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Extreme caution against Nazi ‘’ Black Masonry’’ of the ‘’ Epsilons 666’’ both of which are planning the ultimate genocide –provocation--trap for Hellenism and the white and black races. Share this important historical new information from G.H.REES and shove it to the faces of the English- Hebrew-Mongolian-Saxon heir Kings –Losers. ‘’Prince Nikolas’’ , the offspring of traitors!!!.

From G.H.REES subdivision of Magnesia Greece..

To ALL Greeks the world over..

‘’ Eleytheri Ora’’ and ‘’ Makeleio’’  newspapers in Greece , puppets of the ‘Nazi black masonry’’, of the pseudo-Epsilons of the ‘’ Greek Theosophic Society’’ are desperately and feverishly  promoting and propagandizing ‘’Prince Nikolas’’ as the leader of a new political party taking shape in Greece , as prime minister of Greece and prime minister of the ill-fated ‘’empire of Constantinople 666’’!!!!. Prince Nikolas is the offspring of the Hebrewsaxon Royal houses of Oldenburg Sonenburg Holstein Glucksburg, and Hannover Braun-Schweigh Welfen Wolfenbuttel, who committed the following treason:

Genocide of the Pontiac people of N.Turkey,
Genocide of the Greeks of Asia Minor,
Loss of the Greek territory of eastern Romylia,
Loss of the Greek territory of Northern Ipirus,
English and Turkish occupation of the island of Cyprus.

1…At the beginning of the so-called pseudo-liberation of the Greek nation, subservient neo-Greeks      agreed to accept as their ‘’king’’ Hebrew-Bavarian OTTO-MAN  (Otto Wittelsbach, as was his real name) co-governed by the English Hayden, who sentenced to death the Greek heroes Kolokotronis, Plapoytas ,etc, and who decided that the area of Thessaly and the whole of Northern Greece had to remain under Turkish occupation. The prime minister of Turkey in 1955, who ordered the destruction and massacre of the Greeks of Constantinople, was Jelal Bayar (a Bavarian) , therefore , the 400-yr Turkish occupation of Greece carried on with the Bavarian occupation of Greece. The people of Bavaria call the Turks their ’’sisterly nation’’. The Greek patriot officers ousted ‘’king Otto’ as he was a ‘’traitor’’.

2….Greek Hebrewmasonry  was ordered by  ‘’A.O.A’’ and ‘’ O.T.O’’ of London, the hebrewsaxon lodges of the West, to replace the ‘’Wittels-Bach’’ house with the hebrewsaxon house of Oldenburg Sonderburg Holstein Glucksburg, and their Gottorp branch, that is Hebrew-Gothic-Chetteans. These , supposedly vanished, Chetteans moved in teams  from the Caucasus to Europe so as to massacre the Celts and the Greek Pelasgians, founding in the process  the infamous ‘’kingdoms of the Goths’’ centred in Germany , and causing two world wars , while they are still in the process of waging war through deviously bringing about a staged conflict between the ‘’European Union’’ and Russia and rest of ‘’R.I.C’’ (Russia-Siitic Islam-China) using the Ukraine , Syria etc, as pretences . Therefore the ‘’Trojan war’’ waged by the Cheteans-Goths of the Caucasus continued with three world wars aiming at the genocide of the white pelasgian nations , by order of Chinese and hebrewsaxon lodges . City-country of Troy-Ilion subjugated to the Goths of the Caucasus.

3….The hebrewsaxon ‘’ kings’’ Holstein-Glucksburg, traitorously and deviously did not care about the support and defence of the Greek Pontiac people of northern Turkey by the Greek state , be it materials or weaponry, providing equipment such as weapons and ammunitions ,  through their diplomatic relations with Turkey, through appealing to international refugee organisations like  ‘’ The society of nations’’  i.e  the ‘’United Nations’’ of the time.
Through their continual treason , the ‘’Royals’’  (Holstein-Glucksburg) of Greece , chief-generals  of the Greek army and as political leaders of the Greek state , collaborated with Turkey towards the genocide and racial extinction of the Greek pelasgian Pontiac people of northern Turkey. As a result of these traitorous actions of the Hebrew ‘’Royals’’ Holstein-Glucksburg against the Pontiac Greeks, today the traitorous Hebrew government of ‘’SY.RI.ZA.’’ in  Greece blatantly refuse to see that there ever was a Pontiac genocide on account of the fact that the founder of the Greek communist party , who later gave birth to ‘’SY.RI.ZA’’ was Benaroya, a Hebrew…The Jews of Greece , whether as ‘’ Royals’’, or pseudo-communists and having differences in their ideologies  which aim only to ‘’ divide and  rule’’ nations, unanimously agree on one thing/objective : ‘’ Genocide the Hellenes (Greeks) and keep their genocide  secret’’.

4…..The Hebrew ‘’Royals ‘’ Holstein-Glucksburg in collusion with Cretan Hebrew Benjamin Salom (Peace of Benjamin) alias Beni-Sal, alias Venizelos , divided up the Greeks into two civil war camps, aided by extreme treason by Beni-Sal whose actions aimed at the secession of northern Greece from the Greek state and the founding of the ‘’State of Salonica’’ as a prelude to the annexing of northern Greece to the neighbouring countries . This annexing  of Greek territories is indeed being attempted today by ALL the post –junta  (dictatorship) Greek-Hebrew governments of the following Greek Hebrews:

Turkish-Hebrew Dolme Kara-Aman-Ali,
Greek-Hebrew Mitsotakis Beni-Sal,
Greek-Hebrew Rallis- Raoul,
Greek-Hebrew Andreas Papandreou-Mineiko,
Greek-Hebrew G.A.P –Mineiko-Chad,
Greek-Hebrew Samaras Ben-Hiram,
Greek-Hebrew Simitis-Avouri, etc.
Turkish-Hebrew Chiprah (Tsipras) , etc,.

Today, the Jews of Israel like calling the city of Thessaloniki : ‘’ Salonica Judaica’’, while waiting patiently for the dismantling of Greece by the armies of the B.A.S.T.R axis  (Bulgaria- Albania- Skopje-Turkey-Romania) , so that these jews will permanently emigrate  to the Greek Thessaloniki!!!!!!!!!!!.

When the above traitorous act by Beni-Sal failed to materialize, he was elected prime minister of Greece by Greek idiots, and in collusion with hostile foreign powers that were victorious during WWI  in 1918, he ordered the Greek army to march towards the Smyrna pocket. In collusion with the Hebrew ‘’King’’ Constantine A’ Glucksburg, in the midst of the military campaign ,he called to elections in which he had already planned to lose only to be won by the Holstein –Glucksburg ‘’Royals’’.  The latter, whilst violating the terms of the ‘’agreement’’ with the foreign powers of ‘’Andant’’, ordered a march beyond the Smyrna pocket, against Ankara aiming at the ultimate occupation of the whole of Turkey!!!!!!!!!!!, a very difficult and next-to-impossible task!!!!.

At the same time, Constantine A’ Holstein appointed his son, Prince Andrew, as commander of the B’ military command , the middle of the three military command units, ordering his Hebrew son to cause a breach in the unified front of the three Greek military command units in Asia Minor.
Indeed the traitor Hebrew ‘’prince’’ Andrew Holstein Glucksburg , during the military counter  assault of the Turkish army against the Greeks under command of Kemal Attaturk, though unprovoked, ordered the retreat of the middle B’ Greek army command, allowing the Turkish army to breach the unified Greek front in the process, and to surround and massacre the A’ and C’ Greek army commands. The ensuing outcome was as follows:

Genocide-Massacre of 1,500,000 indigenous Greek civilians of Asia Minor, and 1,500,000 Greek rescued and barely alive refugees  arriving on Greek soil in 1922. This is how the Hebrew  Holstein-Glucksburg ‘’ Kings’’ and ‘’Princes’’ brought about the genocide and extinction of the Greek populations of Asia Minor , in a covert agreement/collusion with Turkish –Hebrew Kemal Attaturk along with the hostile , anti-hellenic forces of ‘’Andant’’, England, France, and Russia which from 1917 had already changed into a soviet state by the Jewish ‘’ Revolution’’ of the Hebrew-Mongols Marx (Mardohai) and Lenin, against the white Russian Scythian pelasgian races of Russia and the already present in Russia white pelasgian Scandinavian Vikings or ‘’ Russ’’.

‘’ Prince’’ Andrew Holstein was court-martialled and sentenced to death by a Greek court of law for ‘’ Treason against the country’’, only to be set free by the English government who intervened , was acquitted and emigrated to England. ‘’Prince’’ Andrew’s son is Phillip , royal husband of Queen Elisabeth of England . He bears the title of ‘’ Duke of Edinburg’’ , which is acquired and fake , that is a FRAUD. Phillip is simply the son of Jewish traitor ‘’ prince’’ Andrew Holstein –Glucksburg of Greece. Likewise, the title of the ‘’Royal House of Windsor’’ is acquired and fake !!.
Queen Elisabeth is descended from the Hebrew-Mongol House of  ‘’SACHS-KOBURG (KOEN-BURG) GOTTHA’’  of the German state. ‘’ Prince’’ Charles of England is a ‘’crossbreed’’ between two Hebrew-Mongol , Hebrewsaxon Houses of:
SACHS KOEN-BURG GOTTHA, on Elisabeth’s side. Both are German Houses originating In the respective German states.
The term  ‘’ GOTTHA’’ essentially means ‘’ GOTHS= CHETTEANS’’.
The Greek-born traitor  Phillip Holstein-Glucksburg, as high commander of the English armed forces and Elisabeth , as head of English politics ordered the cruel English occupation of Cyprus before the official establishment of the Republic of Cyprus , and ordered the massacre of thousands of Greek-Cypriots. In 1974, they ordered English pilots to board Turkish fighter jets and to raid and bomb positions of the Greek ‘’ELDYK’’ forces and those of the Cypriot national guard in the midst of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus , which started deviously and deceptively as a supposed Hebrewsaxon NATO military drill!!!!.

Phillip Holstein –Glucksburg , royal husband of Queen Elisabeth , is a traitor worthy of his father ‘’Prince’’ Andrew Holstein-Glucksburg traitor of the Asia Minor war between the Greek and Turkish armed forces. The bodies of the downed English air force pilots still lie in the morgues of Limassol while England still refuses to claim them!!!!!.

5….We come now to ‘’king’’ Constantine B’ Holstein-Glucksburg of 1967.
The 3-man party of Ppadopoulos-Pattakos-Makarezos pay him a visit and call on him to take measures to subdue the ‘’Shield’’ movement of Greek-Hebrew-Trotski politician namely Andreas Papandreou-Mineiko , as a movement to overthrow the constitution by the communist ‘’Red Sergeants’’. Constantine , however, does not take any measures as he should have done, because, in a traitorous collusion with Hebrew Andreas Papandreou-Mineiko, he had received orders by the London Hebrewsaxon lodges of A.O.A and O.T.O to allow the communist ‘’Shield‘’ movement to officially take action so that he, as head of the ‘’Junta of the Generals’’ to be able to stifle the ‘’Shield ‘’ movement and to establish the ‘’Junta of the Generals’’ who would transform Greece into a so-called ‘’NATO aircraft carrier’’ to provide airborne support to Israel  for the Arab-Israeli  ‘’7-day war’’. The colonels of 21 April reacted promptly to the  traitorous actions of Constantine B’ Holstein , and took over the government by applying foreign policy measures contrary to those expected by the Jewish U.S . They gave permission to the Russian military forces to use the Greek air space to aid the Arabs against the Israelis!!!!!, fearing justifiably that: A) The ‘’Warsaw Treaty’’ would massively attack Greece through Bulgaria , and B) All Arab oil exports to Greece would cease.

Therefore, the Hebrew-born traitorous, deceptive , hostile communist party of the Hebrew Benaroya , is blatantly and constantly lying when they talk about an ‘’ American-prompted junta of the Generals in 1967 in Greece’’.  Proof as to the previous claim by the communists in Greece is that in the summer of  1967, Constantine B’ Holstein travelled unofficially to Long Island in New York to watch the sailing competitions , as a veteran sailing champion himself. During his return trip to Greece , he was called by the minister of U.S foreign policy into the airplane cockpit , who asked him to do whatever it takes in order to ‘’ overthrow the patriotic government of G. Papadopoulos in Greece’’. This  conversation was witnessed by the Olympic Air pilot Ioannidis , who went public on ‘’ERT’’ television channel.

Constantine B’ Holstein attempted to overthrow the government of G. Papadopoulos in collaboration with Peridis, commander of the C’ army command , and with Hebrew General Esserman, commander of the 20th armoured brigade , as well as other Generals of the American induced ‘’junta’’ of the generals in December 1967.
Constantine B’ Holstein together with the ‘’ junta of the Generals’’ failed to overthrow the government of G.Papadopoulos . Constantine was allowed to ‘’escape’’ to Italy, via the Kavala airport, where he stayed two years. In 1969 , he moved to London to stay near his relation , namely Philip Holstein Glucksburg of Greece , pseudo-Duke of Edinburg, husband of the Hebrew Queen Elisabeth Coburg or Koen-Burg.
Constantine B’ Holstein , pseudo-King of Greece , is a cross-breed between two Hebrew-saxon Hebrew-Mongol  ‘’Royal’’ Houses :

Oldenburg Sonderburg Schleswig-Holstein Glucksburg  of Germany and,
Hannover (Han-Over or Ober-Han) Braun-Schweigh Welfen , Wolfen Buttel, of the pre-war ‘’kingdom’’ of Hannover Germany, on his mother’s side Queen Federica (Friedriche), ‘’ princess of the kingdom of Hannover’’. The above House of Hannover can be translated into : ‘’ Mongolian Hyper-Han (kings) brown-silent (obscure) wolves (leaders) ‘’, that is, including the ‘’ Grey wolves of Turkey”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Since Queen Federica was a hostile , anti-hellenist Mongolian she-wolf, she raised her son Constantine B’ Holstein in the same fashion , and she did the same with her grandsons , Paul (heir to the Greek throne) , and ‘’ Prince Nikolas’’ , a Hebrew-Mongolian ‘’lad’’ , who is blatantly being promoted by the Greek media as the new ‘’ prime minister’’ of Greece. The newspapers that are responsible for promoting ‘’ Prince Nikolas’’ as ‘’prime minister’’ are ‘’Makeleio’’ and ‘’Eleytheri Ora’’ both run by the ‘’Epsilons 666’’. The current plan is for  Paul Holstein to become ‘’Chief-general’’ of the ‘’ Empire of Constantinople 666’’ , of ‘’NATO’’ and ‘’SEATO’’  , against the armies of ‘’R.I.C’’  or the ‘’ SHANGHAI TREATY’’ (Russia-Siitic-Islam-China). ‘’Prince Nikolas’’ , on the other hand , is to become ‘’ Prime minister’’ of the ‘’Empire of Constantinople 666’’, so that ALL nations of the white and black races will face genocide in WWIII , after the attack of the ‘’R.I.C’’ axis , after 2023.

Proof as to how much the ‘’Holstein- Glucksburg Kings and Princes of Greece’’ hate the Hellenes, is a letter written by’’ Queen mother ‘’ Federica von Hannover to the American Hebrew Chief-General Marshall , in which she was asking for WWIII to start in Greece!!!!!.
This letter was leaked to the press by American Jews who wanted to minimize the power of the Hebrew ‘’Right political party’’ , so as to reinforce the rise of the Hebrew ‘’ Leftists’’ of Hebrew Andreas Papandreou-Mineiko.
G.H.REES are calling on the Greeks to vote for the party of jewish ‘’Prince Nikolas’’ Holstein Glucksburg , if they want to be faced with genocide by the armies of ‘’ R.I.C’’ after 2023, ‘’aided’’ by ‘’His Royal Highness’’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

The G.H.REES representative ,

Karageorgiou Giannis,
G.HREES national security General.



See below, the treasonous writings of the pseudo-hellen mongol-bastard semi-Dragonian sperm Andrew Glucksburg, about the Hellenes Ionians of Smyrna - Asia Minor:


“Really horrible are the local (Smyrna) Greeks, except few. It is dominating huge pro-Venizelism (Note: Eleftherios Venizelos – devotees) and during the 15th of December (Note: Holyday of Saint Eleftherios) almost all of their stores were closed! It would be worthy to deliver Smyrna to Kemal (Ataturk) in order to butcher all these evil-doers, who act like this after the blood we spill here…”

SOURCE: I. Metaxa, Calendar, addendum years 1921 – 1922, page 757-60

Namely, without hyperbole, the sentenced to death audacious deserter and traitor of the Asia Minor campaign, Andrew Glucksburg , sweared against Greeks and called his mongolhebrew brother “Dolme” [Sabbatai Zevi - sect] Kemal Ataturk, to butcher the Ionians Asia Minor Greeks of Smyrna, because allegedly they were fanatic supporters of Venizelos, namely of the other Hebrew devious bastard pseudo-National pseudo-Leader Benizelos or Ben Zelon or Ben Shalom !!!

(Divide through hebrewmasonry… and conquer !!!)

The headword of the Glucksburg-Mongol-Bastard in Wikipedia…admire…his treasonous doings … and don’t forget to shit in his grave:

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