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Hellas – End National Debt – ELLAS NEVER DIE!!! Respond of the local political masons traitors: “We do not want to change our (chinesehebrew) bosses!!!”

Friday, 31 August 2012
In his article with title “Without death there is no Resurrection” Polydoros Dakoglou in his first postscript writes: “Let’s not be afraid from the death of the Greek little state. This has happened many times in the course of history. The Nation is important. And the Nation has provided for the future of Hellenism by creating many focuses of the diaspora. The Hellenism of abroad.”

Therefore the mainstream large Mass Media in Greece by following “A CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE” concealed the presence and the statements of the omogenia president of the organization “End National Debt”, mr. Manolis Labrakis, in the central News Report of the local Cretan TV STATION “CRETA TV” on Wednesday 22 August 2012, who you will hear to say in the video interview that the omogenia with leader mr. Artemis Sorras will not pay-out the artificial debt of Greece but will buy it by having at their disposal Bonds of the American public sector which are expiring soon. The eminent mr. Labrakis and a as a doctor but and as a Greek stated as a catalytic date before 12 September 2012. Namely in 14 days. Also in the video you will hear and about the offer that they made to Christofias of Cyprus because for them Greece and Cyprus are ONE and the same, and the Government of Cyprus is regressing, one time with the Chinese, the other with the Russians, or with the IMF and are not proceeding to the simple solution that the omogenia gives to them!

Let’s remember how many times Greece recovered from National Benefactors. We believe that one national benefactor is and mr. Sorras only that he is adapted to the modern greek reality that has been formed in the last 38 years of the political change-over, and thus he knows how to maneuver!


-                About the subject we will discuss with the president of the organization mr.Manolis Labrakis, who is activated in the United States, and is today together with us in the studio of CRETA-TV from CHANIA, mr.Labrakis, good afternoon!

Good afternoon. How are you mr.Metaxas? Thank you very much for the invitation.

-                You welcome. We have a lot to discuss. Before we talk about the organization which concerns the Public Debt, this club, and your actions in the entire world, with epicenter the United States, I want to begin with one report of yours in a happening which was realized before some days in Iraklion-Crete, in the area of St.Thomas in particular, for the role of the Omogenia to the Debt Crisis, and how you will help Greece. Namely, what exactly contains this formula of your actions? Will be of economical content? Namely, you will collect money in order to help us to get out of debt? Or it will be actions of briefings and sensitizing of the global public opinion?

First of all I would like to thank mr. Giorgos Bitoros my good friend, as also Charalambos Garganourakis, Giorgos Fragioudakis and Manolis Pattakos, who as you know are 3 first cousins and are the stars of the Cretan Tradition. So, in a happening honouring Giorgos Fragioudakis, for the first time – and I considered it my obligation because exactly 40 years ago at the same day I did my last rave-up in Crete before I went to America, and I did it in St.Thomas. This is why I decided it to announce it publicly there! To your question of what is the nature of our effort, I want to tell you that we are not looking for money, the money have already been collected,  they are already available, and I will explain you in a while how. My organization which is named as I see in the TV that you have down there below my name, “END NATIONAL DEBT” which means “TO FINISH WITH THE PUBLIC DEBT”, the National Debt.

-          Just a moment mr.Labrakis, to take it one at a time. Are there available money? How much and from whom?

Our organization is managing the funds. The funds which we are being managing are enough to pay-out the entire Greek Debt. Our decision to mobilize at this very time is important because we know from our own sources that are following many disasters for our homeland in the next 60 days, and as you realize, and you have already realized, because everybody knows exactly our moves and especially in the level of governments, countries, secret services, etc, because they know exactly, you will see that the tone and of the Europeans but and of the Americans will be brought down, the intensification which existed before one and two and three month, is to simply say a little eased now because they know that this effort of ours is exciting and finally it begins to work.

-          Therefore in order to understand, at this moment are collected funds of Greeks from abroad, amounts which the same people are willing to give in order for Greece to pay-out the debt? In order to breathe economically? Namely to give them to the public offices of the country? How exactly has the situation?

Let me explain you. Our organization for starters is consisting from …me the president of the organization; I am doctor, originating from Lasithi – Crete, from Christos of Lasithi…

-          And I must add, mr. Labrakis, allow me, that you achieved great work in the United States, and great help, I say it and I underline it, great help towards the Greeks and the people from Crete who came to America without a single Euro in their pockets. I personally know cases that you have helped. Please continue. I close the bracket.

Thank you very much. Vice-President of our organization is the well-known professor Theodoros Kariotis, who is considered the “father of AOZ”. Moreover, the professor Nikos Georgantzas, a brilliant scientist, who is specialist for the public management, namely he is a professor of systemic dynamics in a New York University, Fordham University. Lawyers, doctors, chartered accountants, economists, professors, journalists, former officers of the armed forces. So all of us, we created one organization and we had the fortunate chance to include to our organization a person who I believe must be considered “The Benefactor of the Hellenic Nation”. His name is Artemios Sorras. Mr. Artemios Sorras at the very beginning of our organization foundation, gave all his fortune elements, which are … I want to say that it is impossible for me to describe you the amplitude and quantity of the money that have the Sorras family. He didn’t hold back, not a single moment, and any sacrifice we asked him to do all this time that we spent in Washington about 12 month now, most of the time was spent in Washington with talks with the government and the relevant officers, in order to reach today at a point to be able to say that mr.Sorras has solved the Greek problem, and has allowed to our organization the entire process and how it will happen …the pay-out of the debt…
First of all, I would like to explain you that it is not exactly a pay-out but a buy-out.

-          Meaning? If I understood correctly at this very moment your organization has at its disposal a “cash box”, to put it simply, full with money. This money is offer for Greece.


-          What exactly this offer contains??

This offer contains …

-          That is to say you will give the “cash box”, you will go to the treasury department and you will say: “Gentlemen, here you are, we have those money, they are origination from a certain family and together with people that have the economical luxury and gave their help, take it, and manage it as you wish??

Of course Not!! One of the basics… such all the Greeks all over the Earth in any case have serious problem with the ultimate cause of the crisis. Therefore I imagine it would be stupid for anyone to promote that, without first doing some alterations to the political scenery. This that we want and we will do it very soon at the following 2-3 weeks, we will go to 3 bodies … there is a disagreement here if we can do it only through the International Monetary Fund (IMF). So, we will deposit to the IMF or and to the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Union (EU), we will deposit American Bonds of the public sector which expire very soon, and we will acquire the entire Greek Bonds that exist all over the Earth. Therefore we would stop having Troika, or Mrs. Merkel, or Mr. Resler to say to us that we are lazy, or that we don’t do this, we don’t do that!

-          If I understood well. Correct me If I am mistaken, you wish from this procedure to by-pass the Greek bodies? To go out directly to IMF and the ECB??

Of course! Namely, Buy-out of the Debt. And I believe that we the Greeks have enough intellect, have our history, and have the way that we alone can manage how we will get out of this crisis, which was never an economic crisis.  The crisis that exists in Greece, as also and all over the world, is a crisis of occupation. Just think that from the 192 countries that are in the United Nations, the 191 owe money. If all the countries owe money, then who is the lender? You see? Therefore there is an occupation crisis. This occupation is clear and we are trying to cope with the best way possible, first for Greece to give the example.. And I must also point out that we did not enclosed only Greece to a close circle, and say that we will get out of debt and the rest countries do as they want.. Moreover I want to say that and the United States have a very serious problem, especially Alabama which is one of the states of the USA and is bankrupted some days before, and was asked from us to help If we can, and of course we provided our help entirely … and I must say that any loan provided from our organization is without rate of interest!

-          How much time you kept these funds at your disposal?

These funds were at the disposal of mr. Sorras, but the time line that were activated these funds, because some of them are expiring Bonds of the United States, and the time is now, todays era, therefore we have decided at this critical moment to act in order to stop this great disaster and this downgrade that has suffered the Hellenic domain.

-          For what amounts are we talking about?

Much more than Greece needs! Think about that Spain before 2 weeks approached us with the demand of 200 billion and we saw it with very positive view, as also I must say to you that we have offered and to Cyprus 11 billion, or we offered to pay-out and their existing debt, which is about 34 billion. The Cypriot government is regressing, one way from here, the other from there, if you remember well from the news, you would see that at one moment we had Troika there (IMF), then the Russians, then the Chinese, etc. The point is that they have a very simple solution which not only will cost them nothing, but will also save and the mineral wealth of Cyprus, because for us Cyprus and Greece are the same!

-          Mr. Labrakis, I must say that it sounds to my ears, too good and pretty to be true. We will wait, we will follow the…

If I had 1 or 2 moments please ….

-          You welcome. Of course. And I would like by closing to determine to us if you can the time horizon of the developments as you have it in your mind and think to act. I imagine you are now in Chania for vacations…

Of course! The catalytic date is 12th September, because then will meet the German down Parliament and they were threatening us before 20-30 days at least that they will force us out of the European Union and out of the Euro. So this is our date, namely before 12th September will happen this. I want though before we close to stay at a particular subject and this is the subject of the stocks of the “Bank of the Orient” which is now managing again our own organization and this is also fortune element of the Sorras family, which donated to our organization 4 stocks and to the corresponding Greek organization another 4 stocks. Here I am must point out that the 2 organizations, namely the Greek and the American organization are separate. All that exists on the internet it concerns only the Greek organization ( ). We thought this way, in order to allow us the past year to try to solve the Greek problem, and after we gave to the public the “Bank of the Oirent”, we worked another tool which is called “American Bonds” in order to be able to reach at this very moment. The subject of the “Bank of the Orient” though is a huge subject and is much bigger than the American bonds which we finally have at our disposal. And I must say to you that the subject of the “Bank of the Orient” is so serious that will shake not only Greece but and Europe and the entire World also! And remember very well that the occupation of Greece will be finished, Greece will recover and take its leader role that it deserves, in the entire global scene. It is time to get again the reins!

-          We will close with this optimistic message, by waiting to see certain actions in the following days…

Of course! In the following days you will see it. Thank you very much.

The Greek Omogenia takes action for the disappearance of the debt crisis of the country. Interview to CRETA-TV of the eminent doctor and Greek president of the organization “To Finish with the Public Debt”. All that is hiding from us the alleged …”approved mainstream Mass Media”, is telling to us mr. Labrakis. Artemis Sorras maybe our new National Benefactor. In the blog we have uploaded and the first page from the “ELLHNIKOS KHRYKAS” of the Australia omogenia with a relevant report. See it here: 




Greece through the Greek stockholders of the “Bank of the Orient” is having Gold worth of 52 trillion Euros with which is capable to pay-out 48 times the Greek Public Debt of 400 + 700 = 1.1 Trillion Euros, but the traitors politicians are denying the offer of these Greek stockholders!!! (GREEK ARTICLE)

G.H.REES to the owners and holders of the stocks of the “Bank of the Orient” (GREEK ARTICLE)

12 AUG. 2012
(It is recognized the value of the stocks of the “BANK OF THE ORIENT”)

Hellas never die
(everyone and his weapons)


USD$50 billion dollar sovereign loan to the Republic of Cyprus for 100 years


The (4) stocks of the Bank of the Orient who is today property of our private Company, have the unreal value of the 2.7 trillion Euros (There are many other stocks in the property of mr.Sorras and others). The NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE, which is a PRIVATE COMPANY (blog’s note: with mainly England hebrewsaxons lords and Rothschild ownership), and its true owners MUST PAY, AND WILL PAY. 

Of course they have the capability to pay.

We founded the Company “ELLAS NEVER DIE” (E.N.D.) for our Greece and for all the Greeks.

“E.N.D.” belongs to ALL OF US. The property of “E.N.D.” is the property of all the Greeks.

We clearly and absolutely state that we are not and we will NEVER be a political movement.

In the era that we are living the distrust, the disbelieve, and the disinformation are dominant.

They will bombard us with their spokesmen (in Greece and abroad), with the most outrageous accusations you can imagine.

High echelons of the political power in Greece have characterized us as “agents”, who are trying to destabilize the economy of Greece and of Europe. We called the to join us (not to be “agents”) in order to fight altogether for the common cause, our Homeland, and they denied! (A relevant letter was given to the Treasury Minister of Greece during his visit in the USA late July 2011 from eminent Omogenia Greek Patriots there.)


We are not bosses and will not be.

Greeks, women, and men,

Join us! Become supporters and shareholders in “END”. Us, the founders of “END” might crucify us, cement us, do us victims of car accidents, annihilate us with heart attacks and brain aneurisms, and execute us. You will continue and you will win!

We are already enough, come with us to be EVERYBODY.

We wish to warmly than the GREEKS of America and especially the doctor Emanouel Labrakis, Professor Theodore Kariotis, and the professor Nikolaos Georgantzas for their ALTRUISM, their continuous help, their support and their struggle.

We wish also to thank all the GREEKS here at Home, who worked and are working with ALTRUISM, for the common dream…


The subject as anybody can realize, must every way possible receive extreme publicity in order to inform worldwide Hellenism!

We must not allow to the political establishment and its interlaced protectors to cover-up this effort!


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