Saturday, June 23, 2018


Commanders of the Greek Army-Navy-Airforce, search in Google about the “Turkish Laser Gun”, and open all the webpages suggested from Google. In case the Turkish Aselsan, constructor of the Laser Gun with American technology, install to this weapon a tracking radar and precision micromotors guided from the radar, the Greek F-16s and Mirages will be shot-down massively and without dogfights, by having parts of their wings and fuselage melted by the hyper-hot beams of the Turkish Laser Guns, installed in the Turkish Frigates of Area Air Defense, such as the new build TF2000 frigates, or by the Turkish coastal areas installed Laser Guns.

Order officers with knowledge of Radar functioning and aircraft engineers, to get in contact with our representative in Volos for receiving instructions of “Invisibility” namely of passive blindness of the Turkish tracking radars, and of the electromagnetic and laser guns of Turkey, with simple fast mechanical, namely not electronic, solutions of passive invisibility of the Turkish tracking radars, for the protection of the Greek Navy ships, of the Greek Airforce aircrafts, and of the vehicles and battle-tanks of the Greek Army. The above mentioned mechanical solutions have been successfully tested by the Technological Department of G.H.REES in the city of Patras, Peloponnese.  The above mentioned solution of Invisibility of the Enemy radars, is able to also neutralize and the Russian built Anti-Stealth Radars, in case of delivery of such radars from Russia to Turkey. The above mentioned solutions will provoke invisibility and to the radars of the type AESA which are installed to the under delivery F-35 aircrafts from USA to Turkey, and therefore will indirectly disable and the Air-to-Air missiles METEOR of the Turkish F-35 (BVRAAM), having X-BAND active radars, with range 150 up to 300 Km.

Finally ask from the Web-blog “Hellen and Chaos” to send to you the G.H.REES documents containing instructions of building a MASER gun, Microwave Amplified Stimulated Emission Radiation, for understandable offensive applications in case of war with Turkey.
From a mistake over an improvement of the MASER gun, was self-discovered in Patras the NETRINO/NASER Gun, which G.H.REES in any case WILL NOT deliver it to the Greek Armed Forces or to any other Country Armed Forces. From all the above it is obvious that the defense and the continuation of existence of Greece as dominant Country is depending totally by the materializing of the above mentioned and previous defense G.H.REES instructions, and that the not fast materialization of those instructions is a self-proved “Treason against the Country” by the commanders of the Greek Army HQs, with end result the butchering of themselves and of their family members and of half the Greeks by the Chinesehebrew and Saxonic planned invasion of the armies of the Turk-Balkan B.A.S.T./R. axis in Greece, with the treasonous collusion of the greekhebrew government party (SYRIZA) and of the rest parliament parties, with the devious method of giving away names of Greek Areas (Macedonia), namely of giving-away Greek Territories to the countries of the B.A.S.T./R. axis, for the genocide and ousting of the Greeks living in those areas.


For the Military Leg of G.H.REES, The representative of G.H.REES, Karageorgiou Giannis, General of National Security of G.H.REES, Volos (Iolkos), Greece

PS: In a later time from the Self-Discovery of the NETRINO/NASER, with the addition of a configuration of the Emission-Beam, this apparatus was used from G.H.REES Patras Space Research Department, as a media of transmission and reception of short messages towards and from the recently arrived Andromedian Government Armed Forces in the 4 External Planets (Saturn-Uranus-Neptune-Pluto) and of the same origins forces of prehistoric andromedians missions living inside the hollow-inner surface of Earth, at a depth of 2.200 km distance from the convex-outside surface of Earth.
The Hebrews of Kremlin (Russia) unofficially asked from G.H.REES to deliver to them the NETRINO/NASER technology, through a Greek-Russian ex-member of the Russian Special Forces, with the humorous reasoning of “Private Use” and the payment of the G.H.REES representative with a large sum of money.
The conversation of the Russian representative with the G.H.REES representative has being recorded by the Greek Central Intelligence Service (KYP/EYP).
The G.H.REES representative is feeling …“Sorry” because he couldn’t deliver the NETRINO/NASER technology to the Hebrews of Kremlin, but he is forbidden of getting access to this NETRINO/NASER strategic armament, which is securely kept for special reasons only in Peloponnese.
Cheap corrupt: mongols-hebrews-saxons, criminals destructors of the planet Earth and its biology, there are values greater than money, and these values will kill and you and the suicidal universal criminal god of yours: Yahweh of the Moon, and of the rest Lunar Dragonians who obey to him stupidly and suicidally._ K.G ._


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