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How the Rothschilds prepared China to be the next USA

Blog's Commentary of the above video:
We see the hebrews new world order scumbags to speak about Dragonian China..

The money-grubber Rothschild says that China is a new paradise for investements.

The Cold-warrior Brezinsky speaks clearly about an alliance between the West and China.

And the Diplomat Kissinger says that both have common interests (hebrews of the West + China) and that a conflict between the 2 will exhaust both, while an alliance between the 2 will help both for the creation of the "New World Order".

Ofcourse they all calculated without the hotel keeper, namely the Chinese, which wants all of them dead...
Because the full of racism Chinese do not want any other race to co-exist with them in their Sinic Empire (Pax Sinica), and they have main purpose the genocide of all the other races (including the hebrew-mongols) and the survival of only the pure Yellow Dragonian Race.
The filthy hebrew dictator Kissinger conceals from the sheeple that there are two(2) "New World Orders", firstly the Western "New Order 666" destined to live for a while, and secondly the Eastern "New World 888" destined to live for 1000 years as the "Kingdom of the (Chinese) Jehowah"(Complete Chinese dominion with parallel genocide of all the other races after the Third World War or Armageddon)
Ofcource the Yellow Race is about 2 billion against 5 billion of the other races (White+Black+Mongols) but they have mananged to divide these 5 billion in order to win them...(divide and conquer)
In case the White+Black race was united in a coalition against the Yellows, then the Chinese would never had the slightest chance to survive this... That was the attempt which the G.H.REES tried to do with the unification of USA + Russia (R.A.T.I.O. pact) to intercept the Chinese imperialism.
Nevertheless the 2 billion win the 5 billion because the 2 billion are united, disciplined and determined and the 5 billion are devided and lost in space and ofcourse they also ignited "Islam" and the illegal immigrants crisis and the Jihadists wars are making everything worse and add to the chaos and disorder and decline in the West. Do you see any illegal immigrant to dare to go to China? (!!!) They will bury him alive (!!!) Vast Empty Ghost Mega-Cities exists in China, nevertheless the full of racism Chinese do not accommodate any single illegal immigrant !!!
It is unbilievable but it's happening! Do you ever expected the one time Powerful West to become so miserable and the poor Chinese to became so great? This is the infamous ASIAN CENTURY as wikipedia and the World Bank predicted. But only the true Astro-Geo-Strategics of G.H.REES has predicted this already from the Year 1988 by writing: "Year 2002: Start of economical enslavement to the Chinese. Judaism = Third grade Clients of the Chinese-Tibet-Turkmongols"!!! How the hell they found this? And not only this, but in the year 1985 the G.H.REES had predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union!!!
Not even Kissinger himself who had done the infamous openning to China back then in 1972, would never had imagined such a development. Literaly he opened the sac of the (Chinese) Aeolus back then. 
And the Chinese they appear today (especially in the under collapse Greece) as the Economical "Messiah" Jesus Christ (888) who will come to apply order and investements to the collapsing West:

Which is again a big misconception, because China has as puprose the West final Genocide, through the creation of the Neo-Nazi Golden-Dawn provocateur "Constantinople Monkey Empire 666" and its campaign up to the Depths of Asia (as leaders of "NATO/SEATO") up to the "Red Apple Tree" for the ignition of the massive counter-assault of the "Shanghai Pact" (Russia - Shiite Islam - China & Korea 888 + 777) for the genocide of the West populations. (trilateral US.E.J. axis against the R.I.C. axis)

PS: And finally see bellow the stupid Greek communist Koutsoubas to promote the "NEW WORLD 888" of the "communist" dictatorial Dragonian China, by predicting the end of the American Capitalism - end of the West Order:


Here is how the allegedly "communist" ...brave NEW WORLD act to the workers:

Chinese bank manager spanks employees for poor performance, Watch video | Oneindia News

PS2: From beings (Chinese) who boil alive and eat the best friend of man (Argos of Odysseas) do not expect from them any decency, they will boil and eat you alive also. They genocided in the past all the Hellenes-Ionians-Yunnan of Asia, they will complete the genocide against you now with the help of some hebrew-masons-filthy-traitors of the West!!!

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