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General uproar and chaos inside the intelligence services of USA, European Union countries, Russian Federation, (B.A.S.T./R. axis =>) Bulgaria, Albania, Skopje, Turkey, Romania, caused by the yet untranslated G.H.REES document dated 20/5/2015 with subject: “Imminent war of the B.A.S.T./R. armies … as part of the Islamic state of Jihadists “ISIS”, by September of 2015 …”, and arrest – foiling of the entire following planning: Assault of “B.A.S.T./R.” against Greece by September 2015, and World War 3 by the year 2023._

Treason against the country from the Politicians who voted pro Memorandum legislative measures.

G.H.REES – Volos 26/5/2015

* By Greek-Americans of American intelligence services, the department of incoming information of G.H.REES, have been informed, that under “NSA” orders, from the evening of Thursday 21/5/2015 until Saturday 23/5/2015, the American intelligence services (15) had an “ALARM” caused by “a leak of Top Secret Umbra”, namely the maximum classification. At the same time, from the evening of Thursday 21/5/2015 until the evening of Sunday 24/5/2015, “NSA” ordered the American Government, the European EU government, the Japanese Government (US.E.J. trilateral axis), and the corresponding intelligence services and military HQs (U.S. Pentagon, NATO/SEATO) to an arrest and suspension of every political and military schemes – programs.

The “Chaos” in the Russian intelligence services and in the Russian Government, is justified indirectly, without particular information, due to a finding from the Greek-Americans of a “Special Chaos” inside the English Intelligence Services, from reaction and “Secret Communications breach” between “AOA” of London and the subordinate Russian-Hebrew Arch-Rabbinic lodge which functions as chief of the Russian Government. 
Secret Communications “breach” due to the “TOP-URGENT”. (…)

* Below are listed some of the visible results of the above mentioned arrest:

1) Order of the American Pentagon (25/5/2015) to deploy 15.000 Syrian soldiers of the “Syrian opposition” trained by USA in Turkish territory, against the Jihadists of Syria, with parallel order of USA towards Turkey to NOT use those soldiers against the regime of Assad. Turkey is stupidly puzzled. Parallel order of “NSA” towards “USAF” for Air Support to the above mentioned Syrian soldiers against “ISIS”._

2) Denial of Russia in 25/5/2015 for the funding of Greece from the “BRICS” Bank._ This ends the myth of “Epsilon Group” about “BRICS” ("Eleftheri Ora" aka “Free Time”: Greek newspaper of the “Epsilon Group”)

3) In 25/5/2015, demand of “USA” towards Germany and towards “IMF” to stop the pressure against Greece._

4) With the possibility of the ultra-left wing positions of the Government Party (SY.RIZ.A.) components against Germany and against the E.U., proposition for the foundation of “Ecumenical/joint Government” between the parties: New Democracy, PASOK( socialist party in Greece), Potami,DHM.AR., from greekhebrew Simitis (25/5/2015). 

5) Reporters of Greek Mass Media (Real Radio, and others) in their evening broadcasts of 25/5/2015, stated that: “They can’t predict anything anymore about the future developments between Greece and its Lenders on June 5. June 5.”

6) In 25/5/2015, the greekhebrew harlot Ntora Mitsotaki (Ben Shalom) being entirely “lost” due to the “chaos” in the centers of decisions making (“AOA”, “OTO”, “NSA”) London and New York, and due to “Radio Silence …until new orders” of the above mentioned centers towards the executive peripheral branch of Hebrews of other countries, (N. Mitsotaki) threatened that : “In case Greece does not accept the terms of the “Institutions” (IMF, ECB, EU), Greece will become like Zimbabwe”. 

The Hebrew and Saxons objectors of “NSA-USA” are informing the Greek-Americans “Contacts” of G.H.REES, that they will terminate for the time being all communication with them, because “NSA” Director ordered internal research due to the “leak of Top Secret Umbra” and inside the “NSA”, caused by the G.H.REES document dated 20/5/2015, which “NSA” downloaded from the Internet Servers, before its publication on the G.H.REES Official Blog (“Hellen and Chaos”).

Treason against the country from the Memorandums politicians

We quote information from the main article of the newspaper “Democracy” dated 5/5/2015: “The Greek Statistics Company (ELSTAT) manipulated the deficit of 2009 (with intermediary orders from the greekhebrew traitor George A. Papandrew [G.A.P.]) by adding 2.9 billion euros. This provoked an increase of the false – bogus deficit in two phases, with final false deficit 15.4% of the GDP.

The order for the above mentioned forgery was given to G.A.P. in written form, by the German (Hebrew) director of EUROSTAT Randemacher. Immediately after, the Austrian (Hebrew) minister Prell demanded austerity measures of 4 billion euros, which were paid before the “PSI”. (Translator note: “PSI” was the cut of the Greek debt by approximately 70 billion euros)

CONCLUSION: The “Memorandums” against Greece, are financial deceit, ordered by the Hebrews of the European Union towards the Hebrews politicians of Greece, G.A.P., Samaras Ben Hiram – Zanna, Venizelos Tourgoutsoglou, and rest, aimed at the annihilation – genocide of the Greeks, from the B.A.S.T./R. axis in 2015, and from the R.I.C. axis, in 2023 in World War 3.

Collusion – accessorial guilt of the “Greek Justice” in the financial deceit of the false – inflated debt of 2009: We quote information from the main article of the newspaper “Democracy” dated 27/5/2015 : “Shock! The inflation of the deficit that was made by Georgiou (director of ELSTAT), was put in the Archive”. Article: “The district attorney Antonios Liogas asks from the Court of Appeals in Athens, to put the Georgiou – ELSTAT case in the Archive, on the grounds that  … there did not appear to be  punishable actions by the director of ELSTAT, Andrew Georgiou and the other two employees, which were charged with accusations from the Greek Justice. (!!!)

The last word, of course, has the council of the court of appeals in Athens, which is about to make a decision in the next few weeks. (!!!)

We highlight, that the court research for this extremely serious case came close to being put in the Archive  by the summer of 2014, as well.

But then the court council had disagreed to put the case in the Archive, and it had ordered a more detailed inquiry.

In particular, the council of appeals has asked for the case to return to the inquiry phase, by ordering specific inquiry actions, such as the hearing of witnesses (!!!) and the apologies of the accused (!!!). These actions were taken, and now the case is again at the hands of the appeal judges, which will decide for the future of the judicial research. And thus, the case will be either put in the Archive, or the accused will be put to trial.”

Tragic conclusion of treason on behalf of the “Greek Justice”.

1) The original accused, and the final accused, are only …three: Georgiou and the other two employees of ELSTAT, and NOT the chief-traitor greekhebrew G.A.P. Mineiko – Tsad, who executed the order of the germanhebrew Randemacher for the false doubling – inflation of the Greek deficit, resulting in  the suicide of at least 7.000 Greeks, and the Economical beggarliness of millions of Greeks, and the threatened loss of the National Sovereignty of Greece._

2) The first relevant judicial research of the appeal court of Athens lasted for 5 years, from 2009 up to 2014 (!!!), for  self-proved treason of the wretched G.A.P. and of the bastards traitors of ELSTAT, for which a first class student of law would issue a “Death Penalty” for “Treason against the country” and “High Treason” according to the penal code articles 134 – 151 (!!!), - after a judicial research of about 5 minutes.

3) In this first ostensible alleged “judicial research” were not called for inquiry neither the witnesses nor the accused (!!!).

4) The above mentioned witnesses and accused inquiries were made and ended in 2015, but without the inquiry of the main guilty – accused G.A.P., neither before, nor after the last elections in which G.A.P. lost his parliament member position and his parliament member asylum.

5) Nevertheless, the corrupt appeal attorney Antonios Liogas, asked for the case to be put in the Archive, because according to him: “there does not appear to be a committing of punishable actions on behalf of the three traitors of ELSTAT. Namely, according to him “It is not a capital offence the inflation – forgery of the deficit with purpose the loss of the national sovereignty of Greece, and the corresponding annihilation of the Greek Nation and country.” (!!!)

6) The result of the second judicial research, to decide for a trial or not, will be determined after few weeks from today, namely on the …saint judicial corrupt masonic ass, for a judgement that demands only 5 minutes work from a first-year student of law school. (!!!)

7) The “Minister of Justice” of “SY.RIZ.A.” Nikolaos Paraskevopoulos, although he is the main responsible “minister of (cover-up of) justice,pretends he knows nothing for 4 months, instead of ordering (–as he is authorized from the constitution- ) the top-urgent judicial research against G.A.P. and the rest traitors of ELSTAT, immediately, the first day, after being in office, by self-proving the collusion between “SY.RIZ.A.” and “PASOK”: (A) for the cover-up of the “Treason against the Country” and of “High Treason” from the Hebrew G.A.P., and (B) in order for the “Memorandums” to not be accused as products of forgery and inaccurate data, in order for Greece to remain under the hostage situation of the “Memorandums”, in order for the other Hebrew Baroufakis – Barouch … and the other Hebrew Mardas – Mardochai and the other Hebrew Axel Tsipras (Chiprah), to be able to present as allegedly (fixed) “Patriotic Achievement” the maintenance of 70% of the “Memorandums” austerity measures weight.

8) It is mathematically certain that Greece will not be able to fulfil neither the 70% of its obligations to the “Memorandums” and thus it is programmed to happen what has proposed the hebrewsaxon lord James M. Boughton, ex - high ranking member of “IMF” (International Monetary Fund), namely the loss of the National Sovereignty of Greece: Written Report of Boughton to the “IMF” in April of 2015:

Silence of “SY.RIZ.A.” about the “Boughton Document”.

Necessary actions for Greeks: Overthrow the 300 traitors of the Greekhebrew parliament, the masons judges of the four supreme courts of the country, the traitors masons generals of the Greek police and of the Greek armed forces. Appoint a Government with competence in every sector by university professors’ technocrats, and chiefs of the Greek police and of the Armed forces, non – masons officers. If you will not act like this immediately, you will be butchered from the invading in Greece armies of the B.A.S.T./R axis, and from the armed foreign immigrants, and from the armies of the R.I.C. axis.

The above mentioned development of total national catastrophe against Greece is most probable or certain to happen, in case that G.H.REES would not be able to have the capability to inform the corresponding governments in the Balkan war against Greece and in the World War between the axles “US.E.J.  – 666” and “R.I.C. – 888”, because the Geopolitical – Geostrategic “BLACK OUT” which caused the G.H.REES document dated 20/5/2015, in case that will not continue with barrage of special documents to every corresponding government and the corresponding intelligence services, will have short-term foiling action, because the Chinese-Hebrew adversary is certain that will maneuver in order to fix the “BLACK OUT” which G.H.REES provoked by arresting the programs of execution of the Balkan and World War, again and again (!!!) 

In case finally the “above” (HONG – AOA – OTO – NSA) “proposal CIGI – BOUGHTON” is materialized from the “Institutions” (IMF – EU – ECB) namely from the renamed “Troika”, due to a mathematically impossible accomplishment of the 70% of the “Memorandums” from the Crypto-Hebrew “SY.RIZ.A.”, the total national catastrophe will materialize against Greece from B.A.S.T./R. and R.I.C., with intermediate phases: The loss of the Greek national sovereignty over the Greek police and over the Greek armed forces, through compulsory replacement of the Greek supreme and senior officers of the Greek police and of the three weapons, from foreign officers, from the rank of (vice-)general up to the rank of major. Already the treasonous masonic GEETHA – GES – GEN – GEA (Greek Army HQ’s) have proposed (without success) to the Greek officers of the three weapons, their replacement from foreign officers.

The headquarters of the “Golden Dawn” (neonazi political party of Greece) and behind them, the “Epsilon Group” (“Free Time” newspaper, etc), are aware of all the above information, but with orders from the treasonous greekhebrew KYP/EYP (intelligence service) and from the “Theosophical Society” of the “Black Masonry” of Greece, which direct the “Golden Dawn” and the “Epsilon Group”, they deviously silence about the threatened invasion of the “B.A.S.T./R.” armies in Greece, because according to the French-Hebrew Fourie – Fourakis , “Arch-Priest of the Epsilon Group”, in order to found the “Greek Constantinople Empire 666”, half of the Greeks must be butchered from “B.A.S.T./R.”, in order for the remaining half to develop an eagerness of national vengeance (against the R.I.C. axis) in order to oust the Mongolian Turks up to the “Red Apple Tree”, namely up to the Taclamacan desert, inside Chinese territory (Uighur Turks) (!!!)

The old Zionist logo of the Karatzaferis (LA.O.S. ultra-right wing political party) TV Station and the grand conspiracy behind that:

In front of the above mentioned forthcoming total national catastrophe from the devastating (fixed from “U.S. Pentagon” hebrewsaxons Generals, in collusion with Chinese Generals) counter-attack of the R.I.C. armies against the “Greek Empire 666” (NATO + SEATO), the Greek Defense minister, patriot, Panos Kammenos, and the members of the “Independent Greeks AN.EL” (Political Party of P. Kammenos) have as a patriotic duty of Greek National Survival, to overthrow the Crypto-Hebrew Government of SY.RIZ.A, on - time, through the Greek Police, and through the Greek armed forces, by activating at the maximum degree the Greek Defense Industries, and by converting the worthless Greek Army infantry to “Special Forces” (S.O.COM.) which will immediately form a defense at the entire perimeter of the overland and marine Greek borders.

The Defense minister Panos Kammenos and the members of “AN.EL.”, have minimal time at their disposal in order to overthrow the Hebrew treasonous “SY.RIZ.A.”, because the Hebrew leaders of “SY.RIZ.A”, right after the “Agreement” with the “Institutions” (Troika) on 5 June 2015, have been ordered from “OTO” and “AOA” London to replace Kammenos with a minister of Defense from the “SY.RIZ.A.” party, with, or without elections of attempting “Self-Contained status”, because Kammenos have started to move “dangerously” through the “Georganta committee” inside the Ministry of Defense, by carefully researching all the abuses and the overpricing of weapons acquired from abroad, by the Hebrew governments of New Democracy and of PASOK in the “SSC”, Supreme Special Court, with the charges and certain penalties of “High Treason” and “Treason against the Country”, penal code articles 134 – 151 (!!!).

We note that, as was initially indicated by a friend of G.H.REES geostrategic analyst, due to a reaction of the populations of the E.U. countries against the neonazi political “austerity” (read: bankruptcy) of the Germanhebrew twin: Merkel – Schäuble, the Chinese – Hebrew – Saxonic International (HONG – AOA – OTO London) is preparing a political turn of the “E.U.” towards the Swedish model of pseudo-Socialism of the Hebrew-Swedish Count Wallenberg (Volvo, Saab, etc)  in order to calm down the European populations, in order that after the already fixed failure of the above mentioned “Socialistic Governments” (“PODEMOS” Spain, etc) due and of the “Jihadists” of Europe, to take the leadership of the E.U. countries the ultra-right wing governments of the type: “Golden Dawn”, “Le Pen”, etc. Namely: “exaggeration” of the arrangement of the overthrow of “SY.RIZ.A.” from “Golden Dawn” after the invasion of the B.A.S.T./R. armies in Greece.

For G.H.REES, Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis, representative of G.H.REES, General of National and Planet Security of G.H.REES 

P.S.1: The political turn, from the neonazi german model “Merkel – Schäuble” towards the pseudo-socialistic model of Sweden – Wallenberg, was suggested from the Chinese – Hebrew – Saxonic International towards the stupefied people of Europe, and through the fixed results of the “EUROVISION” fiasco, through the choosing of Sweden at the “First Position”, and the sinking of Germany and the German-speaking Austria, at the two last positions. Those frauds of “Subliminal manipulation of the masses”, are being called “Social and Political Engineering” by the hebrewsaxons professors of “Sociology” and “Political sciences” (!!!).

P.S.2: The geopolitical and geostrategic “BLACK OUT” which globally provoked the G.H.REES document dated 20/5/2015, became totally visible on 26/5/2015, with reports of the “Mass Media” in Greece on 27/5/2015 (Main article of the newspaper “Democracy” with title: “Hurray Madness!”) into which are indicated the opposite public statements of the”SY.RIZ.A.” members about the expected “Agreement with the Institutions”. 
Chrysogonos of “SY.RIZ.A.”: “The agreement is impossible! We are going for disagreement and breach!” 
Tsipras of “SY.RIZ.A.” : “It is already prepared the document of the “Agreement””!
“Chuldren's Playground/utter confusion” of the “SY.RIZ.A.” members, due to the “BLACK OUT” and “RADIO SILENCE” of orders from “AOA” and “OTO” London towards the Hebrews of “SY.RIZ.A.” Athens._

P.S.3:  The Afro-American Alan Wind together with other Afro-Americans murdered the family of the homogenea Greek Savvopoulos in “USA”. The above mentioned Afro-Americans are all members of fanatic Islamic organizations, namely “Jihadists” of USA. The American-Hebrew “Judge” Cohen, who is investigating the above mentioned crime, have being ordered to conceal that this crime had as a main motivation the forthcoming civil war of Christians and Islamists of USA.

Meanwhile, the compatriot Greeks of “USA” are totally in their “Capitalistic” micro-cosmos, and essentially are not caring for the Greek National matters. 
Proofs:  While they are super-rich, and while they are aware about the super-armament of Turkey against Greece, they haven’t acquired not even a single missile-boat in order to donate it to the Greek Navy, as they did in the past the old homogenea Greeks “Benefactors”.

P.S.4: The “General” of the miserable form, and leader of the “Epsilon Group”, Gerasimos Kalogerakis, at his receptions in his …honor, is stating that: “We must put Karageorgiou of G.H.REES in a mental institution”.

P.S.5: G.H.REES is being informed about similar to Kalogerakis statements from the members of “SY.RIZ.A.” when they approach “Bugs” of G.H.REES, placed at the appropriate places (…).
It is clearly proved that the G.H.REES documents are awaking the suicidal sleeping brains of the Greeks, namely they act against the Pan-Hellenic “Trip” with cannabis which the Hebrew “SY.RIZ.A.” wishes to enforce to the Greeks, through “Festivals of cannabis free use”, in order for Greeks to be butchered while they are “Doped” and without defense capability against the invading “B.A.S.T./R.” and “R.I.C.” armies.

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