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Athens, Volos 9/6/2016 , Greece.


1)      The members of the Russian government
2)      Members of Russian Douma
3)      ‘’FSB” administration

Via the Russian embassies in Greece and other members of the “E.U.” (European Union).

Subject 1:  The Russian government still has not responded to the Andromedian forces in the four outer planets of our solar system, pertaining either to the continuation or cancellation of the lunar draconian programme of WWIII for the ultimate genocide of the white andromedian , black Sirian, white-yellow Touranian, and black-yellow races, by yellow draconian China 888 and North and South Korea 777.

Subject 2: Greek public prosecutors , by orders of SY.RI.ZA prime minister and minister of Justice, main governing party in Greece are murdering friends of Russia , Greek men and women.

Subject 3: The Greek government threatens to terminate the transmission of information of Russian national security by G.H.REES , on account of potential imprisonment of G.H.REES’S representative and friend of Russia , by the ministers of justice and internal order of SY.RI.ZA , by order of the Greek prime minister.

Subject 1:  Dear sirs of the Russian government:

On 24 June 2016, the “ space research” division of G.H.REES  based in Patras, Greece, will transmit a signal bearing an acute angle of concentrated “Neutrino-Naser” energy beam towards the galactic andromedian government astrofleet arrived at the orbits of Saturn.
The above signal will include the reply of the governments of planet earth to the galactic government’s command relating to the “ cancellation-annulment” of the lunar draconian programmed WWIII between the trilateral earth axes of “ U.S-E-J 666” (U.S, EUROPE, JAPAN) , and “ R.I.C 888” (RUSSIA, SIITIC ISLAM, CHINA).

We must have your reply regarding  whether “ the Russian government will consent to carry out the above order-command” by 18/6/2016. This reply of the Russian government will be included in G.H.REES’S transmission signal of 24/6/2016 to the andromedian forces of planet Saturn.

In the event that G.H.REES receive NO answer from you by the specified date , G.H.REES will presume that you REFUSE to carry out the above order , and this refusal of yours will be included in the signal of 24/6/2016 to planet Saturn. It will also be noted in the signal that the Russian government “gives its consent and conspires with draconian hyper-lodge “HONG” of China for the genocide of 2/3 of the planet’s population by the yellow draconian races of China and Korea”.

In a past message to the andromedian forces at Saturn, G.H.REES already informed them of the Russian government’s inconsistent actions , which prove your hostility (because of your Touranian descent) against the Hellenic (Greek) andromedians of planet earth.

One of those actions against the Hellenes was that , a supreme technology weapon manufactured in Russia was named "Petseneg", which you sold to the special forces of Touranian-Mongolian Turkey, so that Turkey can use it against the andromedian Hellenes much like the Mongolian hordes of the “Petsenegs” (Bulgarians-Slavs-Touranians) who genocided the andromedian Hellenes of ancient “Moisia”, today’s Bulgaria.

Another of your inconsistent actions against the Hellenes, is when you did not react at all when the pseudo-Macedonian Skopjans of Bulgarian-Slavic-Touranian descent and bearing Bulgarian passports given to them by the Bulgarian government , consented to the setting up , on Skopjan territory, of the biggest military base of the U.S+NATO on the planet. That is a military base of your supposedly most hated enemy , which is highly suspicious of a Touranian Hebrew government collusion of the U.S and Russia aiming at the waging of WWIII. Prior to the outbreak of WWIII, there will be a Balkan war provoked by the Touranian-Mongolian axis of B.A.S.T.R (BULGARIA-ALBANIA-SKOPJE-TURKEY-ROMANIA), for the genocide of half the population of Greece (Hellas) , as well as the genocide of the rest of Greeks and rest of nations of the white race in WWIII, by the armies of R.I.C.
As for the rest of your inconsistent actions , G.H.REES have already informed the galactic andromedian government forces at planet Saturn.

We are waiting for the appropriate excuses and/or explanations for your inconsistent actions , one of which is your attempts to revive the ‘’Mystras despotate” . This attempt of yours coincides with a similar promotion attempt by trilateral “US.J.E”,  for the creation of the “Greek Byzantine empire 666” , a prerequisite to WWIII, according to the planning by Chinese “HONG”.

The replies received by the “Netrino-Nasar”  ( Neutrino Amplified Stimulated Absorption Radiation) equipment of G.H.REES in Patras Greece from the vicinity of the andromedian government at Saturn are as follows:  “In case the Touranian government of Russia should continue playing a double game , that is, apparently promoting “Christianity 888” through Touranian “leader” Ioannis Vatatzis in the role of “ Emperor of Constantinople” who will later on be ordered to change into the “Antichrist 666” , with a Christian-Dodecatheon religion so that , as leader of trilateral “US.J.E” , to declare WWIII against “R.I.C 888”, then following the extermination or unconditional surrender of lunar draconian forces , when the true andromedian forces finally arrive on planet earth, the Russian government will be responsible and the cause for the extermination of ALL  Touranian governments and ALL Touranian-Mongolian populations of planet earth by the andromedian forces”.

At this point we must point out the lies told by the Soviet academy of science, through the two Russian academic scientists namely Basin and Serbakov, who stated that “ the MOON is a long dead ancient spaceship”. However, the MOON during its orbit round the earth , constantly makes corrections to its movements , which is very well known to the Russian astronomers, and therefore it is proof that the MOON is “alive” and an “active” spaceship, since its correctional movements call for the presence of dozens of ion engines in operation on its surface. It also proves the operation and control of these engines by intelligent draconian crews , with a control centre right inside the moon.


Russian Academics VASIN and SHCHERBAKOV official suspicions about an artificial Moon

On the anomalous secular increase of the eccentricity of the orbit of the Moon

We sincerely hope the members of the Russian government will eventually make the best and most rational decision.

Subject 2: Eleni Apostolidou , a Greek and friend of Russia, was murdered by her parents at Sydini, Xanthi, on 26/5/2016. She was very active in the area of Xanthi and very often had taken the law into her own hands , unofficially helped by local policemen and because of acts of treason committed by the traitorous governments of Athens, and through street fighting she managed to break up hostile gangs of Turks, Albanians and Tzetzens enemies of Russia. On 24/5/16, the public prosecutor at Xanthi received two urgent reports written by G.H.REES representative , in which he asked him to urgently order the transfer of Eleni Apostolidou to the local hospital at Xanthi as she was constantly abused and harassed by her own father. However this prosecutor, obeying the orders of pro-Turkish, pro-Jihad and anti-Russian government of SY.RI.Z.A , criminally ignored G.H.REES’S requests and as a consequence, Eleni  Apostolidou was murdered by her father on 26/5/16.
We ask the Russian government to put pressure on the Greek government to exhume the body of Mrs. Apostolidou so that a second postmortem could be conducted for a further examination of her internal organs.
We ask the Russian government to give orders to its Athens based “FSB” echelon to collaborate with the Greek police authorities to shed light on Eleni Apostolidou’s murder case, since the Greek authorities accepted her father’s false claims that she killed herself!!.

If none of the above takes place, it will become self-evident that Russia betrays her own friends.

Subject 3: G.H.REES’S representative is faced with a 16- month imprisonment on bail according to verdict number 99186/12 of the court of the first instance of Athens. The above sentence is the result of an amalgamation of two previous prison sentences on account of his being sued by a LA.O.S executive, verdict number 96305/1-11-12.
Due to dire financial difficulties, G.H.REES’S representative made an appeal to the court of the first instance in Athens to change his sentence into “civic duties “ at the Volos borough , Greece.

Whether G.H.REES’S representative is imprisoned or perform “civic duties” , it is impossible for him to carry on working in favour of Greek and Russian national securities . Act based on your conscience, (see attached text).

We recommend that:

A). G.H.REES’S representative be taken on at the Russian embassy in Athens as a Russian national security counselor.
B). G.H.REES’S representative be given Russian citizenship.
C). G.H.REES’S representative be taken on as a subordinate diplomatic officer so he can have diplomatic immunity.
D) .You order the setting up of a Russian consulate in the city of Volos, Greece.

Honorably yours,

Karageorgiou, Cr. Cr. Giannis,
G.H.REES representative , national and planetary security general of G.H.REES.
Greek I.D : D.424419
12 Elpidos str., Nea Ionia, Volos.
Mobile Telephone: (+30) 698 36 579 54

We also add that according to G.H.REES information department, King Ioannis Batatzis is destined for King of Greece through the "Mystras Despotate" and at the end is destined as Emperor of the New-Byzantium in order to convert from Christian 888 to Anti-Christ 666 according to the Chinese-Hebrew Armageddon Program. Their next move will be the overthrow of the "SY.RIZ.A." government, the creation of "Coalition Government", the invasion of the neighbors B.A.S.T./R. axis countries in Greece, and at the end the appearance of Batatzis as allegedly "Savior of Greece in Mystras Peloponese".. Batatzis stays in the Panteleimon (Russian) Monastery of Mount Athos Chalkidiki, and this was the sole purpose of the recent visit of Putin in Greece".

Group of Hellenic Re-establishment (G.H.REES).

End star wars—Stop WWIII.

Ultra urgent message of planetary security

Special responsibilities for the Russian government

To the government members of all nations , U.N/O.N.U member states, via their embassies in Greece.

Athens, 13/5/2016, G.H.REES prytaneum/headquarters.

Subject: Receipt of astrostrategics information transmitted to planet earth from the forces of the four (4) outer planets of the solar system to the governments of planet earth, all under command of mutinous space forces in the inner planets of our solar system (666, 777, 888).


See below a summary of the information transmitted from the forces in the four outer planets via “ heavy, slow neutrino transmitters” in the vicinity of planet Saturn, and received by “ heavy, slow neutrino receivers” of the “space search division” of G.H.REES in the city of Patras, Greece.
You may deliver this summary of information to your specialised university staff for further analysis, as you, as politicians , are incapable of doing so due to a lack of specialized knowledge.
We add that it is likely that these heavy , slow neutrino transmissions were made possible through concentrated radiation neutrino-naser transmitters , since the above transmissions took place with an acute angle of transmission , arriving on planet earth with a 2,000 km radius. We give you summaries of the above transmissions , with prefixes depending on the case:

A). Prehistory of inner galactic astrostrategics: Mutiny in four constellations, that is, 4 left-turning solar systems in the vicinity of our local galaxy, with the constellation of DRACO leading this initial mutiny 70,000,000 years ago ,against the interstellar galactic government of the constellation of ANDROMEDA.

B).Cause for this mutiny was the excessive extraction of energy from radioactive metals on their planets , forbidden by the legislation of the government of Andromeda. Also they over-used "Zero Point" Energy. Such energy extraction is also forbidden as it can cause destabilization of “ matter-energy dimensions” above and below the dimensions of “zero point” , thus causing “infiltration” of the “ matter-energy” dimensions.

C). Attacks of space vessels , “war planets”, of the four mutinous constellations against planets in other constellations for the stealing of radioactive metals and other natural resources, which stealing is strictly forbidden by the government of the constellation of Andromeda , ruling over approximately 70 billion solar systems in the local galaxy. This number is only a fraction of the 200 billion solar systems in our galaxy, ruled by a government of “ greatest matter inspissation” , and by the “ central government of inspissation-rarification of our galaxy”.

D). Raiding space vessels of the constellation of DRACO arrived in our solar system,  originally inhabited by the black race originating from the star system of SIRIUS as the central solar system of 13 solar systems. Through genetic engineering , these hostile draconian spaceships spawned and spread across our planet the draconian yellow race ( pre-historic Chinese), and the draconian fauna (reptiles ,dinosaurs) and flora (cacti). Their main target was the extermination of the anthropoid black Sirian race , the local Sirian flora and fauna, leading to the desertification and destruction of the planet, so that stealing the planet’s natural resources and radioactive meterials would be made easier.  The above attempt to steal the planet’s natural resources and radioactive metals took place 65,000,000 years ago . The galactic government of the “ constellation of Andromeda” dispatched to planet earth combat space vessels , which ousted the draconian populations (chinese) and exterminated the dinosaurs.

E). More raiding by bandit spaceships of the mutinous constellation of DRACO took place 20,000 earth years ago, led by the so-called “invincible war planet LEVAN-LEVANHIAH “ or “SELENE-MOON” ,flagship of the draconian astrofleet.  This MOON flagship made its first unsuccessful attempt to go into orbit around planet earth 20,000 earth years ago, however its second attempt was successful and was put in orbit 13,500 earth years ago. Due to the abnormal, unnatural increased mass concentration of the MOON+EARTH “duo” , our planet is  constantly going into a shrinking, spiraling orbit towards the sun, rather than the normal, natural expanding orbit of all heavenly bodies in the universe. This shrinking orbit will eventually cause earth to eventually crash into our sun in the distant future.

F). The 27-member (24+3) draconian government of the flagship Moon-Selene-Levan landed the first genetically engineered Chinese populations on the white pelasgian continent of ATLANTIS . The andromedian forces present on our planet at the time successfully warded off a draconian-atlantian invasion attempt of the continent of Aigis and Europe, at which point the draconian MOON used its hyper-gravity technology to bring about the destruction and sinking of Atlantis and Aigis (today’s Mediterranean sea). The Chinese atlantean populations moved to the territories of today’s China.Following that, the draconian bandits of the “MOON” provoked civil wars within the white andromedian race and genocides of the white andromedian populations by hordes of white-yellow Mongols or Touranian crossbreeds. These wars ,all of them conceived by the lunar draconians , were caused primarily on account of religious differences within the white andromedian races . The prime target of the draconians is (was, from now on), to rule over the four(4) outer planets and beyond , over the star system of Sirius as the “coccyx” of the Universal Organism ,and thus an area of utmost  importance for the entire Universal Organism , so that they could blackmail from there billions of inhabited planets in the universe.

G). Following two world wars on our planet (1914,1940), both planned by the draconian leaders of the flagship MOON via draconian “demons” who gave orders to the Saxon and Hebrew lodges , lunar draconians,  led by draconian Lord  Dragon Sin-Sion-Sina-Jedi-Jade-Jed-Jude-Jehova, have masterplanned the outbreak of WWIII led by Chinese “HONG” as the supreme hyper-lodge of the planet and above ALL other lodges of the East and West. Through WWIII, the lunar draconians intend to genocide 5 billion people of the white and indigenous black races , white-yellow Touranian race, and black-yellow races in the B’ and C’ phase of WWIII . During the A’ phase of WWIII, the lunar draconians have planned a war conflict between the two trilateral adversaries of US.E.J (USA, EUROPE,JAPAN), against R.I.C (RUSSIA, SIITIC ISLAM, CHINA). As for the end of WWIII, the lunar draconians have planned the survival of ONLY the  Chinese and Korean populations , as the only pure yellow  draconian populations of planet earth.
Contrary to paragraphs A),B),C), D),and E), containing information given to G.H.REES by the andromedians in the vicinity of planet Saturn, paragraph F) contains a mix of information given by the andromedians of Saturn and G.H.REES research , while paragraph G) only contains G.H.REES research information.

H). The above research information from G.H.REES was transmitted via heavy neutrino (neutrino-naser) G.H.REES transmitters to planet Saturn, where it was received by the andromedian forces stationed there. These andromedian forces of the galactic government andromedian astrofleet , bearing in mind G.H.REES ‘s research information , are notifying ALL governments of planet earth via the following ultimatum:

“Any governments of planet earth that will carry out the planned WWIII on the planet , will be annihilated without being allowed the slightest  chance of survival through “ acts of expiation”, according to the laws and legislation of the government of the “constellation of Andromeda” .(see ancient Greek law). Likewise, not only will Touranian-Mongolian governments  and the draconian governments of China , and  North and South Korea be excluded from “acts of expiation”, but also the populations of these Touranian-Mongolian and draconian nations should WWIII break out. This translates into a mass extermination of the populations of these Touranian-Mongolian and draconian nations,  in case the planned lunar draconian WWIII breaks out between the axes of US.E.J and R.I.C.

Jews, Saxons, Albanians, Bulgarians, a number of Turks/Hungarians/Romanians, Fins,other Mongols of Eurasia and a number of Islamic nations are all of Touranian-Mongolian descent , that is, a white-yellow crossbreed.
The Andromedian forces in the four (4) outer planets , arrived there in mass numbers after the earth year 2000 (A.D= after draconian medium-Rabbi “Jesus or Jehosouva Christ”), are calling upon the members of the Touranian governments and Touranian –Mongolian populations of planet earth, to take the side of the white andromedian race , that is the white blood of their white-yellow crossbreed, against the yellow side of their crossbreed, if they wish to survive peacefully on planet earth through “acts of expiation” according to the galactic law. This is because the pure yellow draconian populations of China and North and South Korea will be expelled from planet earth and taken to another solar system by the andromedian space forces , even if they manage to survive by accepting to commit “acts of expiation”.

I). Since earth year 2000 A.D , the combat division of the andromedian starfleet arrived at the orbits of planet Saturn has been negotiating with the draconian forces of the MOON for the unconditional surrender of the draconian forces occupying the inner planets of our solar system . Following the ultimate surrender of the MOON and its escorting by andromedian ships safely out of our solar system , the now shrinking orbits of the planets will begin to expand naturally , through use of “space engineering” so as to stabilize these orbits of the planets of our solar system , and to reverse the now shrinking orbits and their ultimate impact with our sun. G.H.REES asked for more details of the above mission and negotiations but was turned down on account of “ confidentiality of negotiations”.

G.H.REES’s Neutrino-Nasar receivers ( neutrino amplified stimulated absorption radiation) of the space research division of G.H.REES in the city of Patras , Greece, received the following clarification-command only, that is: “ In case the Draconian forces ultimately agree to an unconditional  surrender and a lifetime commitment of “acts of expiation” in a different solar system , according to galactic laws, it is forbidden that any court sentence or legal actions be taken against them for the crimes they have committed”. The same will apply to the Touranian and Mongolian governments and populations of planet earth , should they wish to commit similar “acts of expiation” according to the galactic universal law, after giving up committing crimes of the galactic penal code.

J). WWI and WWII are also included in the above crimes, with WWIII still at its starting phase, falsely attributed to a religious war and starting with a provoked attack of the “antichrist West (US.E.J) 666”, against “Christian Korea 777” and “Christian China 888” after 2023.
All of the above false ideologies pertaining to “ Antichrist 666” and “ Christian 777 and 888”, were conceived by the lunar draconian forces , with the aim of genociding the white andromedian race of planet earth by the counterattacking forces of “R.I.C-777-888” against “US.E.J-666”. Only the pure draconian populations of China 888 and the two Koreas 777 are to survive this genocide.

K). The space research division of G.H.REES at Patras, Greece, informed the andromedian forces at planet Saturn that the lunar draconian forces as well as the forces of the Cronian andromedian mutineers (andromedian traitors who betrayed the galactic government of Andromeda and joined forces with the draconians of the MOON) ,  have planned a fake “ arrival of andromedian forces” on planet earth. During this fake arrival, it has been planned that the mutinous saturnian (cronian) forces will pose as the true andromedians , so as to deceive the armed forces of “ U.S.E.J-666” and drag them to a world war against the armies of “ R.I.C -777-888”. These fake saturnian forces posing as the true andromedians will also commit “war crimes” and “ crimes against humanity” against the armies and populations of “R.I.C” so that counterattacking “R.I.C” will ultimately genocide the unarmed civilians of “US.E.J”.
The andromedian forces at Saturn replied to G.H.REES that: “ Even the saturnian traitors and other andromedian mutineers will be allowed to commit “acts of expiation” , if they so wish, and manage to survive not in our solar system but rather in the constellation of Andromeda.

L). Particular responsibility rests with the Russian government : Although Christianity is a Hebrew cult (both these religions ,along with Islamism, were conceived by the lunar draconian forces), and although the members of the Russian government are Touranian Israelites, the predominant Christian tendency among the Russian people is still able to intercept the degradation and corruption brought about by the Touranian Hebrews and and Saxons within the white race nations of “US.E.J.”. We call upon the Russian government to act accordingly , in order for these actions to be deemed “acts of expiation” for the survival of Touranian populations of planet earth.

M). Meanwhile , we call upon the Chinese hyper-government of “HONG” , as well as the hyper-government of the West of the Touranian Hebrewsaxons of “AOA” and “ OTO” in London, the Hebrewsaxon governments of the “USA” and “ E.E” , and the Touranian governments of the Balkans and Eurasia, to immediately cancel the planned enslavement of the white andromedian Hellenes so the blackmailed Hellenes will accept the setting up of “ the empire of Constantinople 666” and the  political-military leadership of this “Greek empire 666” of “ US.E.J” , for a military assault of “NATO “ and “SEATO” against “R.I.C” . This assault against “RIC” will cause the counterattack of “R.I.C” and the genocide of white race populations of “US.E.J” , with the Greeks the first up for genocide. Because execution of the above evil planning by the lunar draconian forces will “ result in irrevocable death penalties and exclusion from any possible means of survival via “acts of expiation” against ALL draconian and Touranian governments and populations of the planet”.  That is the  warning of the andromedian forces of Saturn.

That’s all for the time being….

On behalf of G.H.REES,
Karageorgiou Cr.Cr. Giannis, G.HREES representative
National and planetary security general of G.H.REES
12 Elpidos str, Nea Ionia , Volos, Greece.


The Chinese-eyed dragon-turtle agent of "HONG" commands: "Let Greece go bankrupt" 
(European Union taking orders from Dragonian China. Trilateral Axis US-E-J , USA - EUROPE - JAPAN)

"The convention for the future of Europe has ended with a show of a rapid rhetoric. The president of the convention, mister Valery Giscard d'Estaing closed the last meeting with a last minute changes to the first draft of the European constitution, adding providence for an official EU flag, one anthem, one anniversary and one slogan.
But (Giscard) kept his last word for the Wu Kei (comment: You may call the statue EL SENDAI-JEDI-GENOCIDOFAGGOTI), a turtle with a dragon head, something that mr. Giscard placed on his desk throughout every meeting.
(Giscard's statement was:)
"The last person I would like to thank is my Wu Kei turtle. It followed us and led us throughout our entire journey. When we were in the middle of the river, it guided us, just as it did for the first Chinese emperors, until we finally reached the river shore. And I expect, just as many of you do also, that from the early beginning, it knew whereof wanted to take us" (!)
Meanwhile, mr. Giscard took some lettuce leaves and offered them to the turtle statue. The turtle didn't say anything."
P.S.2: We present to you the Geostrategic Mathematical Codes which has elaborated and assigned the Chinese Masonic Hyper-lodge “HONG” in the below Geostrategic Axles which, without exception, were founded by “HONG” in order to design and to conduct the World War III, and in order to genocide the 2/3rds, namely 5 billion of all terrestrial races of the planet, from the pure Draconians – Yellow armies of China and of United Korea._ The Geostrategic Codes were cross-verified from Electronic eavesdropping executed by passive “Neutrino Receivers” of G.H.REES (technology) over sessions of masonic lodges of Hong-Kong, of Shanghai, of “AOA” – “Ordo Adeptis Atlantis” London, and over the environment of the “Planetary King of Israel”, arch-Rabbi Baruch or Barowghs of “USA”._

1): 666/A: US.E.J., USA – Europe – Japan._

2): 666/B: T.I.M., Tibet – India – Mongolia._

3): 777/A: North Korea._

4): 777/B: South Korea._

5): 888:A(+): R.I.C., Russia – Islam – China._

6): 888/B(+): C.J.T.H.S.M., China – Japan – Tibet – Hebrews – Saxons – Mongolia._

7): 888/C(+): C.K., China – Korea._

8): 888/C(-): J.T.H.S.M., Japan – Tibet – Hebrews – Saxons – Mongolia._

9): 888/B(-): Whites of Russia and Islamic States._

10): 888/A(-): Black Race nations._

The Mathematical signs (+) and (-) mean that the Geostrategic axis 888/B(+) has been designed to genocide the semi-axis 888/B(-) of Russia and Islamic States, and that the axis 888/C(+) of China and Korea has been designed to genocide the semi-axis 888/C(-) Japan – Tibet – Hebrews – Saxons – Mongolia, namely in order to genocide all the Hebrews and the Saxons of the Planet, as “not pure Yellow”, namely as Mongols White-Yellow._

The above means that the Chinese “HONG” has programmed to genocide the White populations of Russia with code 888/B(-), and the Hebrews and the rest Mongols of Russia with code 888/C(-). Therefore, withdraw immediately from “PACT OF SHANGHAI”, and abort immediately the supply of weapons and high technology, oil, natural gas, and space technology towards China and towards the two Korean states.

We (finally) present to you the fronts of the 1st phase of World War III, as those have being programmed from “HONG” of China, from “AOA” London, and from the arch-Rabbis Baruch of “USA”:

3rd W.W. “COSMIC ETNA” 2012



and remnants of the armies of “B.A.S.T./R.” Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania – that will seek refuge in China territories.


The silent genocide!!!
10.000 suicides in Greece from the begining of the crisis (2009) not announced by the mainstream media

MASER - MASAR directed-energy technology weapons of G.H.REES
(note: This is the simplified version of the NETRINO - NASER strategic supremacy technology of G.H.REES)

(Year 2010 Document)

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