Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blog's answer to Reader asking about the Universal Triune Nature

Dear Reader,

You can study the triune nature of "PANOS"(EVERYTHING) or "PANTOS" or "PAN" or "SYM-PAN"(UNVIVERSE-COSMOS) or TautoCosmic Logos (as the non-moving "Non-god" supreme true "BEING" of the Hellenes) starting with the following LINKS:

This Triad nature (of the three forms of matter: MATTER - NEUTRALMATTER - ANTIMATTER inside a neutron solid-essence or "COSMIC EGG" according to the Cronians Orphics terminology) was the pre-Lunar Pure Solid UNIFIED SCIENTIFIC Knowledge of the Andromedians HYPER-SCIENTISTS Hellenes, a knowledge which was later severely distorted by the Cancerous Lunar Dragonians and the Cronians Mutineers, into various forms of Religious - Worshipping - Ritualistic - JudeoChristian - Pagan - Idolatry "Triads", of the pseudoGod - pseudoBeing Lunar Governor Dragonian Reptile: Sin - Sion - Zion - Sedi - Jedi - Jude - Judas or pseudo"JHWH" order to befool and delude the Earthly Hellenes - Pelasgians and the rest population (Black race etc), and in order to cut off the Earthly Hellenes from their Archetypes and from their conscious deep understanding that we are all: parts - cells - microrganisms inside the "Body" of a broad - colossal - UNIVERSAL ORGANISM.

Lunar Cancerous MEGA-Fraud the non-existing -according to pure logic-:
extraCosmic Terrorist "God Creator" who demands "love" and blind slave-obedience under the disobedience punishment of everlasting torture.

Moreover, a vast amount information source about the Andromedian Unified Sciences will provide to you the below awakening document, as far as you are capable of understanding some basic form of positive sciences. (mathematics - geometry - physics etc).


The document is an original G.H.REES document which unfortunately is still not translated to the English Language.

MENTAL DUELS: Smash of the Extra-universal Logos madness


  1. Hello ΕΛΛΗΝ VS CHAOS, please allow me to pose a couple of questions.
    1. I quote : 'This Triad nature (of the three forms of matter: MATTER - NEUTRALMATTER - ANTIMATTER inside a neutron solid-essence or "COSMIC EGG" according to the Cronians Orphics terminology)...''
    Does this colossal Supreme Being have consciousness? It knows that it exists?
    2. I quote : '...that we are all: parts - cells - microrganisms inside the "Body" of a broad - colossal - UNIVERSAL ORGANISM.'
    Who created all those parts - cells - microrganisms? i.e. who conceived the concepts of an Elephant or a Lion or a Tree and materialized them in these dimensions?
    Thank you,

  2. The universal organism is self-created autonomously from the spontaneous oscilation of the non-moving dodecahedral ether. For ancient Hellenes the non-oscilated ether was considered NON-BEING aka NON-EXISTING.
    You should try study modern nuclear sciences were it is clearly observed today the materialization of subatomicparticles out of nothing (aka: from thinner invisible dimensions of matter-energy)
    The total number of barriers of "light" (frequencies matter-energy barrier dimesions) in the universal organism is 10^66. The next thinner dimension from 10^66 is the Non-oscilated dodecahedral matrix. The most pure non-breakable elementary particle, is the "trion" or the "triad" dodecahedrals.
    The beings of the fauna and flora are created from random intermixing of cosmic radiotion and are gradually materialize from thinner dimensions into our dimension of matter-energy according to the morphotype of the triune Universal Organism (1: Head Dodecahedral=Mental, 2:Solar Plexus Dodecahedral=Emotional, 3:Belly Dodecahedral=Material)

  3. So, the Supreme Being 'thinks' of something (an organism, a living thing) and this something materializes in the material world, is that right? Because the triune Universal Organism has conscious and its thoughts are manifested in the material world, do you agree?


    Endouniversal Tauto(Same)spaceuniversal Tauto(Same)timeuniversal Logos

    It is the sum of Natural Laws which under RANDOM MIXING of Matter and Energy from different or opposite directions of the solid geometry space, begin to create Organic Aggregates of Matter and Energy through dipoles of counter rotating spirals. The Principle of the above phenomena are “point based” and the continuation is continued expanding with Phenomena End of Space Expanding, the natural limits of radiation of maximum width-length capable to be produced by the initial spontaneous point collision of two dodecahedral move-less particles in Space. At the End – Conclusion of the Phenomena it is created in Space the Supreme Environmental Intelligent Being into which at the Same-time and Same-Space with its Expansion, are created Beings that act as its cells. The Supreme Environmental Being COMPULSORY in his contains is made of Beings Cells (Stellar Systems – Fauna – Flora of all the matter rarifications of initial move-less particles that fall into moving fluctuation) as is compelled by the Natural Laws. Meaning the Quantity and the Species of the contents Beings inside the Supreme, are COMPULSORY and INVOLUNTARY and INDEPENDENT of the WILL of the Supreme Being. Under this exact term, the contents Beings doesn’t have to offer “worship” or “obedience” to the Supreme Being that contains them, but they have to cooperate with it into Organic Co-existence, exactly as the Cells of the Human Organism have to cooperate with the Totality of the Body without “temples”, “religions”, “dogma”, “rituals”, “functions”, “mysteries”, “initiations”, “mysticism”, and “apocalyptic holy books” or “visions” or “miracles”, all used in order to support the nonexistent Extra-universal Logos.
    For more read:
    MENTAL DUELS: Smash of the Extra-universal Logos madness