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The  ichneumonoidea insect and the schistosoma mansoni worm are parasites who lay their eggs inside the body of their xenists. The young parasites, as they are growing up, eat up from the inside the bodies of their xenists in which they live as… illegal immigrants.

Seriously, is there anyone who would like parasites laying eggs inside his body, worms sucking his blood, viruses repressing his immunity system, deteriorating his tissues and destroying his organs? And, yet, this is exactly what is happening in the soul and the intellect of every person, as well as in the ‘’body’’ of society, of every society where the ‘’ICHNEYMONOIDEA’’ operation is taking place.

Everywhere, in all the activities of the people and of the society, in all the sectors, in the religious, financial, political, military, scientific sectors etc, white-yellow and black-yellow Mongolians, crypto-Hebrews and turned-into-Hebrews (Masons), as insidious Troyan Horses, enter, deteriorate, corrupt, enslave and destroy all the time. It is an operation of the Draconians, which has been taking place for thousands of years against Humanity and against the Universal Organism.

A phyletism which is healthy and according to nature could form a first line of defence, but this is fought against and repressed. Since their school years, people are taught to be internationalists and antiracists, while in our days the nazism, which is not according to nature, is also heightened. And here attention is needed!!! Read the texts of G.H.REES. and find out the role of the Golden Dawn.

Sometimes, the medicine which is proposed, donated or administrated forcefully is more destructive than the disease itself. It is as if one administrates an antibacterial powder in a bottle full of killer parasites. After the death of the patient, the ‘’attendant doctor’’ will wash his hands off it, like a modern Pontius Pilatus, and will announce that ‘’the operation was successful but the patient is deceased’’. Afterwards, it will be proven that he was not a doctor but a ‘’cannibal’’ and a ‘’human organs seller’’.

Similar tactics are implemented for the ‘’rescue’’ of the Greek (and of the European) economy by capitalists, socialists and national-socialists (soon). This is something which is not conceived by the pure patriots who are imprisoned in various religious and political organisations showing blind obedience to their chinohebrew-machined leaderships.

Someone will wonder, do all these look like a forensic report on ‘’dead bodies’’ of completely deteriorated people and societies with slim chances of recovery? Perhaps! But the war has not finished yet! Not all the battles have been lost!

The Andromedian Intergalactic Forces in the orbit of Saturn are ready. The Universal ORGANism has not deployed yet its ‘’killer cells’’. Until now, the enemy and its subjugated have just had an idea of what is awaiting them. The end of all those who have been ‘’polluted’’ and submitted to the systems of enslavery and corruption that the enemy has been using will be horrendous. Even more horrendous will be the end of all those who act as modern Ephialtes [translator’s explanation: Ephialtes was an ancient Greek who betrayed his homeland by showing the invading Persian forces a path around the allied Greek position at the pass of Thermolylae (read below) and thus helped them win that battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC. See:]. And they should know that, after their first death, the death of their body, there will be a second death awaiting them, the death of their soul. As G.H.REES. mentions in its texts, ‘’there is not any heavier sentence than the termination of both the body and of the soul at the electromagnetic fields of Serius B or ANTI-SUN or HERA’’.

G.H.REES. is perhaps the only intellectual lighthouse, shedding with its light the few sources of resistance on the planet, guarding modern Thermopylae [translator’s explanation: ‘Thermopylae’ in Ancient Greek or ‘Thermopyles’ in Modern Greek was the place where the ancient Greeks led by the 300 Spartans of King Leonidas fought against Xerxes and his Persian army who invaded and tried to conquer Greece. See: In the film ‘300’, this place is referred to as ‘Hot Gates’, which is the literal translation of ‘Thermopylae’].

However, every human being can and must function as a source of resistance and immunity against the enemy. Being ‘image and likeness’’ of God, that is, of the Universal ORGANism, the human being already has the natural mechanisms and the power to do it! All one needs is knowledge and will to do it!


G.H.REES._1998 pdf. TOPIC IA. Pages 14-28.
Masonry, the state within the state of Greece (On Xemandrios1.

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