Sunday, April 1, 2018


The web-blog Hellen-and-Chaos is offering under a certain price-tag, the translation to the English Language of several rare old & modern great importance G.H.REES documents (parts, or the complete documents):

1) IA'1988 (Year 1988 - over 100 pages): It is the cornerstone of the G.H.REES documents: it contains ancient greek advanced philosophical information (analyzing of Aristotle and Heraclitus vast knowledge), it also contains rare historic and prehistoric information, ethnological races information, scientific information about the draconian Lunar influence and the Lunar Mind-Mood control psychotronic technology and "medium-channelers" draconians communication techniques, and other scientific related and rare cryptic information (forbidden knowledge), it's a mind-blowing document!! VERY PRECIOUS!!!

2) The other great Year 1985 document (72 pages) is destined for Greek Masons(!!!) in order for them to cancel their traitor oaths to the London masonry of A.O.A. (ordo adeptis atlantis) also contains very rare geostrategics and astrostrategics out-of-the-box information of almost same-value with IA'1988. 

3) The Andromedian Physics document (of 1990 - several pages) contains a detailed description of the G.H.REES unified theory physics (or the theory of everything!!!) of the triple linear dodecahedrons (aether, or the 5th element)

4) Trilateral Ancient Hellenic Martial Arts of Trilateral Survival (2011 - several pages) contains a detailed description of the auto-creation of the Universal Organism (Heraclitus Physics) and construction instructions of conventional and exotic(maser) weapons, with several other survival instructions.

5) The G.H.REES SURVIVAL MANUALS of World War 3 (several hundreds pages) - Mind-Blowing documents of G.H.REES containing rare information, survival instructions and counter-measures in a hybrid environment of modern World War (Chemtrails-Radiotrails, Meteorological Warfare, Psychotronic Warfare, Geostrategics, National Security, etc)

6) Electronic Warfare - Concentrated Directed Energy Weapons MASER - MASAR designed by G.H.REES and offered to the Greek Army (Counter-Measures included) w/Construction Instructions

7) Know thy Enemy: The Dragonian Hyper-Lodges Encyclopaideia (several pages) : A detailed document containing and describing the planetary Sino-Zionist Chinese-Korean-Hebrewmongolian-masonic hierarchy.

8) The G.H.REES Christians oriented documents (Semi-True Generation D' and over 400 pages) : Designed by G.H.REES to awaken the Christians about the Dragonian danger.

9) The G.H.REES Terminal Knowledge Document: A mind-blowing cryptic document in favour of the Universal Organism and a paraphrase of the dragonian bible book "Genesis"

10) The Good Trilateral Health Manual of G.H.REES (several pages) contains several rare Trilateral Health (Mind-Emotion-Body) instructions and Anti-Cancer instructions of the ancient Hellenic Hippocrates medicine and of the natural alkaline diet

...and other rare and great importance G.H.REES documents that we have in our files (thousands of pages)!!!

If you wish to help the objectives of G.H.REES and get informed about this hellenocentric organization vast knowledge, get in contact with the blog's e-mail: ELLHNKAICHAOS2@GMAIL.COM, and request the translation of the grand documents (parts, or the complete documents)._

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