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False diagrams of the solid neutron mantle of the heliosphere spread all over the internet community by Hebrewsaxon frauds.

False diagrams of the solid neutron mantle of the heliosphere spread all over the internet community by Hebrewsaxon frauds.
See diagrams here:

Important quote by G.H.REES:
The above diagrams of the panicking Hebrewsaxons all over the Internet  pertaining to the solid neutron mantle (cloak) of the Heliosphere are self-evidently false, since, though at first they knew nothing about the solid solar mantle , within a matter of….hours(!!!!) they had come up with ….diagrams and ….solid neutron matter cutaways, with the sole aim of disproving/contradicting at any cost , the respective diagrams and cutaways carried out by G.H.REES, as in the Hebrewsaxon diagrams and cutaways of the solid neutron matter cloak of the Heliosphere, there is absolutely no mention of the right-turning solar system of anti-matter (ANTHELIOS) ,nor the Apollonian crosspoint consisting of a third form of semi-matter at the centre of the type “8” Hippopedian orbit, nor the solid neutron mantle as the highest mass concentration of our solar-anti-solar  system, like the highest mass concentration of our earthly sphere, concentrated at the spherical mantle of the geosphere , nor the super-hot zone at the centre of the spherical mantle or solid neutron cell of the Heliosphere , proportionally to the super-hot zone at the centre of the Earth’s spherical mantle.------
In other words ,much like the Hebrewsaxon frauds pseudo-scientists invariably do ,through their false “ scientific” theories, replacing a fraud based on which they expected the two “VOYAGERS” to exit our solar system into free interstellar space through the Heliosphere equator , with another new fraud “ made up completely without any preparation (impromptu)” , in which there is neither an anti-solar system, nor solid neutron mantle, nor anti-matter, nor semi-matter, nor red-hot zone, nor openings at the poles of the solid neutron cell nor anything real in proportion to Earth, but rather only a left-turning solar system enclosed in supposedly non-existent energy “sandwiches”, much like the stupid American “ Hamburger”, literally a “ astronomy and astrophysics fast-food science” to be consumed by human animals “Goims”.
Further comments on the website:
1st  magazine page:

2nd magazine page:
We explain:

The ( universal) cell of  “ sun+ anti-sun+ 24 (12+12) planets+ solid neutron cell of the spherical mantle (much like that of an egg shell), with openings at the poles “of our solar system, constitutes a magnification of our planet, which likewise consists of an inner: micro-sun( Pluto) + micro-antisun ( Persefone) +24( 12+12) planetoids+ solid neutron spherical mantle with openings at the poles. The same is ALSO the structure of atoms AND sub-atomic particles , only to disprove today’s Sionistic “ nuclear physics”.
The correct course of a spacecraft leaving earth for outer space , ( i.e  outside our solar system) is as follows:
A)     Approaching the middle of the distance between sun-antisun. B) Assuming a course that coincides with the axis running through the above mentioned distance and the poles of the solid neutron spherical cell that encompasses the two suns. C) Exiting from the south pole opening of the above solid neutron cell. D) Mapping out a route to the “north” pole of the solid neutron cell ( mantle)  that encompasses the two twin suns of SIRIUS . E) Entering the SIRIUS system through the “ north” pole of its solid neutron cell. F) Exiting from the solid neutron cell of 13 solar systems through the south pole or “ opening” of SIRIUS and then through the south pole or opening of the above solid neutron cell .G) and so on and so forth…….
The solid neutron mantles of our solar system , sun of SIRIUS, etc, are transparently polarized “ solid” gases or matter of higher dimensions. To Earthlings they are known as “ solid Tesla gas fractals “. Any spacecraft attempting to pierce through any transparent astral neutron matter mantle, is equal to an aircraft attempting to enter “ the hollow earth” , not through the openings at the poles but by vertically rushing at the outer surface of the earth. This is simply bound to crash.
We have already shown that since 1998 , G.H.REES has known exactly the correct way of how an interstellar starship can travel all the way to SIRIUS and even further, flying through the repeated polar openings of the solid neutron mantles of solar as well as hyper-solar systems, while NASA is bound to lose, if they haven’t already lost, its silly tiny craft…….The funny thing about this case is , according to NASA articles, they still think and are absolutely certain that VOYAGER will make it past this “barrier” or “ boundary” or “ bubble” of our solar system as they call it in their own ridiculous terminologies….and will be able to “ escape this “bubble” on its way to outer space “, they still hope and are still certain and they insist……..
“ to be destroyed , to “get stuck”, never to get out of there,” says G.H.REES and are certain of it……
Andromedian Physics ( see in the following article G.H.REES’S diagrams clearly illustrating this solid neutron cell …since 1990!!).
In addition, in “ Andromedian Physics” the above unique article of 1990, we can also see the solid neutron cell of G.H.RRES with all three matter, semi-matter, anti-matter enclosed within it (cosmic egg) , which is applied as unified geometric morphotype to anything  from neutrino sub-atomic particles to atoms, to living beings, all the way to planets , stars, constellations ,galaxies, to the entire universe-universal organism-dual octave , since Andromedian hyper science based on dodecahedral ether, is absolutely unified and the entire universe is unified from the microcosmos to the macrocosmos.
In contrast, contemporary and also older physics theories of the Draconian establishment are deliberately contradictory and schizophrenic and therefore are unable to generate a unified geometric model and a model of unified powers. Their ultimate goal is a devious one ,like G.H.REES have already explained : “ Lunar Draconians, though they know, will not pass on ultimate physics theories to Hebrewsaxons not even to their ultimate genuine genetic hybrids , the Chinese, as lunar draconians fear the eventual equalization of lunar with earth technologies which would spell total loss of control over their earthly servants (lord servants) , but there are other secondary reasons why they won’t allow this technology to leak out , which reasons have been outlined many times over on the website.”
Moreover, have a look at NASA’S new scientific texts concerning VOYAGER where anyone can notice their absolute panic, their ignorance and generally they seem utterly lost…….( watch the titles)

In the above texts you will find out the facts that show the spacecraft seems to be swinging back and forth as if hampered by this solid neutron cell barrier while, in order for them to explain this .....” crazy “ phenomenon, they interpret it that supposedly the entire solid neutron cell is presumably….moving(!!!!!) at the same speed as that of VOYAGER’S .....just whatever comes to their mind…completely lost and panicky….

«Webber and co say there could be two different explanations for this. The first is that the boundary that Voyager crossed is uneven and moving at roughly the same speed as the spacecraft. So the probe has moved back and forth across it several times.»

( Note: however we already know from G.H.REES that the solid neutron cell is completely immobile with regard to the left-turning  harmonics of matter and the right-turning harmonics of anti-matter!!!!).
What follows is a related link providing all the proof – explanations, G.H.REES books of free inconceivable andromedian knowledge provided for free to the imprudent ungrateful degenerate 10.000.000 neo-Greeks:
The first international articles are out triumphantly confirming G.HREES’S exclusive 20-yr-ago revelations pertaining to the “ impenetrable” solid neutron matter cell-cloak of our dual solar system (cosmic egg)

A brief description of the solid neutron cell by G.H.REES:

It is a solid “ non-liquid” spherical mantle consisting of super-polarised B’ dimension matter , that is A’ class sub-atomic particles matter , that is sub-atomic particles of the highest volume  as products of nuclear explosion. This matter is transparent and homogeneous , with only small refractions of the incoming light of stars in the sky.
**** the above “ supernatural” knowledge was given to G.H.REES by the governmental forces of the galactic andromedian starfleet at the orbits of planet Saturn with whom G.H.REES have been in contact for years through use of high technology galactic “ NEUTRINO-NASER” telecommunications of beam amplification.

P.S. These texts have also been forwarded to Greek-American astrophysicist Krimigis’s emails who is keeping a close eye on this VOYAGER issue , but is obviously too afraid to bring G.HREES’S remarkable findings and revelations to light for fear of losing his academic seat and funding. Reality is bound to prove that he is tragically in the wrong…..!!!!!

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