Friday, May 11, 2012

Year 2012: The Earth Dragon getting ready for lift - off.

While the West masturbates relentlessly all day long, the Dragon is getting ready to fly above our planet.


Dragon (spacecraft) 

Update on SpaceX COTS 2/3 Launch May 7, 2012 
SpaceX and NASA are nearing completion of the software assurance process, and SpaceX is submitting a request to the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station for a May 19th launch target with a backup on May 22nd. Thus far, no issues have been uncovered during this process, but with a mission of this complexity we want to be extremely diligent. 

So, the Dragon, the first private spacecraft from the company Space X, is getting ready for lift off. Meanwhile, the Europenis Union struggle to decide whether the sheeple europenis citizens can live with 250 euros or 300 euros and if a glass of water is enough food for one infant, according to East Berlin's Ghestappo agent Merkel of the ...christian-democrats...

Yeah, Europe 2012, the place to be(sarcasm).

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