Tuesday, November 3, 2015

SUBJECT 1: Turkish Coastguard attacking Refugees! Where is now the Amnesty International? Where is the “United Nations”? Only for Greece they make blames? SUBJECT 2: CENSORING AGAINST OUR BLOG’S DOCUMENTS

SUBJECT 1: Turkish Coastguard attacking Refugees! Where is now the Amnesty International? Where is the “United Nations”? Only for Greece they make blames? SUBJECT 2: CENSORING AGAINST OUR BLOG’S DOCUMENTS


A ship of the Turkish Coastguard instead of helping the refugees who are aboard a plastic boat, is starting to “shot” water under pressure at the boat with a firefighting hose, with purpose either its “interception” or its sinking! The video has taken from inside the plastic boat of the refugees and its publication was done by the Twitter user, Daphne Toli.

Turkish Coastguard attacking the refugees!!! About the genocide harlot Mongolian Turkey, all are silencing!!!

It is self-proven anymore that the Chinese-Korean (Dragonian) controlled “United Nations” in cooperation with “Amnesty International” are making their best in order to blame as allegedly “Racists” all the White Race people of Greece and Europe, in case these people won’t accept in their countries the Muslims refugees and the rest fanatic criminal jihadists who are hidden amongst them and are threatening the national security of Russia and of the Countries of Europe.

Soon after our blog’s posts about the Racist Chinese-Draconian “United Nations”, “Amnesty International” made strong accusations against Greece about allegedly abuse of the illegal immigrants in Greece

But concerning Mongolian Turkey who pushes the Illegal Immigrants -and unwanted to them abused Kurdish people- to the West, a genocider harlot Turkey who promotes the War in the Middle East and along with “USA”, “Qatar”, “Saudi Arabia”, is training, funding and arming the fanatic Sunnite criminal Jihadists in Syria and in the Middle East, the “United Nations” and “Amnesty International” are suspiciously silencing!!!

Therefore the censored (SEE BELOW) documents that we have posted, are once-again telling the complete uncomfortable TRUTH!!!




The American “Mass Media” orchestrated by the Chinese-Korean-Controlled “United Nations” in total collusion, censored and deleted our posts about the illegal immigrants, from their allegedly “alternative – awakening” webpages “GODLIKEFORUM” and “DAVID ICKE FORUM”.

The Chinese-Korean Controlled “United Nations” (Ban Ki Moon) is blaming the White Race about the illegal immigrants and the refugees’ crisis. We make plead to all the international Mass Media to take initiative and to make the following association of ideas:

The above document was censored in record time (!!!) and moreover they banned our accounts. In “Godlikeforum” have installed special filters – scripts in order to automatically find the word “G.H.REES” or LINKS to G.H.REES blogs, in order to automatically censor, delete and ban our posts, and our accounts, accompanied with threats against us that they will report us to our ISP’s for abuse, in order for us to lose our internet connection!!!
Something analogue have done and the “Greek” popular webpage (in reality Bulgaria ownership) Defencenet – Pro News in where if you post comments that have LINKS to the web-blogs of G.H.REES those comments are automatically deleted, and the account banned!

In “David Icke Forum” was also published and the most important Anti-Draconian Planet Security document of G.H.REES dated 2008, in the English Language:

And was also censored and deleted in record time by the allegedly “Anti-Draconian” Hebrewsaxon David Icke – Isaac!!! THE CONCLUSIONS ARE YOURS!!!

Below you can see the LINKS from our post in their forums which have done the massive censoring against the G.H.REES uncomfortable truths:

With the G.H.REES Blog’s documents spreading like fire, panic has spread amongst the Draconians Reptilians suzerains, and are making their best in order to censor and delete these documents, and therefore are self-proven the Geostrategic and Astrostrategic Truths of the G.H.REES documents!!!

Our documents was sent also and to the candidate president of USA and awakened from G.H.REES, objector to the hyperlodge HONG’s policy, anti-Chinese “Donald Trump” and to the corresponding embassies, and we hope to not reach again to send us the INTERPOL to find us and arrest us, as if we were terrorists like Bin Laden!!!

INTERPOL if wishes to do its job right, must stop the witch hunt against the awakened patriots friends of G.H.REES, defenders of the Hellenic Andromedian Pelasgian White Race (and of the friendly Sirian autochthonous Black Race), and INTERPOL must do their best to arrest those fanatic criminal Sunnite Jihadists who have anymore massively invaded beyond control in Europe, hidden and disguised as allegedly “Poor refugees of War”, and are now threatening Europe and Russia, with terrorist “JIHAD” strikes (See: Recent shotdown of a Russia civilian airliner over Sinai, from Jihadists in Egypt)

INTERPOL must also arrest the thousands Chinese micro-sellers who commit illegal-trade in the countries of the West by destroying the Western Economies.

INTERPOL must also arrest and the magnates hebrewsaxons and politicians of the West who treasonously and illegally are betraying their western countries and are transferring their businesses and their factories, and are delivering wealth & power from the WEST to the EAST by condemning Greece and the rest Western Countries to poverty, unemployment and bankruptcy, and by overpowering China and Korea, by allowing them to more easily win the Third World War: first: Economically, then: Politically, finally: Militarily.

Enough with this collusion and foul-play against the friends of G.H.REES and against G.H.REES

It is not possible for a handful of awakened Greeks for 40 years now,– prosecuted from everywhere- to try to intercept and stop the lethal path of the planet towards the Chinese complete Draconian Planet Domination or “Pax Draconis 888”!!!

Either all of you will support and help the work of G.H.REES, or all of you,  and your children, and your grandchildren, will be stupidly annihilated, blamed as “666”, by China 888 and United Korea 777, in the orchestrated by the planetary draconian masonic hyperlodge HONG World War Three, or “Armageddon”, according to the terminology of the Chinesehebrew …“Holy” Genocider Scriptures…

G.H.REES “predictions’ have already been confirmed in many things… In case G.H.REES “predictions” are confirmed 100%, then you will be stupidly annihilated, because you have done nothing to FOIL the genocide schemes of the Draconian Reptilian Adversary, as G.H.REES have fore-warned you about these schemes for the last 40 years!!!

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