Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ultra urgent matter of astrostrategics and planetary security…

Ultra urgent matter of astrostrategics and planetary security…

Panicking Hebrewmongols  of NASA are again rushing to prevent both amateur and highly esteemed professional astronomers, of the Hebrewsaxon –ruled worlwide establishment, as well as G.H.REES of course,from finding out about Saturn’s new “ moon”, by intentionally spreading lies that this is a completely new “ moon”  presumably forming in the outer ring of the planet!!!!!!!!.
You “scientists” at NASA  are really trying very hard indeed to prove to the world just how pathetic  and ridiculous you have become , since ,and as you very well know by now after reading G.H.REES”S texts and articles, Saturn is under the full command of the intergalactic andromedian  Hellenic astrofleet which comprises hundreds of mega-starships-motherships of several kilometres long all across the rings of Saturn having assumed defense positions against this other astrofleet  (guess who!!!! …..this is a tough one for you to answer !!!!) in the vicinity of the 7 inner planets from Jupiter all the way to earth. So stop hiding the truth from the world as they all deserve to know the truth by now since how is it possible to be saying to us that there is a new “moon” being formed there when this “moon” looks cigar-shaped? !!!!. According to natural laws of the universe any new moon being formed is in the shape of more or less a sphere rather than elongated or cigar-shaped……NASA’S utter confusion and panic is such that they are rushing to gag/silence astronomers across the globe in case someone decides to announce to the world that these are not moons but rather starships several hundred kilometres long!!!!.
NASA Cassini Images May Reveal Birth of a Saturn Moon
Apr. 14, 2014

French cable car crash kills 20
Everyone aboard the cable car was killed
Major worldwide cable car accidents since 1976

July 1, 1999
Web posted at: 9:08 a.m. EDT (1308 GMT)
GRENOBLE, France -- A cable car plummeted to the ground in the French Alps early Thursday, killing all 20 people on board, local officials said.
Earlier reports indicated 21 people died.
The cause of the crash, which occurred at 7:30 a.m. as the cable car was taking staff members of an observatory to the top of the 2,700-meter (8,900-foot) Pic de Bure mountain, was not immediately known.
The regional prefect, Remi Caron, said the car detached itself from the cable, but the cable did not snap, as had been previously reported.
Most of the victims were reported to be employees of the observatory, which is run by French, German and Spanish scientists. The cable car was used only for the observatory and no tourists were believed to be on board.
The cable car fell 80 meters (260 feet), in the resort town of Saint-Etienne-en-Devoluy, south of Grenoble.
"The cable car fell. We don't know why. These are working people and they are dead," the resort's mayor, Jean-Marie Bernard, told Radio France-Info.
The crash occurred at a resort in the French Alps
A spokesman in the prefect's office said 10 staff members of a public works company, five scientists from the IRAM astronomical institute and telephone company employees from Marseille were among the victims.
All the bodies were recovered Thursday morning, officials at the prefect's office confirmed.
An official investigation has begun into the cause of the accident, France's worst cable car disaster in more than 30 years.
The chief representative of the cable car union said the cable car was built in the 1980s and had recently passed a safety inspection. "It was in perfect working order," Charles Simiand said.
Simiand said the system consisted of one cable car with room for 20 passengers and another smaller one used to transport equipment.
Scientists from all over the world are known to visit the observatory, which is used virtually year round.
IRAM, the Institut de Radio-Astronomie Millimetrique, has set up six large antennas on top of the mountain to monitor stellar activity.
The crash occurred near the site of a 1976 accident on the same gondola lift, blamed on operator error, which killed 42 people.

On 3 July 1997 the son of high-ranked NASA space shuttle employee named Brewster Shaw from Houston was killed. His  body was found in his car boot at the bottom of a lake.
On 25 June 1997 on the day of the scheduled course modification of the space shuttle , and the same day as the MIR accident, a NASA superior officer , Dr. Gergen Ray, was found dead near his home in Potomac Maryland, in unusual circumstances.
Some days before the above incident, a computer specialist working at PATHFINDER  of Palo Alto California, was also found dead. His body was discovered jammed between a tree and a fence in a built-up upper class neighbourhood near Stanford university. The police claimed he had been beaten to death by some local gang members.
The MARS SURVEYOR programme manager at NASA headquarters in Washington, named Mary Olsen, had gone to JPL in Pasadena a few days before , only to end up in hospital with a very peculiar accident and in the end she died. She was only 35 yrs old.
The astronomer Eugene Shoemaker , who discovered the comet named after him and crashed into Jupiter in 1994, was killed in a car crash in Australia on Friday whilst on a trip to locate asteroid crash locations, he was 69.

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