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Group of Hellenic Re-Establishment (G.H.REES) to the Greek (Hellenic) authorities and Greek citizens across Greece (Hellas) , as well as Greek compatriots abroad, pertaining to astrostrategics, geostrategics, and Greek national strategics.

Group of Hellenic Re-Establishment (G.H.REES) to the Greek (Hellenic) authorities and Greek citizens across Greece (Hellas) ,  as well as Greek compatriots abroad, pertaining to astrostrategics, geostrategics, and Greek national strategics.

To the authorities and citizens of Greece (Hellas) and Greek compatriots abroad.

Athens-Iolkos  11/8/2016.

Subject: Current situation of :

3..Greek national strategics
4..G.H.REES and its representative office at Iolkos, Volos.

1..Following censorship of neutrino-naser transmissions of the andromedians at planet Saturn to G.H.REES  received by the “space research division’’ of G.H.REES at Patras Greece, only the following information was allowed publicity:

Four (4) mutinous constellations in our local galaxy under leadership of four mutinous ‘’GODS’’, that is 4 times 13=52 solar systems and their mutinous armed forces, with local Saturn and its forces as their fifth (5) ally , have, since 11,500 B.C (Before Hebrew-Mongolian Christ Jah-o-souva, Jahweh), invaded our local solar system and have planted nuclear weapons in the seven (7) inner planets . Planet Phaethon , the 8th planet, was blown up by the  mutineers  and turned into an asteroid belt between planets Mars and Jupiter, with the latter being the outermost defence perimeter of the mutinous astrofleet.

The objective of the above actions to plant nuclear bombs in these planets is to blackmail the three (3) lawful galactic governments that in the case they “ intervene to subdue the revolution , they will blow up the seven planets in their dominion via the use of nuclear weapons”.

The ultimate goal of the mutineers is to completely take over the solar system of Sirius , that is one of the two electromagnetic poles of the universe (universal organism) , and from there to blackmail ALL cosmic civilisations via planting nuclear bombs in the  Sirius system as the “Hyperion”, or hyper-sun.

The galactic andromedian forces, already far exceeding those of the mutineers and having arrived in the orbits of the four(4) outer planets namely Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, have been conducting negotiations in order to peacefully resolve and put an end to the mutiny of the above five (5) ‘’GODS’’ , in an effort to avoid a local space war and the various procedures necessary to “clean up’’ the eight (8) inner planets planted with nuclear bombs.

Local earth powers and their governments (Chinese, Hebrews and Saxons) have been collaborating and colluding with the five ‘’GODS’’ , and have carried out ‘’ underground nuclear testing ‘’ so as to test the resistance of planet earth and the quantities of underground nuclear bombs needed for its ultimate blasting and destruction , much like planet Phaethon ..

2..The city of ‘’ASTANA’’ in Kazakhstan has been programmed by the five mutineers to become the second centre of “the Anti-Christ 666” following Constantinople. The city of “ASTANA” will be the centre of the ‘’Touranian’’ , that is Russian-Mongolian empire of suicidal idiot Dugin, counselor of president Putin. It has been programmed that  in the third phase of WWIII between the ‘’Christian ‘’ axis of Korea 777-China 888 and the pan-Touranian, pan-Mongolian axis of ‘’J.T.H.S.M’’ ( JAPAN-TIBET-HEBREWS-SAXONS-MONGOLIA) with a mixed religion of “Samanism 666’’ (white and black magic) and Christianity, a religious war is to also break out, during which the Touranian-Mongolian axis 666 of “J.T.H.S.M’’ will also be genocided by the common ‘’ Christian’’ axis of China and united Korea.

3.. The andromedian forces intend to deport all neo-Greeks , apart from a few, north of the Danube , since they have been hostile and criminally apathetic to  Greek and planetary security.

4..This criminal apathy of the Greeks was verified by the general apathy of neo-Greeks , apart from a few, to help G.H.REES continue its mission as well as help towards the survival of G.H.REES members, as informal representatives of the andromedian forces.

On behalf of G.H.REES ,
Karageorgiou Giannis,
G.H.REES representative, Iolkos, Volos, Greece.


(Year 2010 Document)

End star wars, stop WWIII:

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