Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Collusive traitorous Hebrew SY.RI.ZA –EUROGROUP Grexit bluff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Collusive traitorous Hebrew SY.RI.ZA –EUROGROUP Grexit bluff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GHREES in Volos is aware of degenerate Schauble’s proposal for a 5-year Grexit, and, without having to ask the permission of GHREES’ prytaneum, can officially and publicly state that this proposal is no more than a threatening bluff intending to to give Hebrew CHIPRAH the justification that he was ‘’forced’’ under the circumstances to agree to and accept a third and harsher memorandum . In case he had disagreed Eurogroup would presumably have given the go-ahead to Schauble’s threat for a 5-year Grexit to materialise. 

Schauble’s threat-proposal is a sheer blackmail bluff against the Greek people for 2 reasons:

1…..In case of a Grexit , the central bank of Germany will lose at least 80 billion euro leading Germany to bankruptcy , following the bankruptcy of German commercial banks. This bankruptcy will bring about a bankruptcy domino effect of other American and European banks, along with an additional domino effect provoked by the unpaid Greek debt of 270 billion euro , as Greece’s debt to other European and American banks.

2…..Germany’s primary export field is China where Germany can no longer export anything at all on account of the Chinese stock market crash , and with an already existing shortage of Chinese revenues for Germany in the area of hundreds of billion euros annually. Thus, Germany now facing bankruptcy due to the Chinese stock market crash, will not be able to withstand an added loss of the loans it gave Greece, in the event of a Grexit.

3……German companies as well as Wall street-initiated Hebrewsaxon US multinationals have set up subsidiaries in China , which are also on the brink of bankruptcy due to a decline in consumers’ purchasing power for Chinese goods in both US and Europe.
Based on the situation above , German commercial giants are threatened with bankruptcy . Proof as to the above is that NYSE (NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE) was shut down.


While Germany is faced with an economic stock market crash owing to a halt in exports to China as well as German subsidiaries in China going bust, therefore Germany , having two economic atomic bombs ready to go off , is blatantly bluffing when it proposes a Grexit through Schauble. This proposed Grexit will bring about bankruptcy of German commercial banks along with that of the central bank of Germany and thus, this Grexit will become the third economic bomb to go off in Germany. The Hebrew traitors of SY.RI.ZA are well aware of the above situation but they deviously conceal it from the Greek people so that, when they return from Brussels they will claim that we ‘’signed a third harsh memorandum  but we did save Greece from a Grexit in the process’’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

For the above acts of treason committed by Hebrew SY.RI.ZA in collusion with the Hebrewsaxon Eurogroup members of Brussels, GHREES prytaneum have already appealed to minister of Defence P. Kammenos to collaborate with Greek militants to overthrow the government of SY.RI.ZA , to overthrow and imprison the 300 degenerate s of the Greek parliament guilty of High Treason committed against the Greek state.

It is inconceivable for Greece to be faced with bankruptcy for 300 billion euro when she is rich in mineral resources worth at least 15 trillion euro and up for immediate exploitation , based on 12000 studies conducted by the Greek institute of geological studies . It is inconceivable for the 300 traitors of the Greek parliament to speak of  an ‘’inflationary drachme’’, when Greece is perfectly capable of issuing  a strong drachme valued at and based on its already existant rich mineral resources to be exploited immediately.

Giannis Karageorgiou, GHREES representative.

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