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For the “non-initiated” although masons readers, we put forward the structure and the competence arrangement of the “three floors” of the priesthoods of the SECRET SOCIETIES or TEMPLES, as came forward from the recording of some of their sessions into the MONITOR of the G.H.REES pituitary gland frequency sensors, in co-operation with group of scientists from other nations.

72 Members from whom the 24 are representatives of Female Semitic Races “AGHAR” namely Arabs, 24 are representatives of Androgynous Semitic Races “SARAH” namely Israelites and 24 are representatives of Male Semitic Races “HETTURAN” or “TURAN” namely Turanian Mongols and Tatarians.
We note that according to A’ Chronicles of the Hebrew Old Testament, which is accepted by Orthodox Church as “Divine afflatus”, the Aghar-Hettura-Sarah were the three wives of “Abraham” descendant of Sem.

The purpose of the 72 of A.O.A., is the cultural and biological elimination of the 108 original races of the planet, and the installation of Global Government of UNDER Jerusalem or Levaniah, with the support of UPPER Jerusalem or Moon. For the not knowing the etymology of the term “JERUSALEM” we make known that is originated from the two Hellenic synthetic words “Ieros”(Holy) and “Selene”(Moon) into the synthesis IERASELENE or JERASELEN or JERASELEM for adaptation of the Hellenic root “S’L’N’” to the Atlantean root “S’L’M’” through a change of the nasal(twang) “N’” to “M’”. The Atlantean root “S’L’M’” through the interpolation of various vowels produce the Semitic SHALOM, SHALEM, SHALAM, SOLOMON, SALOME, SILOAM, SOULAM, SELEM. One extremely indicative phrase is the Arabic greeting SHALAM-ALLAH or SHALAM-ALLEH namely the Lunar (Selenian) Allah or Atlah, which is combined with the Quran assurance that Allah or Atlah is not dead but has moved to the Moon. (Lives on the Moon)

As for the term LEVANIAH or LEVANAH which in Hebrew again means Selene (Moon), is originated from the root term “S’L’N’” through the interpolation of “V” for the formation of “S’L’V’N’” and produce the SELEVANIAH, SELENIA, LEVANIAH, SELEVAN, LEVAN e.t.c. The simplified product “L’V’” or LEVI which is used for the Israelite tribe of the LEVI priests, means “Selenia(Lunar) Tribe” or “Selenia(Lunar) Priesthood”. We will convert it to “Lunar-stoned Priesthood” with all the extensions of schizophrenia and catalepsy that come together with the use of the term.

In the highest rite of A.O.A. the supreme god is SIN or SIM through the change of the nasal(twang) “N” into “M”. It originates from the roots “S’L’N’” and “S’L’M’” through the abstraction of “L’”, with final roots the “S’N’” and “S’M’”. The products through the interpolation of vowels are SION (ZION), SEM, ZEN, SEN, SENA_AR, SEN_DAI, ZEN-DAI, SINA(Sinic Wall, China), ASMO-DAI, ILOU_SIN, ELI-SIN, ELOHA_SIN, ELOHIM-SIN, EL_SIN, ILAH_SIN, ALLAH_SIN.

For the cognizant of the Assyrian-Babylon Religion we remind that the term ILOU or ELI in Aramaic, or EL or ELOHA or ELOHIM in Hebrew, or ILAH or ALLAH in Arabic, represents not a particular god but the idea of Divine in its absolute and general meaning. It is attributed to the Lunar God SIN in whom they were adapted the adjectives “Ruler God”, “The Ruler of Gods of Heaven and Earth”, “King of Gods”, “God of Gods”, “Lunar Master”, “The Architect of Everything, He who holds the Heavens”.
The Symbol of the god SIN or SIM was the Moon, with primary place of worship the city UR of Chaldea from which “came out Abraham” … according to the Scriptures. “Berrosus Cosmogony”.

According to the Finnish epic “KALABELA” or “KABELA” analogical to “KABALAH” the capital of Finland Turanians EL-SIN or Helsinki has similar etymology.
Similar is the etymology of the commanding department of Lithuanian Turanians “SEINIA” (Sejny) of the Letonia “SEM-GALE” or “SIM_GALE”, and of the Estonia Turanians “SILN-DAU” or “SIN_DAU”.
Again similar is the etymology of the Bulgarian Turanians “SOUM_LA” and “SOUM_EN” who in order to leave no doubt for their barbarian racial origin renamed the Hellenic Philipoupoli (Philipos City) into “TATAR-PAZARTZIX” or “Bazaar of the Tatarians” meaning: Mongols.
Again similar is the etymology of Albanian Turanians “SIM_ONI”, as a city nearby the river Fahdimb, and “TYRANA” or “TURAN” in order to leave no doubt for the Turanian (Mongolic) Origin.
Again similar is the etymology of the Turanian Mongols of Hungary “SOM_POSLO”, “SOM_PATELI”, “SOM_ONTG”, “SIM-EGK”, “SLM-POLTS” and the extreme enlightening “KIS_KOUN” or “KIS_KOEN” or “KIS-KHAN”, or “KIS_HAN” as remnants of the hebrewmongolian hordes into the European territory, of the various butchers GENGHIS-KHAN.
Again similar is the etymology of the Turanians Hebrewmongols of Turkey “SOM_A” and “SYN_TIRI” and the enlightening toponyms GKIOUSMOUS_KHAN, SEI_KHAN or Adana, MAR_KHAN, ARNTA_KHAN, in order to leave no doubt for the Hebrewmongolian origin of the barbarian population of the …neighbor “friendly” country.
Similar traces of syncretic linguistics are located and to other European countries as well, such as Romania, German Bavaria, Southern Italy e.t.c, where even though the racial characteristics are clearly mongoloid, the toponyms are covered, such as : MING_KHAN into MYNHEN or Munich.
The first researcher, who dared to point the racial relation of MONGOLS – JEWS – ARABS with scientific criteria, is Philipos Philipopoulos, a resident of Volos, who as a reward from the “Greek” state took a MORAL AND ECONOMICAL ELIMINATION.
G.H.REES honors this researcher although he does not belong into the Group.

The above are written in relation to the HEBREWMONGOLIAN leadership of ORDO ADEPTIS ATLANTIS, because in contrary to the findings of the reader into the Arabian and Hebrew races, it is certain that he/she ignores the Semitic origin of the European Turanians.
In order to complete the picture we will put forward the root “A’T’L’” which in the ancient language of Atlantis meant “Water”. The root ATL is broadly used in the Mongolian nomenclature in cases such as ATIL-KHAN or ATTILA or ATLAN. The last one is also a name of a Turkish city.

In G.H.REES research efforts into the remnants of ancient languages of South America, came forward that the word “Atlantis” was pronounced from its ancient settlers as “ATL_LAND” or “WATER_LAND” in liberal translation.
The conclusions that come forward is that “something is not right” with the countries that have chosen as a synthetic of their name the word LAND. Beginning with this rational the linguistic department of G.H.REES “blown away” the linguistic origins of the countries SCOT_LAND, ENG_LAND, FIN_LAND, HOL_LAND, ICE_LAND, IRE_LAND with extremely enlightening conclusions in relation to the answer to the question about the conscious cooperation of Anglo-Saxons with Hebrews and Arabs for the “Zionistic Encirclement” of the Planet, or else the “Lunar Encirclement” of the Planet.

Those conclusions were stabilized when in conversations that were recorded by the electronic “ears” of G.H.REES, out of the English Masonic Lodges and the Royal Observatory of Scotland, the present members of ORDO TEMPLIS ORIENTIS considered each other as “descendants of the ten tribes of Israel”. The calling of the names was followed by the names of the ten tribes of Israel that didn’t return to Palestine after the Babylonian capture, under the leadership of Ezra…
In the same sessions were recorded the much curious “news” of the programmed breakaway of England and Ireland from the “beast of the Ten” (European Economic Community of the 80’s), after the entry of the “cursed Iberians”, “in order to begin the final battle to eliminate the diachronic enemy”, “of the seven races and of the three subraces of Europe”, “NEKAM, NEKAM, NEKAM IAPHETH”, “NEKAM, NEKAM, NEKAM HELLAS” …
We remind to our reader that ORDO TEMPLIS ORIENTIS is a component of ORDO ADEPTIS ATLANTIS.
We remind to our Mason reader, that his Lodge is also a component of A.O.A.
We remind to our Mason reader, that he is conscious or unconscious traitor of high treason against Hellas, only because is dependent from the so called “philhellenist” but in its depths Hate-hellenist Masonry, of NEKAM IAPHETH, NEKAM HELLAS.

In the official Hebrew nomenclature of the Bible, is presented as Semitic the genetic branch “ATTIL”. As a product of the Hebrew house ATTIL is recorded in the classified archives of the “Grand Oak’s” Lodge of New York, the dynasty of Pergamos’ Attalides, and in honor of Attal the Hebrew foundations FORD and ROCKEFELLER bank rolled the reconstruction of Attalus Lodge in the Ancient Agora of Athens.
The game of corruption of the Attalides Semites against Hellas will be dealt later, because Pergamos was a place of passage and stay of the Atlantean Semitic Priesthood which destroyed and delivered Hellas to the Romans through Attalus C’ of Pergamos.

It is structured of 72 Masonic Orders or Rites-Doctrines, only one out of all is the Scottish Rite into which obeys the Greek Masonry. The Leadership of the 72 Rites represents for every 24 the Semitic tribes of Hebrew, Arabs, and of the Turanian Mongols.
In the O.T.O. level are grown the “enmities” between Hebrew-Arabs-Mongols in order to achieve strategic and geopolitical maneuvers that “demands the god SIN.”
The “Axis” Germany – Japan that was created with the cooperation of O.T.O. Japan and O.T.O. Bavaria, in World War II, was an association of Turanian Mongols MING_KHAN of Bavaria and Turanian Mongols MING-KHAN of Japan, Tibet, Majuria.
Those Turanian O.T.O.'s were ordered by A.O.A. to turn against the O.T.O. under Israeli command, namely the O.T.O. of Great Britain – U.S.A., and against the Arabic O.T.O. with Egypt as center. The pseudo-enmities in A.O.A. levels and leadership of O.T.O. levels, unfortunately functioned as true-enmities between lower degree members of O.T.O. and between members of all degrees of the stupid’s “non-Semitic goyim assembly” of M.T.M., namely of MEMPHIS TEMPLIS MISRAIM.
Further analysis of M.T.M. activity will be given later on, we only add here that the Scottish O.T.O. under Israeli command “born and rose and commanded” the lodges “THOULE”, “GOLDEN DAWN”, “ILLUMINATI OF BAVARIA”, “ANEHNERBE”, “EDELWEISS”, to create the myth of Atlantean Aryans and the ideological structure of Nazism and Fascism.

It is structured from 72 sets of Sub-Orders which have virtual Grand Masters and virtual Hierarchical structures, while in reality they are commanded by covert Masons, who take over leadership in the case of “desirable” or “undesirable” political-regime turn which serves or is against the “policy-line” of A.O.A.
Such one Sub-Order is the Grand Orient of Greece with virtual leader the various Grand Masters and true leader the Archrabbinia of Athens. The double – virtual and true – leadership ensure “Grand Oak's” Lodge A.O.A. from “Lost Control” or it gives A.O.A. the capability to override the official constitution of the Lodges “about the non political and non coup d’ eta action”, in order to suppress and to create revolutions at will.
This is the case of the naïve masons Pattakos, Makarezos e.t.c who were ordered from the covert true Masonic leadership to move forward into a revolution of “programmed septennium of the Greek Army Junta”. The electronic “ears” of G.H.REES, have recorded quite interesting conversations in the building of Archrabbinia Athens and the embassy of Israel, in relation to the successive septenniums of the Greek regime, and with the covert Masonic hierarchy which is ignored even by the Greek Grand Master. Members of the covert hierarchy are amongst others the misters Papandreou and Rallis or -as they are called by the Arch-rabbi of Athens-, “Brother Mineiko – Zetkin” and “Brother Raul” accordingly. The Turkey’s Ikonia originating Hebrewmongol Kara-ali or Kara-aman-ali or Karamanlis is called by the Kahal of Archrabbinia as “Brother Amanael” meaning … all Hellenes, lets glorify Jehovah and his servant Mohammad, amen.
…Amanael is also a member of the covert Masonic hierarchy and direct accountable to the deputy Arch-rabbi of Athens. As members of the covert Masonic leadership in Greece are automatically considered after their nomination, the ambassadors of U.S.A., U.S.S.R., and GR. BRITAIN, who are at the same time arch-rabbis and members of O.T.O.
The Ambassador of U.S.S.R. Igor Andropov is called by the Kahal of Athens as “Levites Priest Lieberman”, as came forward by the recordings of the “reception psalmodies” of Archrabbinia into the MONITOR of G.H.REES.

That was the brief report concerning not the structure of “special Zionism” which relates to the activity of only the Hebrews, but of the “general Atlanteanism” which comprise the COLLUSION for international domination of the common Semitic origin Hebrew, Anglo-Saxons, Arabs, Bavarians, Southern Italians or Attalians, Turanian Mongols, Turanian Japanese, Turkey Turanian, European Turanian, U.S.S.R. Turanian e.t.c.



  1. You certainly have a profoundly intense level of intelligence.

    Accessing the deep-future possibilities from the various timelines that arise in our now produces survival issues for all the interested possibilities.

    Space has been folded. All deep-future possibilities are here now. The newly arrived "boss"-gear required energy to do this. The NEW STORY has commenced.

    This is good for all the possibilities. All will have the excess contained-energy eliminated from their expression such that their mirror within can properly reflect their energy-Feeling signature to the "boss"-gear. All possibilities remain existent thereby.

    The ONE tone of real dimensions arises. All the missing 'tones' are being introduced to this false dimension(s) and all will be 'saved'. Not to worry.

    Check with your input source, please. Does this make sense to them now. They probably have registered changes in their respective resonance phase and wondered what was happening and why. I would be most interested and glad to hear what you get back.

    Having access to your possibility link must be hard. Understand the sanity of it and how and why it exists as such.

    This is now the Answer Planet and no longer the question planet.

    Allowing is very important with the new design of the Answer Planet.

    ALLOW stimulus to move things past your awareness as you focus on consideration ['meditation'].
    ALLOW the Answers to arise. Then comes the issue of selecting what will support your real balance.

    Good luck.

    Respectfully yours,
    the_IRF {Twitter}

  2. well the conspiracy is against ancient beings,we are nothing but ants against them so please consider that fact the the stargates that are in greece play a vital role in the spiritual balance of the "hellenes"your knowledge has some gaps,but still is very promising research.Dont forget that greece was always ruled by initiates and not ordinary "people"fighting to breath every day as a better being in this troubled planet will make you help your co-patriots and establish a line of solidarity between the brothers and sisters in "arms"those in the top are not "humans"in the strict sense but are controlled by alien species either be andromedan or ophiopythonodraconian serpentines...
    peace and health

  3. I have to say...I need to really learn your work. You are a rare find. I appreciate this research. Thank you

    Is there a book I can read off line relating to this info? needs you