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Let me post a very quick briefing of our planetary situation... This might sound crazy to some, BUT... it does connect all dots...

Earth has been colonized by the White Pelasgian race for about 3.5 million years. They made first contact with the indigenous black race (aged 4.5 billion years, born with the planet). A deal was made to give the Pelasgians the northern lands in exchange for advanced technology and communication with the other 70 billion human inhabited planets. Our solar system fell into severe siege in 11,500BC when the Draconian fleet under the command of YHWH arrived... after the galactic government supressed his revolution and destroyed his homeworld in the Alpha Draconis and E-Bootus systems through the Perseus mission.

The incomming fleet allied with the former system commander, Cronus (see Thesiods Theogony) and took control of the inner system. Ever since the planets (up to Saturn) have become the Draconian inner defensive perimeter. They commenced the first attempt to empose the New World Order with Atlantis, but their plans failed. Ever since, they are building up to make this planet a second homeworld, by annihilating both black and white race.

The yellow race made its appearence on the planet as a cross-breed between Vrills (Grays) and traitor Croneans in 4,000BC (exactly when the scripts say that Adam appeared on Earth). After a massive genociding campaign launched by Ur of Mongolia (today's Ulan Bator) in 2,200BC (with 7 hordes) they are now preparing for their judgement day (armageddon) through the world wars (especially WW3). The reason why such huge technology is brought out the past century is because the previous remainings of the government fleet returned with massive reinforcements. The past years, the Draconian control of Saturn was lost to the fleet. Draco war planets are stationed outside Jupiter these days (look into the newly discovered Jupiter "irregular satellites"). Also look into the Mars project, where they are now building defensive lines (as the US military participates, claiming they are expeciting a threat from outer space).

There is no accident that all of this hurry to errupt a 3rd World War exists.

It is quite a big story and it took quite some time to put all of these together. The fact is that I never read any of David Icke's books, but some things are common. Ok, let me begin from the source of the information I have.

In Hellas (Greece), the past 12 years specific books started to "move" in the market, speaking of an "Team Epsilon", that was supposed to be Zionism's great opponent and that it was laying low until the time was right to turn the tide of today's situation. The strange thing I saw was that those books were only published in this country.

I seeked a contact with a person I somewhat felt had something to do with non conventional reality. I was right. He belonged into a group of researchers that were looking into things that in several ways was close to what I read in the books. I joined the team (of free researchers, no initiation or cult) and started looking into things. From there I learned that there was something wrong with the books that were out in the market. Something was not right. There I came to know about an even larger group, called H.R.G. (Hellenic Restoration Group), that was acting in secret mostly, because of the Zionist plague. There I got a more clear view of the situation and our position in the Universe. Still, I was not certain of everything, as in the begining it sounded more like science fiction. According to their words, we were a planet under Sino-Mongolic occupation, which was (and still is) under the orders of the Draconian leader YHWH (Yahweh, but at times used other names such as Asmondai, Jedi, Metatron etc) and the traitor ally Cronus (which in the scripts is reffered to as Savvaoth). After a year our group was contacted by H.R.G. itself and we got to meet its external representative, ex member of the sub-command of the group (ex, because all his family was killed and he got totally bankrupt from Zionists once he made his appearence). He gave us several hundrend pages of hand written and typed reports (not printed). Ever since the attacks on our group got worse and we've been placed under surveilance from Mossad, NSA and even the supreme zionist lodge -AOA (Adeptis Ordo Atlantis = Order of the Descedants of Atlantis) of London set up a plan of framing one of us, which was uncovered and sent to us by H.R.G.

After performing about 2 years of research, verifying the reports we got, it all made sense. Everything linked. You name it, Zion, cults, religions, world wars down to ancient invasions (and legendary wars) and up to gennetic experiments, clones and UFOs. Everything connected to one single master plan. That plan is the forming of a new Draconian homeworld in our solar system. This means that the black and the white race will either be totally assimilated genetically or... annihilated. And here is where Zion comes in place.

The long term assimilation plan has failed, and therefore they move into our annihilation.

The top of the pyramid hierarchy of the occupying forces is located in Levan (the original Draconian name of our moon). It is the flagship of the Draconian fleet. It's headquarters is operated by a 24+3 council, which YHWH (Yahweh) is the ultimate leader. Behind it lays Lilith (legends speak of that name as "the mother of demons"), the secondary flagship, ruled by Tamil, known to the scripts as Velzevul, Lucifer, Satan, Devil. Two sides of the same coin. That is why the NWO logo, the pyramid its cut-off top, comes into place. The lower pyramid is the rule structure down here on Earth (Gaia). The top part is the hierarchy council in Levan, that sees all of us down here.

N.W.O. dragonian logo:
(the original has an eye of a reptile)

Here is a bit of story as to how they came down to our planet.

One and a half million years ago, a huge rebellion broke out in one third of our galaxy. The core of it was the systems of Alpha Draconis, Epsilon Bootus and Opheos (snake system). The Draconians destroyed several races and assimilated others through their mastery in genetics. Some of those species allied with the rebels, in order to evade extinction. Such an example are the Orions (Vrills if I am right, known widely as "Grays"). In the end though, they were almost assimilated and became the ones to do the Dracos' dirty work in multiple worlds (including Earth). The intergalactic government of Andromeda, a defensive species of extreme intelligence (the most advanced one in our part of the Universe) set up a mission to strike at the heart of the rebellion (Star-Wars inversed). The name of it was Perseas. After the success of the fleet, the systems started to slowly be liberated from the Draconian influence. One last fleet escaped, composed of 118 war planets and 2 flagships (Levan and Lilith) and entered our solar system in 11,500BC. They pleaded for permission to disembark their populations down to Earth to survive, which was granted by the Zeus headquarters, under specific terms only in the land of Poseidon... the continent of Atlantis. The entire procedure took place from 11,000 to 10,500BC. The white race (Pelasgians, codenamed Hellenians, a healing-civilizing tribe of the Andromedians) was already present in the northern lands of the planet for 3.5 million years (as recorded in the chronicles of the Dogon race in Mali of Africa, which were the ones to make first contact). After the disembarking of the populations, the first forms of religions started to appear, worshiping the snake God named Seth. The Draconians (and their assimilated allies) turned the Pelasgians against their own kind in Europe, Esperia (today's America) and Asia. In 9,700BC they were secretly starting to mass technology and building up armies to perform a total invasion against the neighboring continents... to impose the New World Order (sound familiar?!).
The white race at that time though, being in its Golden Age (extreme technology) discovered the plan and the solar counsil decided to prepare for a wide scale war. The Zeus headquarters send the message to the Athenian Empire (a huge state that expanded from the middle east to the canal of Gibraltar, known back then as Heraclean Pillars) and a surprise invasion to Atlantis took place in record time in 9,600BC. The Athenians destroyed the Atlantean armies and caused them to run to the neighbouring continent, Esperia. The rage of YHWH was brutal and warned Zeus headquarters not to intervene, or he would destroy the planet. As a warning, he used Levanian gravital cannons to increase forces over the continent of Atlantis and cause the crack of the lithospheric plaque, thus submerging the entire land under the Atlantic Ocean. The instability of the crust caused the submerging of the Aegis valley, creating today's Mediterranean Sea. The pressure applied to the magma below seeked a way out and burst through the volcanoes to the west, causing extreme disasters.


Cronus, the former system commander, who had joined the revolution earlier and lost to Zeus, joined YHWH and attacked the Jupiter (Zeus) Uranus coalition. The Andromedian fleet, composed mostly of transports and laboratories, was forced to retreat in order for the battle not to completely destroy life on Earth. It broke down into 3 parts. One entered Earth's poles (North and South), the other retreated to the outside planets of our system, making a defensive line in Uranus and the third left to call in for reinforcements. The Draconians then attacked each and every inner planet, demanding its unconditional surrender. Two planets refused, Hephaestus and Phaethon (Hephaestus was between the Sun and Mercury and Phaethon between Mars and Jupiter). Both of them were destroyed. Hephaestus debris was sucked in by the Sun and Phaethon is now the asteroid belt we see between Mars and Jupiter (even though many of its debris, including structures fell down on Earth, as the ancient texts speak of a "sky crying tears of blood").

YHWH and his forces managed to set up an elementary government system on the planet on 5,619BC. The Pelasgian memories of the Universal codenames Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Artemis, Athena etc were from there on replaced with the 12 Gods that were played by officers of the Cronus-Savvaoth army. After extensive genetic experiments, the Draconians initiated their assimilation plan. Cross breeding the Vrills (short, big headed, big black eyed, weak bodied alliens) with the Cronean Andromedians produced an entirely new species: the Yellow race. The new species disembarked in the steppes of Mongolia/Siberia in 4,000BC (when religions speak of the appearence of Adam and Eve). In 2,200BC the huge campaign of invasion began, broken down in 7 hordes:

Greys or Vrills (Orionids)
Abductions & Genetics Masterminds-manipulators of the Draco Alliance:

Semi-Dragonians Genetic Creations of Draco Levaniah-Lilith
and "Choosen One People" of Sin-Sion-Zion-Chin-YHWH for the task
of genocide and infiltrate into the White-Andromedian-Pelasgian and Black-Indigenοus Races:

1st Touranian Hebrew-Mongolic horde
Under the name of Ixos and Elamites they invaded south, today’s China, killing all Pelasgian (white) male population and committing massive rapes of females. In the central area of today’s China they found powerful resistance and were forced to turn South West. To protect their territories from the counter attacks, those that remained began the construction of the Great Wall. The advancing horde then invaded Assyria and Babylon, which in the end fell.

In Babylon they found the city of Ur, as a tribute to the mother land (the city of Ur of Mongolia) and to honor the God Sin/Sion (Zion) of Selene (moon). In that place, Habra Khan was born (Habra Khan > Habrahan > Abraham), father of Jacob, Isaac and the genealogical line of David and Jesus Christ.

The Assyrian-Babylonians revolted and drove the Hebrew-Mongol Elamites out of their territories. A part of them (Elamites) under the leadership of Abraham headed towards Egypt, which they crippled through internal conspiracies. The other part headed to the east and invaded India where it waged wars that destroyed the Pelasgian population there. From there they formed the Semitic Arabs, who up until today are Israel’s supposed enemies, until the total genocide of the non Semite Arabs (of Pelasgian origin) of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Palestine.

2nd Touranian Hebrew-Mongolic horde
Under the name Japanese they invaded the island of Aenus (island of Ionian colonists), today’s Japan. They genocided the Ionian tribes , keeping alive as slaves only the ones expert in fishing and boat building in the coast areas.

The Mongols Khan of Japan in cooperation of the Bavarian Mongols Othon Khan, produce in 1930AD the fascist axis against themselves .

3rd Touranian Hebrew-Mongolic horde
Under falsely naming themselves Dories (after the ancient Hellenic tribe of Dories) they traveled through the southern coast of the Black Sea and invaded the Balkan Peninsula. All the Hellenic cities managed to repel their attack, but Hebrew agents achieved in infiltrating Sparta deeply in its priest orders. The horde heads to the west where they invade the Italian Peninsula and genocide the Hellenic tribes of Etrusk Sabines and Latins of Troad and Sicily . There they find the city of Rome.

Having as a tool of corrosion the priest order of Sparta, they break the Hellenians in opposing alliances. The Lacedaemon of Menelaus is corrupted to the barbaric Sparta of Lycurgus that was exchanging ambassadors and letters of “National Identity” with the head priest of Jerusalem, as is extracted from the books A’ and B’ of the Macabbean of the Holy Bible, Translation of the Seventy.

4th Touranian Hebrew-Mongolic horde
Under the name of Huns and the leadership of Attila or ATL (meaning ATLantean) arrived and established themselves in eastern Hellas (today’s Turkey), Bulgaria, Bavaria and partly in Rumania. According to their fixed tactics, they slaughtered and genocided all the native European tribes.

5th Touranian Hebrew-Mongolic horde
Under the name Urges (from Ur) / Hungars (Hungarians) and the leader Jenkins Han-Khan-Kon-Koen they captured today’s Hungary, Finland, Leetonia, Estonia and other ex USSR lands. They genocided the native Pelasgian populations and especially the Russ and Thubals (descendants of the Pelasgian Scythes), who are today’s Byelorussians. Also they descent to the Balkans and destroy the Scythes.

6th Touranian Hebrew-Mongolic horde
Under the name of Seljuk they empowered the Turkish Mongols of the 4th horde of today’s Turkey. A second division took over the area of today’s Albania, where they genocided the Hellenic tribe of Illyrians.

7th Touranian Hebrew-Mongolic horde
Under the Tamerlane attempted to invade Europe but was cut off by the Mongols of the 4th and the 6th horde, due to conflict of inner Mongolic interests. So they turned east and attacked today’s China with the help of the Mongol Manchu co of ex Manjuria.

Descendants of the 5th horde, known as Saxons headed on to the west, entering today’s Britain and continued the Atlantean expansion project by genociding the Pelasgian tribes there . They met strong resistance in the northern highlands of Scotland and in the island of Ireland. Ever since that time, the Saxons have waged wars against those two territories.

Through these wars, massive rapes of white and black women took place and gave birth to the white-mongols and black-mongols.

This is merely one part of the story, as to how things began on our planet. I hope I gave you enough information to think about!


The lizards right now are in a very difficult position. Despite what has been written about them, it lacks several other key information. Like as to how and when they got here, why they got here and what exactly is their purpose. Other questions that follow up, are they alone? Do they have friends? Enemies? Are we to expect big developments?

And above all, do WE, as humans, have allies?

I happen to be "inside the game" for quite a while and the developments are quite astonishing...

How can you say you know their purpose?
I operate as a member of a semi-public group of researchers of mostly non-conventional information in cooperation with other secret groups that have infiltrated even the Zionist supreme lodges. This story about the former Draconian Empire and its homeworld destruction by the Perseas Operation (see the myth of Perseas & Andromeda) up to our days has become such an everyday routine to us, that our "morning prayer" is about cursing YHWH and his traitor ally Sabit/Sabbath/Savvaoth/Cronus.
Of course, for that reason we have sustained numerous attacks, but we are holding the line, because we know how the Draconians function.

Who are their enemies?
The Andromedian Intergalactic Government. Ever since the huge rebellion on the 1/3rd of our Galaxy about 1.5 million years ago and the treason of our system commander Cronus (see Hesiod's Theogony), the remnants of the Alpha Draconis and E-Bootus systems entered our solar system by 11,500BC Earth time. The battle between the alliances Zeus-Uranus against Levan(moon/Selene)-Saturn(Cronus) ended with the retreat of the first coalition, to avoid the total destruction of life on Earth. One third of the Zeus-Uranus fleet (which was mainly composed of laboratories and transports) found refuge in both North and South Poles of our planet, another 1/3rd returned to the outside planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) and the last third left the solar system to request reinforcements.

Developements in what?
The 4rth Solar Space War has commenced already. The Draconian forces count 118 war planets and 2 flagships: Levan (moon) and Lilith (the second moon behind Levan). All of them are on the 1st dimension of matter inspissation (visible) The Andromedian fleet has arrived in the mid 20th century and completed its massing in 2000 by 960 war planets, 340 of which belong to the 1st matter dimension. The rest are of higher and therefore visible only through neutrinon telescopes.

In 2003, reports announced that the Andromedian fleet has taken back Saturn and is now advancing towards Earth. The Draconian fleet massed outside Jupiter (that's where all the new "moons" came from). More recent information say that the higher dimensions of the Andromedian forces have just arrived. The levels are from 2nd to 6th of matter rarification. Keep in mind that each mater dimension can effect ONLY its own and the one below it through technology.
The Draconian forces have crew of 1st and 2nd dimension of matter rarification, while their high leader and commander, YHWH belongs to the 3rd. The Draconian sensor capability is limited to 3rd dimension spotting. The reptiles' high command consists of 24+3 members under the leadership of YHWH.

So there is no one left in this little galaxy?
The entire revolution has been supressed and utterly defeated by the Andromedians. Our solar system is the last Draconian outpost and the 70 billion human inhabited planets have their eyes on us... the planet with the most extraordinary oblivion that was ever encountered. The operation has been hard though, since two planets have been destroyed by the Draconians and our balance hangs from a thread. One more loss and it could mean the failing of the system, the hyper solar system, the galaxy and then the Universe itself. We are talking about a deadly serious situation here, that's why there were no other operations against the Draconians, not until the Andromedians gathered an extremely powerful fleet. If we add to that the millions of captured souls into the Draconian Energy Generators (that's right, just like the first epeisode of Matrix... those souls are being used as batteries), things are not that simple.

Why Andromeda?
Andromeda is the white race's homeworld. The Andromedians, codenamed Hellenians (healers of light/civilizers) colonized this planet 3.5 million years ago when they made contact with the indigenous black race and came to the agreement to populate the northern part of the planet, in exchange of advanced technology and direct communication with the other human inhabited worlds.
Either we like it or not, we are Andromedian descedants and the race of the Dogons of Mali in Africa know it, as they were the ones to make the first contact.

The Yellow race appeared in 4,000 BC through the Draconian genetic labs in order to begin the operation of total world hegemony, thus to create here a new reptilian homeworld. Along with other cross breeds they plagued the world with 7 major campaigns that started from 2,200BC and ended at about 900BC. They acted that way, since their first attempt with the NWO through Atlantis failed because of the Athenian attack... and it took them about 5,000 years to establish an elementary control of the planet.

How do I get to get a space ship and kill Drakos?
This will be taken care by the Andromedian fleet. Our task will lay down here with the rest. Once everything is done, many of us will be called as witnesses and DAs to create a case against those responsible for our world's journey to death. The guilty will be taken to labor camps upon prison planet Titan.

How do I contact higher density beings?
You cannot. They contact you. Be aware though, because the Draconians fake this level of communication too often through certain frequency broadcasts. Trust your instict and trust it deeply. Monitor your head's reaction (where the mind, part of the soul, resides), as it is the entrance to the depths of your soul. If you feel short but sharp pains and/or high pressure, it is the Dracos that try to get in. You need to focus upon yourself, to "Know Thyself" before you come in full balance and have the power to resist the Draconian energy and mental warfare. Our soul is a 2nd dimension entity and once you get to know it, you will be able to hear its calls.

If at any time you need help, ask of it only from the one supreme being, the Intelligent Universal Organism... the Universe itself. Make certain that it is not for selfish reasons and your request will most likely be granted. Request aid for things that are mostly in the energy levels, which are required to empower your soul.

The Andromedians are the governors of 1/3rd of the Universe, the Hera part (left) of anti-matter and inspissations (tendency to materialism). The middle part is the Apollonean Mid-Sun and the right is the Zeus part of matter and rarifications (tendency to spiritualism).

Is it true that Jesus Christ and Lucifer are brothers?
Jesus Christ or if you prefer his real name, Rabbi Yechoshuah, was a clear Draconian creation, sent for a specific mission of mental warfare. Lucifer is YHWH's second in command Draconian, commander of flagship Lilith. His real name is Tamil... The "Satan's" orders though come directly from YHWH himself.

Jesus (Yechoshuah) has been residing in Levan (moon) for the past 2,000 years, coordinating the religious mental warfare. It is highly possible though that his spirit has reincarnated and not for a good purpose. Ever since reptilians have been sighted upon the planet, it means that they are in a huge hurry to initiate their "predicted" (read planned) Armageddon project. I don't think they will have enough time though...

But I have met some hot asians. Is it not possible that we are all hybrids now?
Even though the Yellow race is very dangerous, in the past several Andromedians were spared in order to serve the Sino-Mongols with their expertise. Much of the Andromedian DNA has survived in them and that can be seen through their appearance, as they are not quite identical with the other yellows. This phenomenon has happened mostly in Northern Japan.
Unlike other species, the Andromedian gene is extremely powerful and the Draconians have not managed to defeat it yet. Just recently I gathered some experiment results that show just that. It takes many generations for the Andromedian Ichor gene to become powerless against the reptillian DNA.

In this life? How long do I have to wait for eveyone to get their panties out of a wad?
You should ask members of other groups to see how long they've been waiting for this moment! In our group we have the "patient" and the very optimistic... the latter expect it very quickly. Most recent reports speak of major developments in 2004. Do you think I am not fed up with them? I had a permanent YHWH demon over my head for years, until it was recently destroyed by the Andromedian forces of the 3rd dimension of matter rarification that arrived. You have no idea how good it felt!

I am sick of living like this. I feel like I am at constant warefare with these beings. They are very crafty. The entire planet is in the war... some know it, most don't. Most things do come from our soul, its age and past experience. Some of us have been sent down here by the Universe itself for a reason. This case is the planet's best kept secret. EVERYTHING that is happening today is orchestrated for that purpose alone. You name it, Zion, religions, cults, secret organizations, world wars, NWO... it all serves this one thing.



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  2. Thank you for your report!

  3. "We are all a unique and individual manifestations of our expanding universe.

    The so called great ones know this all to well and wish to stop further expansion of us and any other civilization for that matter in order to remain as they are".

    They have always dreaded expansion.

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    London England

  4. where mohammad the lier\satan fit into your story?

  5. i had a 600 pound black skinned big headed yellow eyed creature with a black cape and golden symbols abduct me i was held by 2 guards 1 on each side of me holding me by my arms so i would not get away this main creature was telepathically telling me that i called for them and there have come to me from so so far far away and that i wanted them to come i checked my intuition ad got very sick to my stomach in fear so i calculated or formulated a plan to break free and use my knife to lunge out and kill that main creature i was thrown back to my room as the creature read my mind before i can act can some one explain this i have also had beautiful light come into my room for 5 straight days a few years back i feel i was being watched like protected as i was getting alot of paranormal stuff happening to me as i sleeped like being attacked scratched and stuff like that can some1 tell me what there think might of being happening to me i have greek arcadian heritage my mother was from a town near arcadia in greece my dad from sparta

  6. [xrhstos xrhstos,thracian greek,familiar with the G.H.REES due to my obtaining information through books during my stay in thessaloniki since 1999, speaking]:over the years ,after reading several books on the subject,i have realized that there have been some indications that christ(the real christ) was of greek origin.after careful research, i have come to the conclusion that there may have been two christs, a fake one of hebrew-jewish origin and a real one of greek origin.the land called palestine or judaia was an ancient greek ground before occupied by hebrew-jews.hebrew-jews stole the name 'judaians'~"jews" after they had stolen the corresponding land,which means double appropriation of historical identity.original palestinians-judaians were hettites=hetteans=hetteocretans=cretans.the people called amalekites and canaanites were also of greek roots since there is evidence of ancient greek migration-colonization in those parts.those two peoples were massacred by the hebrew-jews,too.same tactics. not to mention that archeology has recently found remains of about a hundred and fifty ancient greek cities in the land of today s israel~palestine.nazareth was in fact the ancient greek city of nazara.galilea=galilaia=ga lilaia was also an athenian greek colony(original greek city lilaia).the name/title jesus=je(s)us is connected to jeus,a greek god's is also connected to jesos-jasos-jason,a greek hero's name.jason means the one with the healing power.i strongly believe that the hebrew-jewish jesus is the fake one,actually non-existent, but established by christianity throughout the years as a secondary part of the hebrew-jewish dogma in order to manipulate mankind under hebrew&khazar zionist jewish control,while the greek christ must have been the true one,the healer,the one withheld from mankind .the jedi-zionist-jews(hebrew&khazars) have always been falsifiers of facts .they seem to have made people believe christ was hebrew-jewish.the fact that the zionist-jedi-jewish hate the one named christ further indicates that christ was not hebrew-jewish but greek galilaian,connected to the ancient athenian lilaian family tree.after all,hebrew&khazar zionist jews of the NWO have always hated both greeks and the one called jesus the galilean.this is intriguing as a thought and leads me to think that there is a firm connection between greeks and creates further suspicion on the hidden aspect of the matter.hebrew-semite-jews had done the same thing with the people of phoenecian-greeks,they appropriated the phoenician name.that's how every one talks about the phoenician alphabet,but they falsely call it semite-phoenician,whereas the correct true term is greek-phoenician.

  7. No. You have been misleaded by the old Christian-declination G.H.REES documents which were ofcourse semi-true semi-lies with a purpose to mislead the enemy and cause psychological warfare to the draconians. There is no Greek Christ whatsoever. The term Christ was given to him by the Christians but he is not representing the Universal logos. Not at all. Universal Logos - Universal Organism sents millions of Healers-Heroes-White corpuscles in order to cure a planet, not one Messiah for each draconian Religion. He was hebrew-mongol alright, descedant of the hebrew-mongols David and Havra-Han Abraam, probably initiated in Tibet, and came here as a dragonian invention in order to cause severe mental warfare against the Hellenes the white and black race in order for them to be more easily genocided by the Chinese and the hebrew-mongols. Take a good look again at his teaching. He taught the unilateral unconditional love, aka unilateral uncoditional disarmament. He taugth: if you are hit in the one cheek (Minor Asia Hellenic Genocide by the Turk-mongols) let them hit you and the other cheek (Mainland Greece). He was a racist hate-Hellenist, he called Hellenes as Dogs(!!!) and hebrews as his Children, and through his Prophet-Medium Zahariah he called the children of Zion to turn against the Children of Hellas and to eat the flesh of Hellenes and to drink their blood like they drunk from wine!
    So don't be deceived by draconian Messiahs destined to invade as a Trojan horse into the heart - Solar Plexus of the Pelasgian World in order for us to be more easily assimilated by the Dragonian Chinese and hebrew-mongols.
    You must now be completely alligned with the terminal phase 100% true documents of G.H.REES present in this blog and the corresponding blog in the greek language

  8. Hallo i would like to ask where can i find this in greek language? i ve looked in your greek blog but i cant find it. Thank you.
    Καλησπερα ηθελα να ρωτησω αν υπαρχει το κειμενο στα Ελληνικα. Ψαχνω στο Ελληνικο σας ιστολογιο αλλα δεν το βρισκω. Σας ευχαριστω πολυ!

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    I have been reading Michael Tsraion's books lately and they have been a huge mind opener.


  12. it's only flower gays and kid football for old people molded into a serious nothingness parent for a kid support after all those years and they still cant get it right or funnier then the map.


  13. wow I made a statement to my family years ago, that we were probally created by aliens, they of coarse completely thought i was insane....I somehow knew of aliens back when i was 10 or 11 years old, at which time i could fly in my dreams and was aware i was dreaming....About 2 years ago not far from where i live i and my daughter and husband saw a ufo if ya will, and just behind a tree line, not too far ahead of us, we was driving home around 1am in the morning...My husband wanted us to stop and go check it out and I replied, are you nutts, haven't you watched the same movies I have and I turned to the left, as soon as i came to the first street which was right by it and i came home...I was not scared as much as i was in aww of what i had just seen....Later that night maybe 2 hours after we got home, i felt them in the back of my trailor where there is a small treeline of woods, they was here to let me know they knew who i was and where i lived, i was not affraid and told them to leave they was not welcome here, they came once after for a short time and then left....I am attacked all the time, ihave been shooing them or something away when ever needed, some are harder then others but i eventually get rid of them....I believe our bodies were created from one of these beings but i dont believe our souls came from them, I believe in a higher power of great love, whom I call father, our souls come from him,, the god of pure love.....Maybe jesus was a plant and not sent by our father who is not of this world,, but i agree a loving god would not send his only son to be killed, like jesus was, that wouldnt be a god of love...I am not sure how all this fits together but i do know we cannot know all things, we are not able to handle that type of knowledge....Look at the minds of our history, for example, they were all barderline insane because of what they knew...Most did cocaine etc to deal and to cope...What i also know is, their is hope for us and this planet....I also believe faith and love is the keys to our is a positive energy to believe in a power you cannot see....We our in a time where us humans will do wonderous things to perserve us and our planet...Yes, there is a force of great love lookin out for us, daily...I was emailed this site by its writter, and i got it today...I am glad he found me....I have few to talk to on this level, one is my sister and thats pretty much it besides a few who have contacted me from post or comments i have made, just here recently...My name is Cathy my email addy is if you want to contact me or send me imfo...glad to hear from you...

  14. OMGoodness...a fascinating read and an alternative i have not heard before which is strange considering what i have!

  15. i am a mixture of both black and white...and have been looking into the origins of mankind for years now. i knew that the 'white' part of me came from somewhere else but wasn't sure where and i always knew the 'black' part of me came from Gaia because my soul has always interfaced with her with a deep connection...even as a child, i recognised that few Chinese people have a connection or respect for other creatures and with nature itself...the scale at which they torture and slaughter creatures is second to none and few of them keep animals as pets or part of the family. i was reading an article recently which stated that there was a remote tribe in China were were no taller than 4 feet and had pasty-white skin and only slits for eyes who lived in remote mountains and were unable to live at lower altitudes because they apparently died.