Sunday, March 20, 2011

Partial astrostrategics status and position of adversary starfleets

It avails little if you laugh. The words of Mr. Alex Collier of 20-mile ship at 1.5 mln miles off South Pole were proved by a strange craft recorded on WWT and before January 1st. (together with some smaller objects). After New Year’s Day (exact day unknown)were recorded additional several big objects and smaller ones, again on both WWT and sky-map. Google sky does not support the polar regions anyway. below are the coordinates, starting with the first object. I am attaching some more impressive photos. You would do better to download WWT worldwide online telescope and to continue monitoring the South pole region for newly appeared objects. There is nothing good in those ships, if you go thru all the ET stuff on Project Camelot. Most likely they are from either Orion or Draco empires (of the Orion and Draco constellations), both reptiles and hostile. (Blog's note: They are not empires. They are mutineers hoaxers spacebandits wanted from the Galactic Government for disgraceful cosmic genocides and deception of the planetary masses through religions, technological magic, etc.). The human-looking Pleiadians and Andromedans seem still do not intervene and are somewhere beyond Mars, most probably in Saturn system. (Blog's note: True information). For more, check Project Camelot.

Coordinates RA, Dec

19 25 12, -89 46 03 – first big object recorded

16 19 35, -88 43 10 – cylindrical object

02 26 39, -89 43 13 – circular

08 50 47, -89 38 09 – curved

14 38 50, -88 40 42 – curved

14 59 06, -88 21 24 – curved

23 13 00, -88 53 11 – curved

19 26 51, -88 42 38 – cylindrical, looking like ship with traces

Alex Collier’s statements of 3 different objects:

1. Cassini project classified, because of all the mothership activity filmed in Saturn system.

2. a 1.5 mln miles off the South pole a 20 mile craft that is sat in a stationary. NASA and other organizations telescopes have been monitoring it for 8 months, they watch its trajectory to us. It is now
stationary and are craft going in and out of this 20-mile structure.

3. very large planetary structure coming in 18 degrees RA of Neptune’s orbit. it should be visible sometimes next year.

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