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To the populations of all the Countries of the West:

Take in mind the following:

The theory of “peaceful” (sit-out) protest though an international global so called “Movement of indignant” citizens “belongs” TO THE HEBREW STEPHANE HESSEL, SON OF THE HEBREW FRANZ HESSEL, who has written and the corresponding “Manifesto” of the “indignant citizens” – INDIGNEZ VOUS (INDIGNATE).

The purpose of the spreading of this movement under the blessing of the Arch-rabbis and of hyperlodge “AOA” London, which ordered HESSEL to put his signature under the complete document about the indignants, of the same “AOA” London, is:

The people of the West, to overthrow, in their countries, the existing governments, in order, according to the last “fixed” in collusion and coordinated announcements of the hebrew-homosexual of Greece, Papandriou-Mineiko-Tsand-Tsiden Baum, these (people of the West) to accept one GLOBAL GOVERNMENT 666, the card of the Slave-Citizen 666 and the electronic “Microchip” 666 as under the skin implant, for a new society without national governments. Namely, their same fixed hebrewsaxon Governments, coordinated from “AOA” London and from the local Masonic “Grand Orients”, failed completely, under purpose and programmed, exactly in order to instigate the betrayed indignant citizens of the Countries of the West to accept as a solution, one Global Governance, as exactly proposed yesterday in Greece, the harlot’s son Papandriou-Mineiko-Tsand-Tsiden Baum, in order through the Media of Social Networking “FACEBOOK” & “TWITTER” of the Internet and from their feedback, to circulate in all the Countries of the West with purpose from now until August, namely inside 3 months, all the People of all the Countries of the West, to accept the break-up of their parliaments and the overthrow of their “National” (read: Hebrewsaxonic) Governments, which will lead the Armies of “NATO” and of India against the armies of the “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islamic Nations – China) and in order for the massively counter-attacking armies of the “R.I.C.” axis to genocide, first the White and then the black race.

Of course for the last stage, the Dragonian Chinese give from now apartments keys for the Ghosts Cities which they have built for the traitors politicians of the West, hebrews and saxons (See link: ) in order for the Hebrewsaxons of the West and the traitors ethnic Masons of the West to have motivation to execute their treason until the end and to succeed in their mission, for the genocide of the West, convinced that they will survive inside the Ghost Cities that they have built the Chinese for them. Of course those stupid hebrews of Washington, hebrews of the Countries of Europe, hebrews of Moscow, ignore that China calls them to immigrate to cities of “Final Solution” against them, namely to cities in which, these Hebrewsaxons Presidents and the Masons Presidents, Ministers and Barons of the Western Countries, to be also annihilated, under safety and without capability of escape.

Already, in U.S.A., the Hebrewsaxons of Congress and of the Parliament, prepare the solution of the new currency of Trilateral “US.E.J.” (USA – EUROPE – JAPN) under the name “AMERICAN EURO” or in abbreviation “AMEURO”, as currency which must accept the axis 666 America – Europe – and Japan and as a paper currency, but and as electronic currency which will be implanted and will be recorded later in the SERVERS of the Banking Institutions, activated from Electronic ID’s 666 and from the hypodermic Radio-Transmitter 666 or Microchip 666.

Already, as a foreword of this replacement of the Dollar and of Euro by the new currency “AMEURO” – and under the fact that due to the destruction that Japan suffered, the Japanese currency “Yen” will be totally abolished and Japan will be also forced to accept the “AMEURO” currency – the members of the American Congress, in front of the upcoming change of the “US.E.J.” axis currencies with the new paper and at the same time electronic/digital currency “AMEURO”, have officially revealed that, due to that the Public Debt of United States have reached its Constitutional Limit of 14 trillion dollars and due to that the United States have money which is originating from Chinese Loans for the bankroll of the U.S. Public Sector, of the United States of America, of the Federal Central Government of U.S.A., of the U.S.A. Army and the U.S.A. Secret Services, only until 15 August of 2011, namely in 11 weeks from now, as reported in American and European Mass Media, and because similar situations are prepared and in Europe through systemized total Economical COLLAPSE of the EURO (see the last week panicked capital-owners which rapidly sold their in hand Euros in order to acquire Swiss Francs), because due to the concentrated debts of: Italy, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, the European Union is braking-up until August of 2011, because these debts of those Countries is impossible to be covered not only from the temporary Fund but and from the Permanent Fund of covering those Debts of the European Countries and therefore before we reach the limit of 15th August, it is expected that already from July, the Hebrew Saxons and the Masons Traitors National Leaders of the Countries of the West, of the “US.E.J.” axis, will announce the forced change of their Euro & Dollar Currencies into the new Common Currency “AMEURO” with the paper, the credit but and its electronic form, as organ of the Global Hyper-Governance 666, which announced in World first through Greece, the Hebew Papandreou-Tsand-Tsiden-Baum.

Therefore and because this movement is promoted today through the indignant civilians of the Nation States of the West, the justly indignant but at the same time entrapped civilians who does not know the purpose of the movement which was “invented” and coordinated this time by Hebrews through the Internet and through FACEBOOK & TWITTER, we call the Greek indignants, members of those outdoor gatherings to withdraw from the plazas’, by notifying at the same time in every language they know through the Internet (we propose the existing international languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese) to the citizens of other nations to also withdraw from the gatherings of indignants, of justly indignants, which though were provoked and are being manipulated from Hebrews with purpose the foundation of Global Governance 666, which will provoke the counter-attack of the “R.I.C.” axis and the genocide originally of the white nations of the West.

At the same grounds, the leader of the political party “LA.O.S.” in Greece (“People’s Orthodox Alert”), Karatzaferis, have received orders from London, to provoke the break-up of the Greek Parliament through withdraw of him and his rest 12 Parliament Members, in order to provoke Common Parliament No-Way Out in Greece with result to provoke elections in order to achieve a situation of rudderless taking in mind that according to the last Gallup Poll which took place from Gallup-Polls Companies, the party “New Democracy” already is ahead in the Vote Intention for 0.5% in relation with “PASOK”, and under these circumstances and with the predicted halved votes in the upcoming elections, we will have no Government. Therefore we are being carried to a situation of rudderless after the Elections and in a situation of Ecumenical Government of “National Salvation”, in which will participate all the parties.

As we have announced through the Internet with G.H.REES documents but and with comments of the web-blog “Hellen and Chaos”, to this Government of “National Salvation”, the critical Ministries of Defence, Public Order and Economics will be kept by “PASOK”, in order for “PASOK” to be blamed for the National Disaster from the assault of the “B.A.S.T.R.” (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania) axis against Greece, in order to withdraw all the Ministers, Parliament Members and Party Members, prosecuted towards abroad and the Governance of Greece to be taken from “LA.O.S.”, with transfer of the Government from Athens to Mystras of Peloponnese, and with final capital in Constantinople. The rest have already written and exposed in the G.H.REES documents and in the documents of the web-blog “Hellen and Chaos”.

Therefore, we call the Greek who as “indignants”, namely justly indignants who have gathered to the Greek plazas, to abandon their buffooneries who are committing, with gesticulations and brays and bystriking cooking pots and with placard and with cartons “sandwich” front and back because these things are inappropriate for Greeks of high intelligence and critical thinking.

During the wars of overthrowing tyrants and of overthrowing invaders, in Ancient Greece, the warriors were not fighting with gesticulations, nor sitting in the asphalt, neither were hitting cooking pots, nor were yelling towards the enemy without effect, but were carrying weapons capable of expelling the invaders from their vital space. This means that: Gentlemen in the plazas, abandon the buffooneries and return to your homes and equip yourselves with every kind of weapon or any kind of martial known or unknown art and of course we mean weapons which you will invent, unknown even to us and ofcourse unknown and to the adversary – enemy of the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania) namely: the Albanian adversary which counts 450.000 armed Albanians in Greece with “Kalashnikov” and the adversary of the other countries and especially the Chinese adversary. All these illegally and outlaw armed men destined to slaughter the Greeks, must be expelled immediately from Greece. Act what are necessary Greeks and leave the strikes in the cooking pots in the plazas and the vain yelling and gestures.

OR WILL BE SHED BLOOD OR WILL CHANGE NOTHING! this will be the “Slogan” from now on! History never changed nor with strikes in the cooking pots, neither with yelling, nor with gestures, clownish neo-Greeks who follow Hebrew methods of appeasement of your just indignant and convert of your indignant to buffooneries and ineffective methods because as cowardice which have become and worthless of be named Hellenes and reaching for bloodless reaction methods and “peaceful”, namely degenerate, because History didn’t teach you that the fights are won with blood and weapons and are not won with strikes in the cooking pots and with gestures and with yelling against adversaries armed to the teeth such as the Albanians of Greece, the Chinese of Greece and the armed machete-bearers Arabs.


For the “P/C – G.H.REES”
Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis
Analyst of Geopolitics – Geostrategics
Elpidos 12 Street
Zip code: 38446
New Ionia – Volos



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