Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sirius Delphinus: Blog's Response to Seattle Exopolitics article

Commentary on the above:

Thank you for the article.
Please be advised that the "Dolphin" is an ancient Hellenic word and comes from the root Delphinus or Delphi (Delphi oracle in Greece) and means a "women's womb" or a "matrix", it's a metaphorical term that means actually a "civilization matrix" - "civilization genitors" and "civilizers", that is the reason of our existence, for us the Space Faring Hellenes from Andromeda.
Study also the wonderful black indigenous race Dogon of Mali (Africa) chronicles and their deep ancient contact with advanced extraterrestrial civilization under the names and attributes of "Delphinus" - "Dolphins" of Sirius, who tought them the "Nomos", which is again an ancient Hellenic word that it is used till today in the country of Greece, and means "LAWS". So the Hellenes - Delphinus (Dolphins) - Civilizers from Andromeda through the star-gate of Sirius came to earth as a scientific mission and taught the Dogon the Natural Laws (Nomos) of Astronomy (Scientific information about the star system of Sirius and about our solar system) and the Laws (Nomos) of Ecological Harmony.

Watch and enjoy the below wonderful video:

The Dolphins from Andromeda - Sirius, those wonderful creatures carry enormous kindness and wisdom.

Best wishes for your journey and your mission success to avoid the "Armageddon" planetary catastrophe and re-unite the Terran population with the Andormedian Galactic Government and the Natural Laws of the supreme Being - Universal Organism.
Universal Hierarchy Peace.

Please be finally advised that the Star system of Sirius contains the most dense stars in the galaxy, and are actually the coccygeal area of the Universal Organism with maximum densities ("maximum bone mass"), acting also as the one side of the electronic pole of the Universal "Inspissations - Rarifications" Dipole of the Triune Universe. So it is of most importance for the survival of the Universal Organism the energy and the orbital ballance of this star system. Our entire Solar System is actually a "planet" that rotates around the 13th principle, that is the Hyper-Sun of the Solar System of Sirius or else known as "Hyperion" (Hyper-Sun) by the Ancient Pelasgians - Hellenes - Andromedans.
In case that our star system orbital and planetary ballance or the star system ballance of Sirius is threatened with Planet Destruction by the Dragonians-Orionids-Cronians Mutineers alliance then the whole Universal Organism existence and the existence of all the intelligent beings of the Universe will be at grave danger.
The planetary "Armageddon" Destruction and the genocide of all terran races except the pure yellow Sinic Terran-Dragonian Race in World War III, must be stopped at all costs.


  1. Hello HELLEN and CHAOS, thanks for the above video, it is truly excellent.
    I have one question that you may consider.
    It is about the reincarnation process and the rules that govern it.
    Do you think that a soul that has done ugly feats in a previous life is punished accordingly in a future life?
    Best regards,

  2. You welcome.
    As G.H.REES has revealed through the Netrino technology capabilities, the reincarnation process here on earth is done with advanced Dragonian-Cronian technology in the "second" dimension of matter rarification (invisible to our eyes) with the use of "soul traps"-"LUNA PARKS" devices-platforms that are scattered around earth on Geostationary orbits. Those devices capture the souls of the deincarnated(dead) beings that travel upwards, as souls being lured to the trap with "Sounds and Joyful Lights of Party and Joy (Luna Park)" that the trap-device uses. Then the souls are carried to the moon where they are being processed and programmed through hypnotism and also through an electroshock procedure they erase the soul's memory. After that they usually send the soul back to earth to incarnate to another body. That is the so called "entrapped reincarnation dragonian - lunar policy", that they use to produce "telecontrolled zombies" and to rule the "with limited memory" earthlings, in order to produce: "Lord's servants" aka: Lunar slaves.
    In the Universe Natural way of things the soul keeps its ancient memory intact and can incarnate in every place it wishes, whenever it wishes out of free will.
    Thus, the above described Draco/Cronian un-natural (against nature) technological reincarnation policy is condemed by the Universal Justice.
    Rest assured that they will pay for their crimes against the Natural Universal Order and the Harmonized with Nature order of the Galactic Government.

  3. Thanks for the reply.
    So people that recall faces or events from past lives are souls that followed the 'Universe Natural way of things'?
    In the Universal law is there a sort of 'punishment' as part of the soul evolution?
    Best regards,

  4. Hello ΕΛΛΗΝ VS CHAOS, you seem quite sure that they will pay for their crimes, the Draco-Cronians.
    What seems puzzling is that all these 'people' on Earth that serve the domination/authority in politics and religious institutions of the Draco-Cronians seem very devoted to their filthy immoral job, they don't seem to worry much, i am talking about those who are consciously doing what they are doing, rotten acts, church guys and politicians. How on earth are all these going to pay for their immorality?
    Best regards,