homeland of the Phruges - Franks – French, you will deliver at the domination of France.

B) The area of ancient Hetea of Asia Minor, as ancient homeland of the Heteans – Chathi – Goth – Germans, you will deliver at the domination of Germany.

C) The area of the ancient Troada of Asia Minor, as the ancient homeland Troy of the Troyans – Romans – Italians, you will deliver at the domination of Italy.

17: You will drive off the Chinese and the Koreans from Africa and from the other continents and states of the planet, and you will deport them at the lands of the main China and Korea.

18: You will support the states – nations of Africa in order to restore their traditional way of life with the total reestablishment of the ancient topical African fauna and flora, and with the establishment of industries at the underdeveloped states of Africa and Asia for the standardization and export of their local products to other countries.

Gentlemen of the governments of Russia – " U.S.A. " – and European Committee of the " E.U. ",

if until the 24:00’ of the 31st of October 2010 ( 31.10.2010 ), you do not have assure us through representatives of you that you will execute with the faster possible rate and under our observation our above 18 demands, then we will consider that the last between you geostrategy and geopolitics approach of " RATIO ", is a bluff against us, for causation of confusion and consequently, because we are not ready to be genocided from you without fight, we are bound from the 1st of November 2010 ( 01.11.2010 ), to move to three specific actions:

A) With our poor handmade equipment of communications "NETRINO NASER ", to inform those who wait with started engines in the orbit of planet Saturn, that you deny definitively to perpetrate actions of expiation for the crimes that you and your ancestors Mongols ( Hebrews, Saxons, and rest ) have committed as genocidal organs of the Chinese Dragonians murderers and genociders continuously for 7.000 years until today, and that you deny to cease definitively the perpetration of these diachronic felonies against the white and black nations of the planet.

B) To use every telecommunication or other medium in order to ask from your subjects to overthrow and execute you, because consciously you drive them to a genocide from the axles of " B.A.S.T.R. ", " R.I.C. ", " C.J.T.H.S.M. " , and " C.K. " China – Korea at the 3rd World War or " Armageddon " of China – Korea.

C) To order the nationalistic groups of patriots of your countries at which we have delivered complete plans of constructions of concentrated directed - energy weapons " NETRINO - NASER ", to attack against you and to execute you from distance, as traitors of the national security of their countries.

Formerly, at a general test of these handmade weapon systems of directed - energy of G.H.REES at the " U.S.A. ", far from the American military airports, where caused damages at the electronic circuits of many American aircrafts, with the result the American minister of defence at that time to order the immobilization and the direct landing of all the aircrafts of the American airforce. Investigate it.

We do not want such an ending against you, because this will cause chaos on the planet, with the result the contingent loss of control of the planetary security and from us.

For these, just obey to our logical and fair demands of the partial reestablishment of the planetary justice, for the good of your countries, our country Greece, and the other countries of the planet, except China and Korea.

G.H.REES Prytaneum Athens
Through the messages server
Of the G.H.REES Readership Magnesia
Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis
ex G.H.REES instructor of Geostrategics
Address: Elpidos 12, Nea Ionia, Volos – Hellas D.424419 – T.A. Volos



Russia supports the activation of relations with Sudan
A positive step because for years Westerners and Russians left Africa to be overun and to be genocided by the Chinese.

Drills of the Command and of the Grand Distances Airforce Staff of Russia
Comment: Every October the “R.I.C.” or “Shanghai Pact” did grand common Military Drills, and the upper hand was China. Not this year though…

Russia must participate to the common system of Antiballistic Defence

Russia wants to understand what is the NATO “European Antiballistic Shield”
Comment: Use of the Antiballistic system as diplomatic invitation of the Westerners towards Russia for the formation of the common novel axis “RATIO” against China & “TU.S.I.PA.C.”.

Russia expects certain actions from USA

Russia continues to strengthen its thesis in the Balkans

The cooperation in the sector of the antiballistic defence consists an important factor for the reassurance of international safety.
In Moscow they do not exclude the talks, in the coming 20 November top-meeting between Russia-NATO, concerning the Russian participation to the European Antiballistic System

Russia studies the capability for its participation to the European Antiballistic Defense

Russia-NATO: Understanding is expected for the adopted decisions

E.U. advices Georgia to restore relations with Russia
Comment: Yet one more important development of NATO-Russia approach.

Medvedev will point in the “Troika” meeting the subject of the abatement of the entry validation regime

Russia come alongside in an unprecedented way with the defense sector of the “adversary” USA, by gradually breaking apart the defensive “Shanghai Pact”

Same come alongside of “NATO” towards Russia:
“With this way, he said, “NATO is displaying that the antiballistic system is not pointing against Russia, but on the contrary, is called to defend our common population”.

Russia is taking measures! The Russian Generals are “pressing” towards a Weapons – Embargo against China!



The proposed flag of the “BERBERS” as the remaining surviving ancient populations of White Atlanteans that settled in Africa – Morocco – Mountains Atlas - AntiAtlas

Ceremonial Mask of the Black Race Tribe of the Dogon from the State of Mali in Africa:
The mask represents the Intelligent Hyper Cosmo-Anthropoid form of the “Universal Organism” of G.H.REES and of the White Pelasgians Hellenes from the Constellation of Andromeda through the star-gate of Hyperion – Coccyx – Sirius – Canis.

Atlantean common script of the “Berbers” – “Guanches”. Appear several Hellenic Letters, several variations of the Andromedian G.H.REES Emblem of the end-for-end “Epsilons” in a vertical form of Hyper Cosmo-Anthropoid (= UNIVERSAL ORGANISM)
End – For – End “Epsilons”:
end-for-end = (boustrophēdon). See “Boustrophedon” writing style of Ancient Hellenes. (Now extinct due to the genocide of the Minor Asia Hellenism)
The 5th letter Epsilon of the Andromedian-Hellenic Alphabet represents the first letter of the holy name "ΕΛΛΑΣ" (land of the Sun, land of the Light, land of the symbolic light of demystification through true science, or finally: land of the Solar Logos), it also represents the 5th element of the Dodecahedral Ether the all-present substance in the Universe.

Matching – Linguistic Similarities – Comparative Linguistics between the languages of the White Atlantean “Guanche – Berbers” and the languages of the White Pelasgians Dravidians of India (Sanskrit):

The Atlantean Religion of the “Guanche” – “Berbers”. Supreme Deity the mythical Titan “ATLAS” or “Ater” or “Achaman” or “Ataman” = “He who holds on his shoulders the entire world – heavens”. 25% of the personal names of the “Guanches” begun with the Atlantean root “At”. In the language of the “Guanches – Berbers” water is matched with the Atlantean root “Atl” (Atlantis = Water-land of Poseidon = Andromedian Supervisor of the Planetary water reservoirs, see also the neo-Greek verb: Potizo)
Guanches in their traditions reported that they came from a great island-continent that was plunged in a catastrophic cataclysm while their ancestors were rescued by climbing to the highlands of the great Canary Islands volcano El Teide.
They were afraid beyond normal measure, and permanently, the tectonic events (Earthquakes – Volcanoes) while they avoided to sail to the open seas, and they avoided to leave their island. They were isolated for thousand of years, a fact that kept their Atlantean ancient traditions almost intact (fossilized civilization).
Every year a group of virgin priestess (under the name: Harimagada) were self-sacrificed, by dropping in the sea, as a sacrifice – entreaty towards the Gods in order for their island not to be plunged.
They had triple concentric circles and symbols in their culture styles exactly like the Atlantean architectural tradition, known from the descriptions of Plato.
Finally the constructed step pyramids same with those of Central America.
They were brutally genocided by the Spaniards invaders.;f=15;t=000396




Note: Some of the above webpage LINKS provided are in the Greek Language. Use the automatic Google Translator: to translate them to your corresponding mother language AND to the Russian Language.


(Was delivered to the relevant Embassies from the blog “Hellen and Chaos” in 25.10.2010)

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