Sunday, January 7, 2018

Ultra urgent message of G.H.REES (Group for Hellenic Re-establishment) planetary security of Andromedian Hellenes of the country of Hellas (Greece) to Apollonian Andromedian forces of the inner earth.

Ultra urgent message of G.H.REES (Group for Hellenic Re-establishment) planetary security of Andromedian Hellenes of the country of Hellas (Greece) to Apollonian Andromedian forces of the inner earth.

Andromedian leaders of the inner earth, just a few hours after our previous request to you as well as the andromedian forces of the 4 outer planets pertaining to the most urgent need for the elimination of the universal criminal gang of Sin-Sion-Sina-Sedi-Jedi-Jahweh, Saturn, Poseidon and Ares (or Thor), should they continue their crimes against cells of the Universal Organism or Pan, this criminal gang multiplied its crimes against the  humans, animals and plants of our planet, thus murdering part of the body of our Allmighty God Pan (Universal Organism).

1)By use of space and earth stationed right-turning radiation machinery, this criminal gang of 4 reversed the thrust of ocean currents form left-turning to right-turning thrust. As a result, this rapid mixing of warm and super cold polar ocean currents brought about the death of innumerable millions of marine life in North America and Canada, due to the sudden drop in the water temperature. Marine life with gills and sea mammals , such as dolphins , sacred animals of God Apollo, have perished. Similarly, the same criminal gang of 4 caused the genocide of animals and birds of the American continent , with -46ο C in Canada and -30ο C in the USA. A similar devious genocide of plant life and trees is taking place across North America. The objective of this criminal gang is to bring about hunger and disease across  the USA and Canada through decomposition of marine and land life , so that the whole of North America will come to a standstill both nutritionally and sanitarily, after which China will be pronounced draconian planetary leader . In view of the upcoming genocide of North America by China , in WWIII masterplanned by the gang of the 4 galactic, universal criminals, between the USA-Europe-Japan axis and that of Russia-Siitic Islamic countries-China, the objective is to obliterate and genocide the white andromedian and the black Sirian races by the white-yellow Mongol races and the pure yellow race of China and unified Korea soon to come along.

2)A similar genocide of marine and land life via meteorological and geological seismic warfare caused by ''geomagnetic fronts'' and raging forest fires , has been planned and executed by the criminal 4-membered gang against Europe and Japan., soon to be followed by the genocide of tens of millions of people from artificial super-cold weather conditions caused by super-cold weather producing machinery , as well as unusual seismic activity happening together with these geomagnetic fronts in the USA, Europe and Japan.

Pertaining to the genocide of tens of millions of people from the extreme cold conditions , the sionistic US government falsely announced that it will raise the price of oil due to oil reserves in the USA running low. The Israeli intelligence services blew up and destroyed the industrial hub of Russian natural gas in Austria, which delivers natural gas all across Europe, thus the rise in the price of natural gas along with the upcoming suspension of the flow of natural gas from Russia to Europe because of the collusive false ''hostilities'' between US government Hebrew-Mongols and those of the Russian government , on orders of the 4 criminals.

Therefore, we demand that you, along with the andromedian forces of the 4 outer planets and the three governments of our local galaxy, instantly apply the galactic and universal laws that force the 4 criminals to agree to cease their crimes and to immediately accept to commit acts of expiation for life, or face ultimate extinction. In the event that you and the rest galactic forces fail to apply these galactic, universal laws, then we will be forced to denounce you to the authorities of  the main Andromeda galaxy via neutrino/naser signals, as conscious accomplices of the criminal gang of the 4 mutineers, including the three governments of our local galaxy.

We remind you that the worst of the 4 criminals , that is Sin-Sion-Sina-Sedi-Jedi-Jehova originating in the constellation of A' Draconis (Drago constellation)who inspired the Jehovic Mongol medium John to write the criminal '' Holy Bible'' through his demons or angels, he publicly and in writing states that he is going to send a mega-meteorite to crash into planet earth. This meteorite will pierce through the planet's outer mantle down to the core at a depth of 1,000 klm. , so as to create a super-volcano whose crater will spew lava flow and smoke that will block out the sun.

We estimate the force of impact will devastate the internal surface of inner earth , hurling a huge chunk of the surface of inner earth toward the centre, together with magma and huge amounts of smoke , to cause you to asphyxiate and force you to the surface through the openings at the poles where you will be eliminated. Therefore, it is compelling that you eliminate the universal criminal Sin-Sion-Sina-Jahweh for the safety and survival of the andromedan populations of inner earth that you are leaders of. Similarly, the accomplices of the 4 criminals , that is, the draconian Chinese, Koreans, semi-draconian white-yellow Mongol Jews, Saxons, Albanians, Bulgarians, Turks, Skopjans, and other such Mongols, must also consent to accept immediate cessation of their crimes against the white and black races of the planet through committing acts of expiation for life, or be immediately eliminated according to universal laws of '' eliminating the cancerous cells from the body of the Universal Organism''.

With neutrino speeds of '' 10 to the 6th multiplied by the speed of light, and the Andromeda galaxy being 1,5 million light years away from earth'' , the present message will reach the Andromeda galaxy after 1,5 earth years.  Given that the 4 criminals planned WWIII for earth year 2023-2024 , that is after 7 earth years which makes it impossible for any  andromedan reinforcements to reach earth within 5,5 years , the burden of permanently cancelling this war of the white and black races being exterminated by the yellow draconian race, and your own people by the 4 criminals, as well as the gradual removal of the draconian flagship MOON by the andromedan forces of the 4 outer planets, falls on your shoulders and the shoulders of these forces. Thus, see to it that the armed forces of Russia-Islamic countries-China-Korea axis are prevented from achieving victory , by immediately destroying the armed forces of these countries. Moreover, destroy the armed forces of the Albania- Skopje-Bulgaria-Turkey-Romania axis, since they have planned a simultaneous attack against Greece within the current earth year 2018 for the genocide of half the Greek population.

End of message.

This message is dedicated to andromedan Goddess ATHENA, and God APOLLO , God of Fine and Martial Arts.

On behalf of  ''The team of planetary security'', G.H.REES, '' Group for Hellenic Re-establishment'', the Greek (Hellene) descendant of the Andromedan Ouranides , by the earth name of Karageorgiou Giannis, G.H.REES representative , non-operational General of planetary security, city of Iolkos, Volos, Greece (Hellas).

6th day of the 1st earth month of January, earth year 2018.

Be blessed and strong within the body of PAN the Universal Organism.


This message to be transmitted over the telephone (preferably mobile) between friends of G.H.REES, not forgetting to mention the caller’s name and location, for conversion of sound waves to neutrino waves.

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