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Reader's inquiries and Blog's answers


Thanks again for your answer! I always wondered how life is under the the galactic government, I mean how do people spend their lives under the protection and influence of the galactic government? Can you describe some differences or similarities to our current lives? Another thing I wondered is why is it not possible for the draconian alliance to enter the polar holes and attack the inner earth faction of uranides/zeus if they have higher dimensional technology?


The andromedian galactic government and their judges have already announced through G.H.REES, that upon their arrival on our planet, they will sterilize the entire dragonian terran chinese population, and after their natural death they will capture their souls and send them to prison-like-planets far away from the sirius critical star system (coccyx). That punishment to the chinese is because they (under lunar dragonian commands) have completely annihilated billions of the Yunnan population (white andromedian race ionians hellenes) from 9000 bc - 5000 bc in Asia..similar punishments might be enforced and to the white-yellow and black-yellow mongolians and hebrew and saxons mongols genociders, in case they will not foil their armageddon schemes of anihhilation of the remaining white and black race and in case they will not foil their plans of extermination of the Greeks and of the Palestinians, and in case that they will not stop the Chinese expansionism and invasion of the west, by enforcing to their western countries the 13 G.H.REES. financial counter-measures to stop the Chinese Invasion and rebuild their deviously destroyed western economies:

Study Link:

They plan also with their crews of celestial mechanics to restore the solar system orbits (that are now collapsing due to the presence of the dragonian starfleet ultraheavy warplanets) and they plan also to rebuild the destroyed by the dragonians "Planet Phaethon" (today's asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter), that the dragonians destroyed in order to mine and steal Phaethon's titanium and precious crystals-metals and gold.
After that the Andromedian Galactic Government will restore the Earth's destroyed ecology. The Dragonians destroyed earth's ecology because they use the terran population and especially the chinese as "lord's (lunar) servants" namely as heavy production miners in order for them to later steal the Earth's titanium and precious crystals-metals and gold. The reptilians are disgraceful cancerous space-bandits that destroy entire solar systems in order to increase their own vital space, like a cancerous tumour!!! That will end soon.
The Andromedian Galactic governance will be based on nature-ecology-respect, the population will learn to live in harmony with natural laws and their technology is also nature-friendly-oriented. Also the political system will be Aristocracy, and not democracy. Because the Natural System is the Aristocratic system, namely to be ruled by the worthy-one("aristos") in mind-patrioticfeeling-body who will be elected through Special Triple Duels of mind-arts-matter, and NOT through vote of any random citizen. The Original Ancient Hellenic Olympic Games were organized in order to elect those wothy-ones Kings of the city-states.

Moreover the great final anticipation is our cultural unification with the rest society of the 70 billion inhabited planets of our galaxy, with worlds and populations with civilizations of great wonder and great technology and balance with nature!!!

As for your final question why the draconian mutineers do not attack inner earth that is inhabited by the uranides/apollo/faction, that is because there are defensive barriers at the poles openings, similar to the quarantine defensive barriers at the orbit ellipse of planet saturn, enforced by the Galactic Government. So, the draconians do not attack those barriers because this will provoke a general space war that they know very well that will lose - big time. So, the only survival solution for the draconians lunar - lilith and savaothians mutineers is to completely surrender under no terms to the galactic authorities (police forces) and to abandon all their plans of their armageddon world war 3 schemes for the anihilation of the white and black race by the chinese yellow dragonian race.

Ofcourse in case the Dragonians will finaly ignite their World War 3 "armageddon" schemes, then the entire Chinese and mongolian-hebrews-saxons populations and rest genociders allies of them, will be punished by violent complete anihilation in the entire universe dimensions spectrum (namely including death of their souls), then the terrestrial environment will be cleaned from radioactive and rest polution and the Andromedian Government will restart Earth's life from the begining...



Thank you for your conclusion!

Right now there seems to be a lot of confusion going on concerning the incoming comet named ison. Do you or ghrees have any information regarding this comet? Could this be an andromedian ship or one of the draconian alliance?

I hope that it is okay for me to ask because right now you seem to be the only source out there that has revealed so much important information regarding the real situation we are in here on earth.


Right now there is no confirmation from G.H.REES that comet ISON is a ship of some kind. So, according to present data and photos, I believe it is just another natural comet. The andromedian galactic government (judges + police military forces + celestial mechanics) of our first dimension (3rd real) is still on Saturn's orbit having enforced a military quarantine on the inner planets under draconian occupation. The situation is really critical because they must take care first of the solar system security, the orbits ballance, etc. That's why they haven't attacked yet in mass scale and also because they have won so far in the intellectual and geopolitics warfare and have foiled draconian armageddon numerous times. For more info check this G.H.REES document about 2012:



Hello Friend,

I´m very interested in the information you and the blog hellenandchaos provide. I´ve researched the last two years very intensively and my deep digging brought me to your blogs. Concerning our situation here on earth/gaia, I have a big questionmark regarding the planet Saturn or Chronos (Time) or Kronos (Titan, Father Time). In our distant past there was a golden age, the age when Kronos ruled the earth. So this should have been something good for humanity who has lived at that time. However Kronos seems to have rebelled against the galactic representation of the Uranides from planet Uranus and against Zeus, who wanted to suppress this rebellion (I wonder why, if it was a golden age for mankind?). The Titanomachy took place and Zeus was victorious against the rebellion led by Kronos and afterwards Zeus and his Junior Officers ruled earth till the draconian moon came into our solar system. Then the incarcerated Kronosfaction escaped their prisons and made an alliance with the draconians against Zeus and the Uranides. The Zeusfaction had to withdraw and their colonies on earth are being destroyed to this day by the draconian alliance.

Now concerning my main question: There is that big jewish star of david (hexagon) on the north pole of the planet saturn, which is a 3d cube, vortex. The jews seem to worship saturn as their god, that black monolith or cube which even all the islamic nations seem to worship. So if the Andromedians in the orbit of planet saturn have conquered back the planet saturn, why is there still the jewish hexagonal 3d cube on its north-pole? Is that cube-device on saturn our actual time-matrix in which we all are entrapped? Is Chronos/Kronos/Father Time/Saturn the one who creates time and everything within it out of his cube-device on saturn? So is in reality the new world order the new golden age of saturn coming back to life?

Feel free to answer my questions, I would be very happy if you could give some more insight in these important matters.



Hello friend,

About the hexagon in Saturn I bilieve this has nothing to do with the Draconians or the Cronians mutineers factions. This is a natural phenomenon that probably has to do with the geometry of the dodecahedral ether.. please note that also the snow flakes has such hexagonal shapes as also and other natural shapes with pentagonal or hexagonal geometry.. 12/2 = 6 etc...
So the hexagon on the planet saturn, as a natural phenomenon, has nothing to do with the draconian technologies here on earth such as the LINK/LAP/MASER mind tele-control radiations of the Moon which telecontrols the terran population...etc...

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