Friday, August 3, 2018

CC: Friends of GHREES in abroad.

CC: Friends of GHREES  abroad.

Hello my friends. We are safe. Thank you for your interest and your support.
We are informing you that according to GHREES info the catastrophic
fires in Greece, California, Russia, and elsewhere, are being provoked
by the HAARP systems and by NASA orbital LASERS of 10 meters diameter
hot beam that can melt a car or burn a tree in a matter of seconds. The LASER
satellites are in geostationary orbit and can be shot-down only with a
strong MASER gun (GHREES provided technology). NASA is controlled by
the Hebrews bankers Rockefellers who obey to the Chinese HONG.
PURPOSE : To destroy the nations of the WEST (666) in order to make it
easier for DRAGONIAN COUPLE: CHINA-KOREA (888+777) to conquer the
entire planet.

PS. Greece is under siege and under attack. We have more than 100
human casualties (including children) and many burned homes and trees
and cars and animals. Some researchers say that this was also a
coordinated massive human-sacrifice ("souls harvesting") committed by
the lunar possesed dragonian satanists of the hebrewsaxon hyperlodges
of the west-666 A.O.A.(Ordo Adeptis Atlantis)-Golden Dawn-London
because of the "bloody moon" (total lunar eclipse) that happened
almost at the same time with the fires.
These are the worst fires ever in our recorded history provoked by space
technology. They attacked us because we are resisting  the
territorial dismemberment of Greece and because GHREES provoked heavy
damage to the armageddon schemes of the Dragonians mutineers.
In 2007 we had Peloponese fires with 70 dead.

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