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Jewish-born Tsipras of extreme left party of ‘’ SY.RI.ZA’’ , Greece, whose father has been verified as ‘’MOSSAD’’ Israeli intelligence agent, is politically collaborating with Jewish-born Tremopoulos, leader of “ Ecologists” political party , as well as with Jewish-born (75% jewish blood) traitor George Papandreou , with the intent on preparing the appropriate cold-war conditions as well as the planned military attack/invasion of the armies of B.A.S.T.R (Boulgaria-Albania-Skopje-Turkey-Romania) against Greece (Hellas)

Jewish-born Tsipras of extreme left party of ‘’ SY.RI.ZA’’ , Greece, whose  father has been verified as ‘’MOSSAD’’ Israeli intelligence agent, is politically collaborating with Jewish-born Tremopoulos,  leader of “ Ecologists” political party , as well as with Jewish-born (75% jewish blood) traitor George Papandreou , with the intent on preparing the appropriate cold-war conditions as well as the planned military attack/invasion of the armies of B.A.S.T.R (Boulgaria-Albania-Skopje-Turkey-Romania) against Greece (Hellas) , and having as a primary objective the total invasion and occupation of western Greece up to Mesologgi, and eastern Greece up to Lamia, while simultaneously attacking and occupying the Greek islands of the Aegean and those of the Ionian sea , having as their ultimate target the complete execution of WWIII plans , aiming at the complete,  unconditional  annihilation/genocide of the white Pelasgian and black races , as well as the white-yellow and black-yellow races/nations of the planet , by the Chinese army (888) and the unified armies of North and South Korea (777) , so that the planetary empire of the ‘’ kingdom of Jehova’’ , of the ‘’ stupid Jehova witnesses traitors of Greece’’ , will officially be established, that is the global government of ‘’SIN-SION’’ of China!!!!!!!.

TEXT:  G.H.REES are exposing to the Greek public the various details pertaining to the beginning of the 36 phases of WWIII masterminded by  hyperlodge ‘’ HONG’’ of China and being executed by the ‘’ZEN’’ lodge of Tibet , as well as the masonic Hebrewsaxon lodges of ‘’A.O.A’’ and ‘’O.T.O’’ of London, and the American Hebrew lodge of ‘’ The Grand Oak’’  (‘’High Brotherhood of Light’’) of New York under command of American Hebrew Chief Rabbi ‘ Varouch’ , alias Barozo, alias Burowghs. ‘’ Based on information from Greek American patriots of various American services cross-checked against information from utterly disgusted  previously dormant masons , and against the various electronic audio means of G.H.REES,  the first (1st) phase of the total 36 phases of the outbreak of WWIII is as follows:

A)     Jewish-born prime minister Samaras , of the jewish name/gender of ‘’ Benaki-Choremi’’ of ‘’Zanna’’ , and the government vice-president and minister of external affairs and also jewish-born Venizelos, had received orders from ‘’A.O.A’’ of London to deliberately promote and carry out the oppression and degradation of the Greek people , so that the Greek voters would turn in favour of ‘’ SY.RI.ZA’’.

B)      Jewish-born Tsipras has special orders from his primary financial backer George Sorros , of Jewish-Skopje descent , who actually received Tsipras when the latter was in the U.S , so that as soon as Tsipras, the leader of ‘ SY.RI.ZA’’, comes into power he will be able to appoint 75% jewish-born George Papandreou to the position of vice-president and minister of external affairs of the Greek state  ( George’s grandmother was jewish-bulgarian princess ‘’Mineiko’’. G eorge’s mother was also jewish-bulgarian Margaret Tschad Tsidenbaum , a jehova witness as well as an American citizen and CIA agent!!!).

C)      Jewish-born Tsipras and George Papandreou have been ordered by Hebrewsaxon lodges to adopt a different political approach as regards Greece’s relations with its 4 neighbouring nations, namely Bulgaria, Albania, Skopje, Turkey, in an attempt to fuel a domestic  armed revolt of all the immigrants from these countries living in Greece in tandem with a military invasion  of the armies of B.A.S.T.R against Greece, starting with the invasion of Greece by the Turkish army.

More specifically:  Tsipras’ political convictions state that ‘’ Greece should unconditionally open up its northern borders so as to facilitate the free uncontrollable entry of all citizens of B.A.S.T.R  into Greece ‘’, thus propagandizing the political invasion of B.A.S.T.R into Greece before its planned military invasion.

On the other hand,  George Papandreou has received exactly opposite orders ( by Hebrewsaxon lodges) to those of Tsipras, so that Papandreou will turn against Tsipras political regime , resulting in the already pre-planned ,orchestrated  final outcome of the dismantling of the Tsipras/Papandreou /Tremopoulos  pseudo-government and the causing of absolute chaos in Greece.

Also, Michaloliakos , of the ‘ Golden Dawn’ political party , acting as agent of the Greek-Hebrew  KYP/EYP ( Greek intelligence services) , is to receive orders from KYP/EYP to organize attacks against B.A.S.T.R immigrants within Greece, in an act of provocation.

At the same time B.A.S.T.R intelligence services have orders to carry out similar provocative attacks against their own citizens of B.A.S.T.R , immigrants within Greece. At this point  the Hebrew governments of B.A .S.T.R  are to denounce  the above provocative acts of the ‘’Golden Dawn of Greece’’  as well as those of their own countries  as acts of war against Greece.

The final cause of war will be the Turkish Air Force acts of provocation against its own navy fleet in Turkish ports , as acts of provocation carried out by the Turkish-Hebrew M.I.T intelligence services.

D)     At this point George Papandreou has specific orders to leave Greece to return to the U.S  so as to be used as the first governor of the false empire of Constantinople , following the demise of Turkey and the countries of B.A.S.T.R, by the armies of NATO and Russia .

The armies of B.A.S.T.R invade Greece , and aided by the armed  B.A.S.T.R immigrants inside Greece , annihilate all Greeks in the Aegean, the Ionian, in the west up to Mesologgi and the east up to Lamia.

On account of the above traitorous acts of conspiracy and annihilation of Greece following the 25th January elections , the prytaneum of G.H.REES  orders all officers of the Greek armed forces , all officers of the Greek police units , all Greek patriot officers  of the Greek Intelligence services , and all members of the Greek judicial system , to CANCEL the 25th January elections , since they have been deliberately orchestrated by the Hebrewsaxons aiming at the ultimate demise of Greece.

We order the above mentioned officers and Greek members of justice  to immediately proceed with the dismantling of the current political parties in Greece and to appoint a government  of Greek technocrats in an attempt to rescue the last remaining pieces of a country on the edge of destruction.  G.H.REES prytaneum orders all Greek citizens to carefully re-consider their political convictions and to become more self-disciplined. Greece orders  all uniformed men/women receivers of this desperate message of the Greek national existence , to re-produce the current message in any means possible and to distribute it on a door-to door , hand-to-hand , basis across all cities and towns in Greece , so that all Greeks will be able to cancel the upcoming traitorous , provocative elections leading to the Greek demise on 25th January.

Unless the Greek members of justice , the Greek police and army generals cancel the 25th January elections , they will be issued the death penalty by G.H.REES’S armed division, according to Greek penal code 134-151 pertaining to ‘’ ultimate treason’’ and ‘’ High treason against the nation’’.

Long Live Hellas!!!!!!!!!!!.

P.S :  Of all the leaders of the remaining political parties on the Greek political scene, George Karatzaferris, alias Kara-Xhafferi in Albanian since he is of mongolian, Turkish-Albanian descent, is destined upon orders of the Hebrewsaxon lodge ''A.O.A'' of London to become prime minister of the empire of Constantinople 666, under the command of the pseudo emperor '' pseudo-paleologos pseudo-Dragazis, and pseudo-Ioannis Vatatzis 888 appointed by London as the new ''Christ 666'', and pseudo-Ioannis pseudo-Vatatzis pseudo 888 (in essence again 666) appointed by the Jews of the Kremlin Russia , since, although Greek, the '' Golden Dawn of Greece'' leader Michaloliakos has been described by ''A.O.A'' of London as paranoid who must deliver leadership of ''Golden Dawn'' over to Karatzafferi who is characterised by '' A.O.A'' as an individual og high intellect!!!!!.

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