Wednesday, October 13, 2010

United Nations Embassy for Extraterrestrials reception. G.H.REES Signal for the thinking Hellenes and for the rest populations of White and Black Race

VOLOS 29.09.2010

We are being informed from the Internet that the United Nations (ONU) appointed an ambassador for the reception of extraterrestrials with the footnote of U.N. and of the Internet that this is not a hoax.

Concerning the above matter G.H.REES comments the following:

If indeed the above news is not a hoax, then it is a full verification of G.H.REES revelations which has pre-announced the arrival of the first wave of extraterrestrials as pseudo-Hellenes, pseudo-Andromedians, pseudo-Pleiadians, Pseudo-Dodecatheon, of pseudo-Zeus, of pseudo-Apollo, of pseudo-Poseidon, and of the rest Gods of Hellenes, with purpose the leadership of the above mentioned pseudo-Andromedians over the “US.E.J.” axis (Trilateral: USA – Europe – Japan) and especially over Greece, in order under the leadership of the pseudo-Andromedians of pseudo-Zeus, Greece and “NATO” – “SEATO” to attack against the “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islam – China) or “Shanghai Pact” for the foundation of the planetary “HELLENIC EMPIRE 666” of Constantinople of “EPSILON )+( “ of the party “LA.O.S.” (People’s Orthodox Alert), and in order to provoke a strong counter-offensive of the armies of the “R.I.C.” axis for the complete genocide of Hellenes and of the rest White Nations of the West.

The fact that the arrival of the above mentioned interstellar extraterrestrials will be essentially an arrival of Cronians (Saturnians – Savaothians) and Lunar Dragonians of Sin – Sion – Sedi (El Shaddai) and not genuine Andromedians and Hellenes through Sirius, is proved and by the fact that this action of the United Nations is being realized while the General Secretary of U.N. is the Chinese-Korean Lizard Ban Ki-Moon, namely a Dragonian Initiated to the Hyper-Lodge “HONG” of China and thus a lethal enemy of the genuine Andromedians and of the genuine Pleiadians and of the Genuine Hellenes who have arrived through Sirius to the orbit of Planet Saturn and potentially are currently waiting the expire of some Ultimatum for their assault against the forces of Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi deployed to the orbit of Planet Jupiter.

(Blog's note: The proposed Ambassador is also mongolian semi-Dragonian origins from Malaysia)

No further comment.

G.H.REES Readership Magnesia
Through the G.H.REES Messages Server
Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis
Ex-Instructor of G.H.REES Geostrategy
Address: Elpidos 12, Nea Ionia, Volos – Hellas


Blog’s commentary for the article of “Hellenic Revenge”:

The editor of the above article from Edessa is attempting to present as impossible the chance of visitations and of presence of extraterrestrial forces in our planet, now, but also and in the past, while at the same time leaves a clear tone of ridicule against the above mentioned extraordinary news. Same wise acted most of the Greek “Mass Media” which re-produced the above mentioned extraordinary news.

But the beyond imagination colossal size, the complexity of the Universe (Universal Organism) and the infinite capabilities that gives the hyper-advanced technology (it does not differentiate from “magic”) and also the exponential evolutionary intelligence of the living beings inside it, is denying all the above charlatans journalists … “all knowing” …”playing Gods” and expectant judges of everything (!!!), at the same moment that these people know almost nothing and they don’t even know what exists besides them, let alone at distances of light years (IRONY).

We would like very much to be alive and see them from a corner, at what holes will run for cover panicked in order to hide all these miserable … rats, when will arrive the Secondary and Genuine wave of the Galactic Federal Forces of Andromeda – Andromeda – Sirius in our Planet, now stationed at the “height” of Planet Saturn orbit and having forced a Tight Military Multi-Dimensional QUARANTINE of denial of exit – escape of the cancerous tumor of the Dragonians and of their Allies, from our Solar System …

Of course, laughs and ridicules better he who laughs and ridicules last.

For the appearance – vision of the now dead Monk Paisios (Read: Dragonian Technological Hologram) has already answered in detail the present blog and G.H.REES.
The promotion of this fact with Paisios in a grand television portal (“ALTER”) is judged as devious and on purpose with the already reported tendentiousness of Psychological Influence, which reported, warned and complaint the Blog.As originally it was not expected for the news of this appearance to spread so massively (but only expected to spread amongst a close initiated circle and amongst monks), after the leak of the news, at least they are trying now to exploit as they can the fact as a Psychological Operation of Influence against the Mass-People.

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  1. Hi

    I just want to mention that the news about the U.N. Embassy for Extraterrestrial was a hoax. Any was I think that we don´t really need an Embassy for Extraterrestrial... when the ET are already walking in our streets.!

    Great blog.!

    Some references (in Spanish. Sure you can find some in English):

    Astrofísica desmiente existencia de "embajadora extraterrestre".

    Mazlan Othman negó la informació publicada por el diario Sunday Times, donde habría sido designada para hablar con alienígenas.


  2. Can you give us an official link in english, say a UN statement mentioning this news as a hoax?


    I did not find an official declaration, but Mazlan Othma gave a conference where she denied that news. In the following link you can watch her interview.

    UN space expert: I'm no alien ambassador


  4. Thank you for the information.
    But we are still confindent that there is still something very fishy about this announcement by the mainstream media.


    I agree with you. I trust in the UN as much as I trust in WHO or NASA. These guys do not work for humanity, so they always have a hidden intention in everything they do.

    I think, "they" are preparing us to accept that ETs will work with our goverments to save us from an economic collapse, the 2012 cataclism or something similar.

    The information you have provided had helped me to be aware of a fake "second coming" or similar events.

    Thank you.