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Atlantis has sank........ Atlantians????

Have you ever wondered what happened to the Atlantians after the sinking of Atlantis???...............................................
According to the Hellenic chronicles the sinking of Atlantis coinsides with the cataclysm of Ogygis. So one case whould be that they all drowned and we finally got rid of them for ever!
This is the conclusion one makes from the context of the established history, a conclusion also supported by the fact that international literature is rife with references to Atlantis, but not a word about the Atlantians. Cities have been described, the technology, the placement of the continent, however, the people themselves are totally missing from reports.
Who were they, anyway?

There are, of course, numerous examples of survivors from cataclysms, floods and tsounamis of the past, like Noas, Minoans and others, which create second thoughts about their extinction.
As much as, the reference to their name has been attempted to be surpassed, as much as, the international Academic Elite has tried to disappear them from the books and literature, the unprecedented Ethnology - History of G.H.Rees (1988) has snached them out!
We are talking of course, about the missing links in the "chain" of history and ethnology which G.H.Rees has fully recovered, justifying the ethnic distribution of todays Eurasia and north Africa. A distribution which begins with the movements of populations of this map as a starting point, and evolves as it will be shown in future maps. Out of these populations of course, our friends the Atlantians couldn't be missing.

Cited below is a segment of the 1988 text out of which the above map was constructed:

After the destruction of 9.500b.c. to the indeginous "solar" Aegeans who govern in the newly formed geography of the entire Europe and all of northen Africa, Palestine, Asia Minor, Middle East up to Mesopotamia, and to the "solar" Atlantians with colony-cities all over the west coast of Africa, the unspeakable "lunar" Atlantians of Yahweh are added whom NOBODY accepts, no one of their own race, nor of any other diferent race.
These "lunar" hordes landed on the west coast of Africa with their domestic animals and driven out by the "solar" Atlantians, marched north towards Lybia and Agypt, where they were also forced away by the Pelasgian Aegeans.
Chased away from everyone they headed through Palestine towards Mesopotamia, and were driven out from there too by the Mesopotamian Hellenes of the Taurus and Zagros mountain areas.
They turn eastern towards Iran after a part of them cuts off from the main horde, and settles to Arabia which no Pelasgian tribe claimed at the time since the Arabian dessert was non cultivable. Arabian grounds before 9.500b.c. were covered by the waters of the Indian Ocean, and after 9.500b.c. the condition of the Arabian soil was the same as the one of Sahara dessert, salty sand of a previous sea bed.

From Iran they are also forced out because the "arian" european hellenic tribes lived there, and because a great part of the Druid Aegean population has already been moved there, occupying the entire area of todays Iran, Iraq, Afganistan and India.

Driven out of India also, the "lunar" hordes find free grounds only north of India, and they are spreading from TOURAN of the Aral sea with small segments to Mongolia with the main part of the horde, up to Berigean straights also with small segments.
The above is confirmed also by the Touranic epic poem of the Finnish Mongoloids, the epic poem of "KALABELA" or "KABELA" or "KABALA", respective to the Jewish Kabala. Similarly they are also confirmed by the Touranic Finnish myth "KIPPOUMAKI"

About the glaciers closest to the time of 9.500b.c. see:

P.S.: I guess I got carried away since lost Atlantis is nothing but a myth!

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